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The Shameless Self Promotion Thread 2 (READ THE RULES!)
Can a mod move this to the Self Promotion thread?
I thought this would be funny at like 2 in the morning yesterday. it's not.

Help my photoshop'd English Teacher photos get to the front page of Imgur!
I'll be in a speedrunning marathon tommorow.
Will be streamed here:

But it's Scrubathon IV, where all the speedruns are random junk! No donations, only FUN! My run is about 12:30 Eastern Standard Time Monday.
Something for you guys to learn about me: I dabble in GTA modding.

Here's a mod that I'm weapon designer and modeler for: Shine o' Vice

It's still WIP, and even if you don't download it, which I don't expect you guys to do, check out the screenshots and progress (the topic is a bit messy, and most of the progress is later on in the topic) that we've made. This mod (and it's predecessor, Frozen Winter) are prime examples that the GTA community still cares about the older titles and modding. I'm on a team with some great modelers and coders. Great modders and people.
Kinda want to show this off here because games made by Locamolito are really cool fun games.

Myself and a speedrunner/top tier Skullgirls player did a podcast about community dynamics in competetive gaming.
Can confirm, have watched him kick ass consecutively in tournament format for the win.
Hey guys,
I just stream Twitch Plays Pokemon Yellow on my Twitch Channel as my Twitch Plays Series.

Here's a link.

List of Commands:
  • Up
  • Down
  • Left
  • Right
  • A
  • B
  • Start
  • Select
If you like this Twitch Plays Series on my Twitch Channel and want to see more.

Please, with me know.

Have fun!

- Merged with Shameless Self Promotion Thread.
This belongs in the shameless promotion thread.
Kinda wanted to play this as a way to unwind after all those serious games I've played.  Honestly, I feel refreshed.

(06-08-2015, 01:47 AM)retrolinkx Wrote:

Not my video, but it stars me falling off cliffs and being mentioned.

So uh, somehow we made another video. Which stars me actually doing stuff.

So yeah, r8nh8. There are a lot of memes, you have been warned.
So, even though I'm not European, I'll be in the European Speedster Assembly Online Warmup marathon!
Streamed here:
Schedule here:
I'm sure that some people might not like Darkest Dungeon.  And I'm unsure if a lot of people know of Yahtzee's latest game 'The Consuming Shadow'.  It's fun.

This is the game Defunct (on Steam all of 4 days), and me beating the story mode in 28 minutes and 36 seconds. I think I can get this below 27 minutes with current strats. Needs more research.

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