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What was your first game?
GTA2 and a PSOne I found in the trash of a house that was being rennovated.

I was 12 (?) at the time. So needless to say my parents may have not agreed with me playing it. Until my dad gave it a try and laughed at the splattering noises as he ran over people on the sidewalk.
(03-23-2013, 06:05 PM)Salseh Wrote: GTA2 and a PSOne I found in the trash of a house that was being rennovated.

That's awesome.
It may have been on the Playstation, because I only played games at friends houses before my family got a Gamecube. It was either Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, (Sure it was violent for one of my first games, but did I care? Nope) or Mario Kart: Double Dash.
The first game I played is Pokemon Red, however the first game I saw is an N64 game. I can't remember which one it was.
Either World Rally in the arcade or Sonic 1 on the Mega Drive, can't remember clearly enough.
The Lion King for the Mega Drive.

After about 15 years, all we have left is the Mega Drive.
Crash Bandicoot for the PSX.
Does Peek-A-Boo count, I'm pretty sure that's the first game I've played.
It was Super Mario Land. My dad found a GBC with it in it on the ground at the park. It also might of been one of those Putt-Putt type things if those count.
My first game was Super Mario 64
My first two games were Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Resident Evil: Director's Cut.

I was four.

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