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Last game you beat
Banjo-Tooie again.

You can guess why I was replaying it.
I beat Super Mario Sunshine. All blue coins and every Shine Sprite. It was just as fun as the first time I played it.
Majora's Mask 3DS. Just like OOT 3DS, I almost shed a tear for how beautiful this remake is. 
I just beat Pac Man: The Ghostly Adventures. It was really cheap on Steam.
I won't call it a bad game, but I won't call it great either.
It was really bland. It's a platformer with very little searching. Think back to old school platformers you loved like Mario 64 or Banjo. You got rewards for going off the beaten trail and exploring. Not here in Pac-Man. The only item you need to collect to get to later levels are orange orbs like the Pac Man arcade games. But, the dots you can collect just always take you straight to the end of each course. So, instead of exploring for cool stuff, it's a 3D platformer that boils down to running as fast as possible to the end of each stage collecting dots with very little sense of award/accomplishment. The closest thing to accomplishment is saving random citizens every now and then, but even that gives you nothing besides the fact they finally quit screaming.
Story was also bland. It's a mascot platformer. Not much to expect. But the cutscenes were so bland and such low key voice acting I quickly found myself skipping them and not caring about any story that exists.
The power ups in the game are quite varied and all work well. However, as I mentioned before that the game doesn't reward exploration, the power ups just become a tool to use in very specific spots to reach the end of the stage and nothing more. It feels under-developed.
The controls work great (except for still being able to move in some cut scenes and walking off ledges to your death).
All in all, it's really short, powers are gimmicky at best (same goes for bosses), but the game is varied just enough to keep you entertained. As a game, it works. It's no masterpiece, but it is by no means a bad game. It's very short to play through and is a little breath of fresh air in a gaming market certainly lacking in 3D platformers, but it's not going to be remembered by anyone in a few years either.
Finally checked Mother 3 off my games to-do list(which doesn't exist).

Final Boss Battle was underwhelming, what with the repetition of life-up and the mom ghost kinda killed the overall meaning of a boss battle. Do appreciate the character development and whatnot. The end? sequence was neat, I guess.
Spec Ops: The Line.

I know it's wants to make me feel bad, but I felt more emotion missing the hug with Da Vinchi in Assassin's Creed 2 than that entire game.
The Last Penelope. I expected a fast paced racer similar to Micro Machines. I got a normal paced racer similar to Micro Machines with cool power ups, SHUMP style bosses, a story line that's a futuristic take on Homer 's Odyssey.
I'd play it again.
I am part of the .2% of people on PC who has gotten all achievements in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
Beat Batman: Arkham Asylum again on hard mode in preparation for Arkham Knight. Now, to find my copy of Arkham City...
Halo 3:ODST, via the Master Chief collection. 1080p/60fps is nice.

Great game, short as hell though, I completed it in under 3 hours or so and firefight isn't even part of the game (I don't think) and I won't be playing it on Legendary any time soon, but yeah. Still one of the best Halo's.
I finally achieved Real Platinum God in the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The so-called 111% completion. It only took me 206 hours and a slight loss of sanity, but I'm super happy. I can't wait for the Afterbirth expansion, and I still have to go back to the original to play the Eternal update.
Minecraft for PS4, all trophies.

It's still a fun game and, somehow, I have not been bored by it since I first played it almost 5 years ago. In the world I beat the game in, I've probably spent hundreds of hours playing. I mostly played it with my younger cousin, who is eight and we babysit a lot, and we started the world on the PS3 version, so it has quite the history. Long live 'poopy poop' (guess who named it).
I beat Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zereos as well as all the side missions. (Except the hidden ones)
I beat God Hand and Oddworld Abe's Oddysee.

When i was young i've only played the demo of Abe on the "Demo One" disc.

Kudos on God Hand there.

I like to think my continued "Not shutting up about" has made you do so.

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