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Last game you beat
Kingdom Hearts Gaiden AKA 358/2 Days

I spoken what I've thought about the game at length so I'll be (somewhat) short. The game is fun when you can get past the stupid menus and Slot system, but will be very repetitive. The story fells more like a way to get Another Side/Another Story into game form. It really did not feel like a true KH game aside from all the button mashing I had to do and the Disney worlds in it.

I will admit that knowing what was going to happen at the end did not ruin the tear jerking moment (except for the line that puts Zero's "What am I fighting for?!" to shame). The final battle with Riku (not a spoiler because we know that the ending is going to be Another Side/Another Story) does not feel like a true final battle, so I count the battle on Day 367 the real final boss.

I want to say pick it up, but in my heart (pun intended), I can't really recamind it. If you can, do what I did and borrow it. Even though I did buy it for my brother, but that's not the point.

Next game time I play a new KH game I have a feeling it's going to be Kingdom Hearts Gaiden 2: Re:Coded.
Yakuza, credits are rolling as I type.

The game was alright, the story was pretty meh and I never really paid enough attention for it, but I assume I got the gist of it. I'll probably emulate Yakuza 2 since I don't own it. Fighting was pretty damn terrible, a lock on was needed badly. Music was pretty cash though.

Best fighting theme.

Dragonball Xenoverse. Damn good game. The camera was a little wonky at times and getting all the characters is going to be tedious as hell considering how many times you have to gather Dragonballs to unlock them all, but it's a damn fun thing to play the original story and characters aren't bad at all. Demigra and the Supreme Kai of Time are great and I am incredibly interested in finding out what Towa will do in the next game. Things like that are what a game great. I'mma go play some more, game gets 4.5/5. Best game I've played this year, and it would be the best game I've played in at least 6 months if not for Persona Q.
Beyond Good & Evil

I have the feeling of "Wait, that's it?". I can see why the game is so liked....... kinda. The game is nice and all, but It reminds me of so many other games that did everything as good or better (off the top of my head, Jaxter's open world and Metal Gear's sneaking). There also the point that the story goes from "Secret Agent with aliens" to "Jade has super powers" in the last 15 minutes, which confused me. When was it explained that Jade had powers?

The game is really short even when looking for the pearls and animals. My guess is that you could sit down and beat it in a day if you wanted. If it wasn't a Cult Classic, I may have never picked it up.
Just beat the main storyline for Xenoverse. I'm a little disappointed actually. It was way easier than some of the missions you do as sidequests by the cell saga, and this is after Goku becomes a GOD.

It was reasonable at least, though, so I can't complain.
I just beat Kingdom Hearts 2 and I felt a flood of emotions. I didn't want it to end, but I had to beat it. Though it was wishy-washy for a while, I say that overall I enjoyed KH2 more than KH1. I grinded a ton so I could the Ultima Keyblade, Save the Queen, and Save the King, only because that was something I never had the patience to do as a kid, and it felt great being able to do it now. I'm super pumped to start Birth By Sleep tomorrow.
Streets of Rage 1. Finally managed to figure out how to beat those blasted twins without using the help from the police force. Now I gotta play part 2.
Majora's Mask 3D. The game is beautiful.
Hotline Miami 2

I loved it, the music, gameplay, and story are all superb. There were a few levels that I felt weren't designed that well, but it's a small blemish on an otherwise amazing game.
Power Rangers: Super Legends

As good as this game is, I have two complainants. 1. For an anniversary for all of Power Rangers, there is a big chunk of missing teams. No Lightspeed Rescue. No Time Force. No Zeo. Not even Mystic Force, which I know is a Disney team. I'm not sure if I won't mind having only two members of each team (since only having two members enter the portal was a plot point) just to have every team in the game.
2.I hate these voices. You can tell everyone was a replacement voice actor. As much as Nolan North and Steve Blum are good actors, they sound nothing like Goldar or Lord Zed (though Steve does a good try). The voices go from a nice try but still noticeable (Lord Zed and Jason) to "did you even watch the show" (Kimberly and Commander Cruger). Was it too hard to get at lest some of the actors back for this? Austin St. John/Steven Cardenas most likely aren't doing anything. Robert Axelrod could have voiced a good deal of villains. At lest get the Operation Overdrive actors to do voices. There is no reason that they could not get the two actors that played Mack and Will to voice said characters.

Other then that, over all good game for Power Ranger fans, nice story, and a nice time killer.
I think I can finally say that I've "beaten" Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I've unlocked everything, including the final Elder Dragon fights, all of the village quests, weapon honing, etc. and have defeated all but two easy monsters. I have nearly 300 hours of playtime on this videogame that released a month and a half ago, so that's something.

I really enjoyed it, fun game with a few obnoxious design flaws.
I just beat Persona 4 Golden. I talked about in the Shin Megami Tensei thread so I won't rehash that post or beat a dead horse by saying the same thing again, but man, it is just a perfect game. I spent over 96 hours on it and I loved every second of it. Without a doubt it is one of, if not the best games I have ever played.
Yesterday I finally completed Mario Kart Double Dash. All cups, every difficulty, everything unlocked. Now I need to complete some more Gamecube games.
Tails' Skypatrol

I want to remind people that just because a game is hard does not mean that the game is bad.Tails' Skypatrol is hard for the first level because it does not tell you how to play the game right. Once you figure that out (a quick Youtube video fixes that) and figure out how to fight the bosses, you should have no problem beating the game (if you can pass Area 5). The game takes about 15-30 minutes if you know what to do.

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