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Games You're Willing To Put Up With
It has become a tradition for me to beat the original Dead Rising once every year. It was the first ever 360 generation game I bought and I always come back and beat it again at a point where I have nothing else to play.
Super Mario 64 my profile got deleted so I got everything again all stars got the lives from Yoshi that was a pane.
In addition to the GTA games I mentioned on the previous page, I guess pretty much all my TRPGs should count too. Hundreds of hours on mere grinding before even finishing the games should be a ridiculous amount but I enjoy doing it.
Another Game I'd play though losing all data for is Skyrim. Although that should go without saying, It's super re-playable. I lost my level 72 (Saved a new guy over it :D) And I still feel okay to play it over. And as alot of people said, The pokemon Handhelds. I'd reset Sapphire everytime I would catch/beat Raqyaza (however you spell that :P) to the point of where I could get from LittleRoot To The Elite Four in a matter of 6 game hours. Just so much fun.

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