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Welcome to VGFacts!
I'll see what I can do though expect more random gags forum side then actual facts.
I love how this site has a mobile feature. This way I don't have to be at a computer to be here.
Well, I was sad to know the old site is going away, but happy to know there is a replacement.

You guys all know me, but if you don't, I did an introduction already.

Hope we become a more bustling community that the original DYKG did.
Oh no.....OH NO! OH NOOOOOOOOO! I can't thank people. *Heavy breathing* I mean, I enjoy repping peoples post, OH NO. Just calm down I'm sure everything will be ok I just need to...
So far so good, I'm digging this site. It will at least be a good replacement.
I almost squealed with excitement when I saw Dazz was one of the guys in charge around here,
I love DYKG and cannot wait to see what content VGFacts has in store for us!
Good Luck Guys!
Can't wait to see the new shows, especially excited for region locked.
I never visited DYKG, but I'll be around here since it was announced on TSR and I actually know about it.

In any case congrats on the launch and such!
I was super happy watching the recent video about the centralization of Did you Know gaming on this site! Ya'll have produced some great work and I'm excited about the future!
Well, I may as well say what everyone else has been saying: this site is going to be great, and I can't wait for all the new shows! Leftovers especially sounds like it's going to be really great- I love that sort of trivia.
This is phenomenal, time to make this community grow!
Amazingly excited for this. Video games and trivia are two things I LOVE!

Have watched DYKG since it started and I can't wait to see this grow.
Wow, two of the best gaming sites out there get together and form this.... There's limitless potential! :D
Congrats on the site! I have been a big fun of DYKG! I whould like to see this one grow!

Happy Days!!
I'm stoked to see the community grow, you guys did a really awesome job with the site.

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