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Last game you beat
One of the more strange games that I'm going to admit to playing, Curious George the movie. I've had it in my collection for a long time due to me buying a case full of Gamecube and Wii games a few years ago (which I bought just so I could own Rayman Raving Rabbids and Twilight Princess). I just wanted to play it to get it off my backlog (which took me around 3 hours to do).

Game is short and easy but it's also a children's game. I also find it a good game to get people into collect-thons since it doesn't make you collect 100% of everything for 100%.
I beat Jumping Flash, great game and i've only played it on the Demo1 too.

Now i need to beat Exhumed (PowerSlave), the last unfinished game from my childhood^^
Today, I beat "You Must Build A Boat". The game may be just simple match 3 but it's a match 3 that I like.
I beat Ven's story in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and I'm on to Aqua now. At first I absolutely hated the command deck and melding, but at the very end of Ven's story I got really into it and now I'm in love with it.
I finally beat that muther f*****g final boss in Pandemonium (17 years later) !
I beat Klaymen Klaymen on PS1 (The Neverhood), this game is only on the Japanese PS1 (wtf) and PC.

The game is completly playable even if you don't speak a word in Japanese and it's cheap (PC version is expensive).

Fantastic point&click, can't wait for Armikrog, i can beat Skullmonkeys now^^
All non-unlockable characters' arcade modes beaten in Digimon Battle Spirit. Who knew a fighting game on Gameboy Advance could be so fun? I'm also surprised by the amount of characters, especially the more obscure ones, in the roster and the sprite animation is really well made. I'm blasting through this so fast I might have to get Battle Spirit 2 sooner than I expected. I'm only missing three character endings in All-Star Rumble, too.

(06-12-2015, 04:42 PM)pAroxizm Wrote: I finally beat that muther f*****g final boss in Pandemonium (17 years later) !

My cousin used to have that game :D I remember getting to the final boss but I never beat him...
I beat Beyond Good & Evil, now i'm playing Batman Arkham Knight on PS4.
Next one is System Shock 2.
Oooooaaaarh! Finally I beat the original Shantae! Admittedly, I had to use a walkthrough because I had a long gap in between sessions and holy shit was finding the final area a doozy. How the crap should I have known where to go when the hint was so damn cryptic?

Oh, and the game glitched on me during the dialogue with the Spy Scope, all of the text was glitched out. Weird since I'm playing the virtual console version.

It was interesting I guess. The platforming and combat still annoy me, but everything else about the game is spot on. Music is top tier, and you do care for the characters. (There are only three, and one is the bad guy) The game looks amazing even today, especially with the treatment Bluepoint give the game.

The final boss/puzzle wasn't that bad, it took me three tries mostly because I died trying to find the last place where the sword fell.

Now onto Shadow of the Colossus.
I decided to play Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (the expansion pack), and I had so much fun that I wondered why I didn't play this right after the main game. Playing it half way though, I remembered why. They have a habit of placing monsters that you don't know are there until they bite half your health off and making sure that monsters pop out near power ups. That and the imps are fucking annoying.

That being said, they did fix alot of the problems I had with the main game. Monsters don't show up behind you unless you're rushing (which I was a few times) and the hidden monsters show up a grand toltl of three times if I counted correctly (with a false jump scare counting as one). They did a great job reusing assests from the main game while using new ones to not make it stale. The flashlight pistol (which is only in the Xbox version if I've heard correctly) is a nice addition. I like the new monster that basically looks like Xenomorph.

I do still have a few problems with the pack. The new gravity gun is nice and all, but I rarely found a use for it that was not making stairs to an unreachable/unplayable spot or better then using the artifact (and that's if I even remembered I had the thing). I really don't like some of the ways they reused level layouts from the main game. They did make some of them unrecognizable/brand new levels, but for the lead up to the final level(s), they transport you to levels that they just added cobwebs and blood to, if they did anything at all. Also the final boss is as simple as slowing down time with the artifact and using the chain gun.

Still half way decent game for anyone who liked the main Doom 3 game. A short adventure (it's an expantion pack) that a few people will enjoy.
Valkyria Chronicles is hard. Stupid Nazi king and his giant tanks.
I beat The Neverhood a second time, FF7 and Exhumed (finally).
Trying to collect all the items from Rabbids go home. I'm almost there, I've always wondered what happened if someone actually managed to do that.
Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword
 I have to ask. If this is more of the same with some improvements to the last game, why do I feel like I played a worse version of the other GBC game? I bought this game due to how much I love Tomb Raider GBC. I can see the improvements but I can't help but feel that the game got worse. It also doesn't help that the last two "levels" (Jungle and Caves) are nothing but a platform hell level with leaps of faith followed by a level that you can walk through without too many problems. The final boss was a push over because (just like in the last game) I stock piled all my shotgun ammo and large potion medicine.

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