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So, how did you come up with your Username?
(03-20-2013, 02:17 PM)A Zombie Riot Wrote:
(03-20-2013, 01:44 PM)Beware of Cuccos Wrote:
(03-20-2013, 12:55 PM)A Zombie Riot Wrote:
(03-20-2013, 12:31 PM)Beware of Cuccos Wrote: Cuccos are scary. Beware of them.

Out of all the times I've messed with Cucco's... I've never had them attack me personally until I tried blowing one up with a bomb (it was on accident). THEY JUST COME FROM NOWHERE. AND THEY ATTACK WITHOUT HESITATION!

DUDE. I'm telling you, they're crazy. If you're trying to piss them off via sword, you have to continuously hit one a bunch of times. I'm not sure what all games it works in, but I know for a fact it works in A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time.

I want to know if it works in Majora's Mask... but that would require me to hook up my Wii...

I'm sure it does, but I never tried it.
I actually came up with mine when I tried to set up a YouTube channel. I tried "LividDead", named for the Land of the Livid Dead which is a central area in Rayman 3 and a super-hard bonus level in Rayman Origins; it's probably the most recognisable location from the series. LividDead was taken so I chose to replace the e with the 3 and make the whole thing lower-case, and lividd3ad was born.
I didn't like my old name for everything, HotPockets or HotPockets27, so I had to think of something nice catchy and official sounding, so I just thought of it and liked it I guess. I also wanted something so that if I wanted to I could becomea YouTube "celebrity" and not have some dumbass name with numbers and stuff.
Benny is just a character of mine loosely based off of a mythical creature known as an Almiraj. He's a pink bunny with a gold horn who has floppy ears, lives in a dumpster, wears a tattered vest, isn't really all that good at much except that he's pretty fast, but is very kindhearted, although a bit naive. You could say he's my "fursona," but I just call him my Online Mascot.
Well, first off my username does NOT derive from World of Warcraft. Now that I got that out of the way...

A couple of friends and I do lots of music stuff. About 15 years ago we formed our first "band" together... a band called Torrential Reign. In generic and cheesy (but fun as all hell) metal fashion, we had a medieval/fantasy back story to go with it. DarkShire is the name of one of the evil generals within said story.
Trying to remember...

Okay, a long time ago on a website/forums that's gone (something related to something called Vegemite) I wanted an original username since at that point I wanted to join a forums for more than just one post but the site had no names beginning with a Y. So I thought of a yak, the game Zawackery (an obscure 1984 Midway arcade game) plus the name Zackhary and mixed together to form the name. Sadly thought it probably is the most creative as it can get since my other usernames by comparison felt easier and also people had problems spelling it (even I did at one point calling it Yawachary).

As for Mr. Yawackhary, that was for the earlier days of tSR (doubt many people can remember).
I just like the game okami...
It's a combination of my last name, the word berry, and the number 13. Not a very interesting story, really.
Most people see my name and say "he just put windows and apples together". i actually used a random username generator and got a random bunch of letters and numbers that looked like WindowsApples. From here on everything i use has the username windowsapples (my Xbox LIVE, my PSN, my Steam, my youtube, everything).
First Name = Username :)
The first part is the name of one of my favorite Naruto characters Jiraiya, and he is one of the three legendary ninja who are known as the Sannin, also the second part of my username.

(03-20-2013, 05:05 PM)Amaterasu Wrote: I just like the game okami...

I thought it would have had something to do with Itachi Uchihas (from Naruto) jutsu.
(03-20-2013, 06:19 PM)Ryan Wrote: First Name = Username :)

[Image: shocked-gif-10.gif]

My username stems from a while back, when I felt compelled to create an account to counter some assinine comment someone had made on a board. I then kept on using that account and it's stuck ever since.
Pheonix was my name back when .hack//kyat was open. My brother swears he was meant to be Pheonix but no one can make the same error twice. As we played, we tried making a guild (just add something to the end of your name as it was mainly a chat site/mini-game) so we had the O.R., the Original Rebirth, however when another member tried to take over, we became the G.R.X. the Golden Rebirth X. As the ears went on, I just used PheonixGRX and been happy with it.
I was tired of my old username that I used for everything, so I wanted a new one. I'm not sure why, but I was browsing the XBL old usernames and I saw "LogicalSphinx" was available. I use that username now, and the only reason it's just "Sphinx" on the forums is because...I was too lazy to type the "Logical" I guess.
(03-20-2013, 06:19 PM)Ryan Wrote: First Name = Username :)

[Image: iuEgKJxo92vos.gif]

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