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Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Sales Have Officially Passed 34 Million Units
Devil May Cry is Coming to Switch This Summer

Just the first game? Why? Why not the HD Collection?

EDIT: so I found about this article from February. Seems oddly relevant now.

EDIT 2: Devil May Cry for Switch to be Released Only Digitally Through Nintendo eShop

For those who expected a physical copy.
Unity Now Supports Nintendo Labo VR on the Switch
Nintendo Switch Online is Adding Double Dragon II, Volleyball, and City Connection to NES Library This Month
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition Uses Roughly 32 GB of Storage
Terraria Finally Comes to Nintendo Switch This Week
(03-26-2019, 04:27 PM)Boyobmas Wrote: In addition to a Wall Street Journal report, Eurogamer is also stating that Nintendo is planning to release two Switch hardware revisions later this year and that they are likely to be announced during E3.

One will (allegedly) be a cheaper, handheld-only variant meant for younger players. While the other will be a more powerful, enhanced version meant for "avid gamers". The cheaper model will ditch features like HD Rumble to keep the price low, while the "Pro" model has a power increase similar to the New 3DS over the original.

The hand-held only variant has been revealed to the public.
(07-10-2019, 09:48 AM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote:

The hand-held only variant has been revealed to the public.

Full Summary for the Switch Lite:
  • Releases September 20th.
  • Retailing for $199.99.
  • 3 Color Variants (Yellow, Blue and Grey) available at launch with a Pokemon SW&SH variant coming in November.
  • No TV connectivity/dock, the Lite is an exclusively handheld device.
  • The "Joy-con" are built into the system and are not detachable.
  • Regular Joy-Con are compatible but are not bundled with the system.
  • Additional Joy-Con are required to play games such as 1-2 Switch. (Which require the detached Joy-Con to play.)
  • Nintendo suggests looking at the back of the game box to see if a game is compatible with Handheld mode.
  • The Eshop will warn you if you try to download a game that requires detached Joy-Con.
  • Features a traditional D-Pad.
  • Does not feature a Kickstand, IR Camera or Rumble.
  • Smaller than the original Switch. (See photo below.)
  • 3.6” high, 8.2” long, .55” deep (Compared to the original which is 4” high, 9.4” long, .55” deep)
  • Features a 5.5" screen compared to the original's 6.2" screen. (Both are 720p and feature touch controls.)
  • Features an improved battery life of 3-7 Hours. (Compared to the original's 2.5-6.5 Hours)
  • Data will be transferable between the current Switch hardware and the Lite.
  • The Lite is a "lower-cost spin-off" of the Switch, rather than a Sequel/Replacement.
I layered the comparison photo from so we can get a good idea how small the Lite is compared to the regular Switch.
[Image: C0ER30d.png]

Related news bits: 

Doug Bowser says no more Switch models coming in 2019 (Meaning the rumored Pro wouldn't be released util at least 2020.)

FCC Listing suggests the original Switch is getting minor upgrades in the form of improved processor/flash memory chips.
A minor revision for the standard Switch is being released in mid-August with improved battery life.
This model will last from 4.5 to 9 hours (depending on the game), significantly more than the original's 2.5 to 6.5 hours.
As an example, Nintendo says you get 5.5 hours playing Breath of the Wild. (2.5 more hours than the original.)

This model seems identical to the original in every other way and will retail for the same price. Spec Sheet
Nintendo Will Now Repair All Joy-Cons with “Drifting” Problems for Free

PDP Switch Controller Comes with New Features Including a Headphone Jack
A new trailer for Astral Chain was released, this trailer shows how the combat in this game works.

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is coming to the Switch on August 8th.

The Outer Worlds is coming to the Switch.

Japan: Yo-Kai Watch 1 coming to Nintendo Switch 10th October, remaster of 3DS game

Nintendo details full Splatoon 2 Version 5.0.0 patch notes

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker gets Nintendo Labo VR support
Friendly reminder that the first game ever announced for the Switch (back when it was known as the NX) is finally releasing in two months. 

Q: "What's the difference between the PS4/Steam version and the Switch-exclusive Definitive Edition?"

A: New character story scenarios, the ability to switch between the standard 3D mode and the 2D mode from the 3DS version, the option to play symphonic orchestral soundtracks, faster battle modes, new costumes, new Draconian modes, the ability to travel to past Dragon Quest universes, you can see party members behind you when in the overworld, you can talk to your party members behind you instead of having to go to the "Party Talk" in the menu, etc.

Q: "The ability to travel to past Dragon Quest universes? What does that mean?"

A: The 2D mode has a handful of unique scenarios where you can travel to sprite-based recreations of towns and locales from all ten previous mainline Dragon Quest games. Each game has three scenarios that present you with isolated plots based on the original game and usually end with an iconic boss fight and/or item from that game.

That basically equates to about 30 decently meaty side-quests.

A new report by the Wall Street Journal says that Nintendo is planning additional versions of the switch beyond the Switch Lite.
Castle Crashers Remastered is coming to the Switch on September 17th.

Alien Hominid is next, I'm calling it.

Developer Frogware released a quick update on the status of the upcoming Switch port of The Sinking City.

Racing platformer game Speedrunners is coming to the Switch.

I know I am a couple of months late, but Amnesia: Collection is now available for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed 10 Million Units Sold in Japan

Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser Comments on Joy-Con Drift, the Future of the 3DS, and More

Famicom Tantei Club I and II remakes announced for Switch (aka Famicom Detective Club)

Color me surprised. I never tought THIS series would get a revival! If this is succesful enough, maybe Nintendo would bring back other dormant IPs like Mach Rider, Ice Climber, Murasame Castle, F-Zero, ect.

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