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Last game you beat
I beat Ico, Silent Hill 2, The Simpsons The Game, Shenmue I & II and The Neverhood (for the 2nd time).

Now i'm waiting Armikrog, MGSV and Gears Ultimate.^^
I just beat the weirdest PS2 game I've ever played. There was this giant girl in her bikini trampling around Japan and I was flying a plane and a helicopter, first taking pictures of her boobs and butt, then tranquilizing her and eventually shooting weird alien spacecraft trying to kill her. It all lead up to a final showdown that was like a strange version of King Kong with the girl climbing a building and a giant alien squid shooting missiles at me. As a testament to the game's quality the cutscenes were still images of 3D models, the little audio it had was in Japanese with no subtitles, most of the dialogue was badly translated and the "news reports" that were the majority of the cutscenes lacked any audio whatsoever.

Still, I gotta say, I could've found way worse ways to waste 3 euros. 'Twas quite hard too.

I'll just let this image speak for itself.
[Image: 2676057-_-demolition-girl-ps2-_.jpg]
Does the Metal Gear Rising Demo count? XD

Jokes aside the last game I beat was Killzone 3
Anyone else ever play a game you were planing on putting it down to do something else only to find out that it's four hours later and you beat the game? My most recent example was "Th3 Plan" (yes, the 3 is part of the title). I was planing on putting it down three hours ago, but I was having too much fun and I got to the final battle before I noticed how long I was playing, and by that time I might as well beat it. A really fun game for what was meant to be "a budget-title" by Crave if Wikipedia is to be believed.

If anyone is going to pick it up, it can be kinda buggy (one mission had me distract a guard to get a teammate out which I failed to do and restarted from a check-point only for the guard to not talk to me any more). I do recommend playing it since it has a Lost Vikings style co-op play....which you have to unlock in single player first.
Dark Souls II... mostly. Still have the DLC to finish.
I beat Skyward Sword just a few days ago with everything upgraded and all collectibles. This is the third time I have beaten it and once again I had no problems with the motion controls whatsoever. I have said it before and I will say it again, if you had problems with the motion controls you either had it setup wrong or were simply ignoring any cues to fix or recalibrate the controller. That being said I really hope that if the next Zelda has motion controls that they are a secondary piece like they were in Wind Waker HD, because as cool as motion controls are your arms become tired after some time. 

My favorite boss in terms of creativity and fun was Koloktos, but in terms of overall appearance I absolutely love Demise. The shape of his sword is so cool to me and his beautiful long flowing mane of orange flaming hair goes perfect with the overall darkness of his body. Overall it's a very fun game, but if you don't like motion controls it will not be a fun experience.
I just beat Trine 3 on PC.
Game is pretty short (which has been a common complaint). I bumbled around, spending well over half my time trying to figure out puzzles and still beat it in 5 hours. But, even so, it's a daggon good game.
Control just make sense, and all three characters are fully functional. Every single one of them has strengths and weakness that make them fun to play with. It's very fluid in it's movement and the game looks beautiful. Nowhere did I find mechanics that made the game play suffer nor did I ever find a puzzle too hard.
Plus, it's a 3-D platformer collectathon. Haven't people been complaining we need another one since, forever? It's just a fun game. Only downside is length and the fact that the game ends on a cliffhanger. I guess we just need Trine 4 (if it ever comes).
Lisa the Joyful. Twice. Still trying to get all achievements for it, though.
Got around to beating Bully. You know I wouldn't mind a second game if Rockstar is interested in doing it.
About a week ago I finally went back to Sonic Genreations on the Xbox 360 to fully finish the game.  

I got an S rank in Act 1 and Act 2 in all 9 Zones. 

I got an S rank in Act 1 and Act 2 in all 90 challenges.

I got an S rank for every Rival, in both Normal Mode and Hard Mode.

I got an S rank for every Boss, in both Normal Mode and Hard Mode.

I also collected all of the red star rings for every Zone, which is 5 red rings per act and each Zone has 2 acts adding up to 90 red rings altogether.

And last but not least I unlocked every achievement

Usually when I'm trying to 100% a game it can be tedious collecting and beating everything, but this was very fun especially because I hadn't played it for a few years.
My favorite parts were without a doubt the Classic Sonic Acts, they feel like what we were supposed to get from early 3D Sonic games. I would personally love if they translated the Classic Sonic parts into a full game.
I feel like if SEGA wants to succeed with the next big Sonic game they need to learn from Sonic Genreations, because it's probably their best 3D Sonic game.
My younger daughter and I finally completed the story mode in Lego Batman 2. We are working on finding all of the characters, blocks, vehicles, etc. I don't know if we'll get to 100% completion, but we only play together on weekends; during the week, I mainly collect studs so she can buy all of the stuff she can get to.
I beat the [Birth of Nobunaga] stage as Hojo Ujitsuna last week in Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence.  Now I'm working on beating it again as Ukita Hideie in the [Sekigahara] stage and also started the [Viper of Mino] stage as Oda Nobuhide to get some storyline quests to play through.

Before that I beat Total War: Shogun 2 as...well...the Hojo.

The last non-samurai game I beat right before that, though, was This War of Mine.  Which I have to say was underwhelming considering the hype it got.
Metro 2033 on Ranger Hardcore. I was replaying the Redux Version since I had it on the PS4.

Going through Last Light again.
Bought Ico the other day. After playing Shadow of the Colossus, I expected this game to suck as much as that game.

All I have to say is, Holy shit. I can understand the appeal now. I mean I wouldn't call it the best game in the whole world since it has it's own problems (Ico's face looks goofy and a few of the puzzls were really dumb) but man, I love almost everything about this game. Best way to tell a story through the environment and charicters and little to no text on screen (something SotC did wrong). It is now on my top 10 favorite games list.
I picked up Gun again after it froze a few months ago on my Gamecube and finally beat it. It is absolutely by no means a very hard game or a long game, but it's definitely fun to play. I beat all of the side missions , collected all gold, purchased every upgrade, and unlocked every weapon. I really hope that Activision makes a remake or a sequel that expands on this world because it is a very fun game and world to play in but it suffers terribly from being so short.

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