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I'm surprised that a Justin Bailey alt costume or alt color for Zero Suit Samus never made it into Smash.

Q: "Who the heck is Justin Bailey?"

EDIT: while we are at it, I'm surprised Young Link's final smash wasn't him using the Fierce Deity mask. Or him quickly switching between Deku, Goron, and Zora masks while launching multiple attacks.

You know, something other than the freaking Triforce Slash.

And I know this one is a bit of a dead horse, but Mega Man's victory theme in Smash should have been his actual victory theme from the series instead of using a remix of the Mega Man 2' screen theme
You can now fight on an actual Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list thanks to this created stage

Stage ID: 930BXB52

This applies more to the Smash series in general rather than just Ultimate, but I still think it belongs here.

Everybody knows that the reason why Ganondorf became an Echo for Captain Falcon is simply due to time constrains, as Melee was done in less than a year and Ganondorf was among the last characters to be added to the game. With that out the way lets adress that.

Some people argue that while is true that Ganondorf's moveset is lifted from Falcon's and that the moveset isn't really accurate to the source material, it is still fitting to Ganondorf as a character because he's the king of evil and the owner of the Triforce of Power. Meanwhile Captain Falcon is just racer, so why does he have a moveset like that.

What these people don't know is that Captain Falcon isn't "just a racer". He's also a bounty hunter.
According to Sakurai's latest Famitsu column, there will be no more fighters after the second Fighter's Pass is finished. He also teased that the final two fighters would be revealed at E3 and Tokyo Game Show, respectively.
The latest spirit event is for video game series who turn 35 this year (Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Kid Icarus, ect).
Kazuya Mishima from the TEKKEN series is the next DLC Fighter included in the Fighter Pass Vol. 2

Kazuya Mishima will have his own presentation on June 28th. The presentation will be roughly 40 minutes long and will not include any reveals for Challenger Pack 11. (SOURCE)

From what i've seen, before this reveal the discussion about the next character centered about if it was gonna be a platfomer rep or a JRPG rep. But nope, it's a fighting game rep!

Just to remind you, Mr. Sakurai wanted to include a TEKKEN character back in the Smash 4 days. This is him finally fulfilling his own wishes. He finally figured out how to incorporate a TEKKEN character into Smash.

Kazuya = Shoto? Debate rages over terminology between Super Smash Bros. community and FGC after Tekken character's reveal

Yeah... This is yet another proof that the Smash community and the FGC might as well be two different communities. Especially when you remenber that it's always been CLEARLY defined what a shoto was in the context of fighting games.

I mean, is this even a controversial opinion? Pretty sure there's always been a disconnect between the two communities. Another example of this is the reaction to Terry Bogard in Smash.

"Who the fuck is this? OMG, SAAAAANNNSSS"
You know how Kazuya had a Link costume in the Wii U port of TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2? Yeah, it's a shame he doesn't have that costume in Smash. In general, it seems that he will only will have two costumes in Smash. Oh well.

EDIT: Yeah, I was right. Only two costumes. On the bright side, the alt colors are pretty cool. One of which references his purple tuxedo.
Hey, wouldn't it be funny if we ever got a Slam Masters/Muscle Bomber spirit event or even a Mii costume?

Leaving this here. Smash Ultimate Codec Calls by Stanpai.
Reminder that 'Mr. Sakurai Presents Kazuya' premieres tomorrow.

EDIT: Mr. Sakurai once again reminded us that the next character in the fighter pass is going to be the last and that there won't be a Fighter Pass 3.
Dante, Lloyd Irving, and Shante. What do they have in common? They all got deconfirmed. Here's the 10th round of Mii costumes.

DAMN! Masahiro Sakurai crushed a lot of dreams with this one! But on the other hand, there was only one spot left in the Fighter Pass. Only one of those characters had a chance of getting in.

Look on the bright side, Shantae fans. At least she got a Deluxe Mii costume. She recieved a better treatment than Geno.

"Why are people so upset about these deconfirms? People celebrated the Sans, Cuphead, and Vault Boy costumes!"

Well, in the case of Sans the reason why people applauded it's because Sans is a joke. The fact that the costume actually looks like Sans certainly helps, same with Cuphead and Vault Boy. Another reason why people liked the Cuphead costume so much is because Byleth was so poorly recieved.

Moving on from the crushed dreams. I find it weird how they didn't add a single TEKKEN or Soul Calibur costume along with Kazuya's release. We only have the Heihachi one.

EDIT: Kazuya Mishima will be available tomorrow on June 29.

EDIT 2: A lot of people are confused about the fact that Devil May Cry and Skyrim weren't mentioned in the Mii Costume trailer. This is because of the ESRB. You cannot mention M rated series in a game with a lower rating. The same thing happened with Altair (Assasin's Creed), Vault Boy (Fallout), and Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes).

Games rated by PEGI (the European videogame rating board) were an exception but it seems that now they are affected too. As seen here: (Nintendo UK trailer) (Nintendo Germany trailer)

EDIT 3: (Everyone is here)
Smash Ultimate Patch Notes 12.0.0 - Side by Side Comparison

This patch also brings upon several shadow changes.
  • Dedede: Using Inhale midair will now slow his descent while falling and it makes you fall faster while rising. An... odd change to say the least.
  • Lucario: Force Palm is now less affected by Ultimate's jostle mechanics, making the grab portion easier to hit. Probably the most helpful shadow buff in this patch.
  • Marth & Lucina: Instances where down throwing someone at the ledge, causing them to go below the ledge and bounce off the side of the stage, has been fixed.
  • Min Min: Rapid jab finisher hitbox is ever so slightly bigger. A change you will never notice.
  • Olimar: His forward throw now takes 18 frames to complete instead of frame 17. Extremely negligible change.
  • Steve: Various other bug fixes, mostly with K. Rool.
Maximilian Dood released a detailed video explaining what IS a shoto. For all the confused Smash fans out there.

This video belongs here because it was made in direct response to the Smash Ultimate shoto controversy and because at one point Max explains why Mario is a shoto.
For those who don't know or don't remenber, Ayumi Tachinaba from Famicom Detective Club was considered as a playable character for Melee before being scrapped. She has a trophy, however.

This makes me wonder... considering that the Famicom Detective Club series was revived thanks to the remakes for the Switch, will Mr. Sakurai/Nintendo revisit the idea? Is the final character going to be Ayumi Tachinaba? Only time will tell.

"Wait, he didn't include Ayumi in Melee because her series was unknown outside of Japan at the time yet he included Marth and Roy? What a hypocrite!"

Look at it from this perspective. Who do you think most people in the West would want to play as in a fighting game? A guy with a sword or a regular schoolgirl? Obviously the guy with a sword is gonna be more appealing to most Western players, that's why Marth and Roy were chosen over her. Besides, Marth and Roy were planned to be exclusive to the Japanese version of Melee but this was changed because the NoA playtesters liked playing those characters.

"Bruh, there are plenty of fighting game characters who are also schoolgirls, what are you talking about?" - Yeah, but they are also hardened fighters (well, most of them). AFAIK Ayumi Tachinaba was never much of a fighter to begin with. She fights using her wits, no her fists. Not every detective out there fights like Batman, you know?

Anyway, it's been nearly 20 years since Melee and nowadays the Smash series doesn't shy away from implementing characters with unusual/unconvetional movesets, even characters that aren't really considered fighters. Wii Fit Trainer, anyone?
I've counted how many guest characters this game currently has and the result is 17 guest characters. For comparison, Smash 64 had a total roster of 12 characters. And Melee had a total of 26 characters.

Wheter or not you think the Smash series has enough guest characters is up to you.

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