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Pokemon Trading Thread
Nobody's brought this up yet, so I figured I'd start. If anybody is looking for any pokemon to trade, just post a wanted ad here, then we can just PM eachother for friendcodes. And for now this is for B/W and not HG/SS/D/P/PT. If you guys want to trade from those games, feel free.

(Just copy-pasted Arjahn's original thread from dykg, you get the idea)

Edit: Forget whatever gen rules are stated up above.
If anyone has a TM for Swords Dance in any 4th gen games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Soul Silver or Heart Gold) let me know, I really need one for my team and the genius minds at Gamefreak require several hours of a tedious minigame to get it.

UPDATE: Nevermind, I used the internet to cheat it like the honorable trainer I am.
This website is a godsend if you ever need to get coins in HG/SS
>People asking for TMs

Man do i miss 4th gen trading...Anywho

Anyone that's looking for any breedable Pokemon from any Gen feel free to PM me, I'd love to help you out.
Anyone have a 4th gen Gligar or anything with Pokerus they'd be willing to trade?
I have a few decent Pokemon with perfect IVs. Ask what ones I have. Or go here.
I'm looking for a Gastrodon and speed boosting Sharpedo or Carvannha at the moment, can anyone help me out?
I can give Timid Drought Vulpixes and Hasty Protean Froakies (You will have see if I can be cba to breed though.)

We can decide what to give back when on deciding as I really don't terribly need anymore pokemon now (I'm happy enough with my ingame team.) A Drilbur and a Gale Wings Fletchling would be awesome though.

Friend Code is 3540 0169 6536

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