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(07-21-2013, 07:42 PM)A Zombie Riot Wrote: [ -> ]That's crazy. I know one of the easiest ways is to go to the island at night and catch some bugs. I know sharks are worth a lot as well. too much farming for me.

Yeah. Sharks are around 15 000 Bells. Catching bugs is much faster however.
Stuff to sell:
? Block x2
Fire Bar
Wii Balance Board
Bill Blaster
Heros Boots
1-up Mushroom
Fire Flower x2
Block Floor
Big Bros Mustache
Triple Bananas
Blue Falcon x2
Arwing x2
Samus Mask

All gems
I got 2 hero's hats and 1 x hero's clothes to get rid of.
[Image: 995131_520882014668276_395123012_n.jpg]

Um... I'm gonna pass.
(07-30-2013, 03:15 AM)Arjahn Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 995131_520882014668276_395123012_n.jpg]

Um... I'm gonna pass.

Looks like you can use the axe to play a nice game of horse shoe.
I also have a Majora's Mask to spare.
(07-30-2013, 03:15 AM)Arjahn Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 995131_520882014668276_395123012_n.jpg]

Um... I'm gonna pass.

Unless they were referring to a guitar.
my favorite person moved out his name was Achieove but he always reminded me of carlton from the fresh prince so i call him carlton. But yea only 1 cool person remains in my town
omg so mayor got new leaf such friendly welcome to town #doge
Daily reminder that Tangy is best neighbor.
..I miss Bob.
Stuff for sale
(It's worth noting I also posted this on NeoGAF so it's probably gonna go pretty quick).

Nintendo Items:
Majoras Mask
Wario Hat
Fire Flower (x4)
1-UP Mushroom (x2)
? Block (x3)
Fire Bar
Peach's Parasol
Triforce (x2)
Big Bros Hat
Big Bros Mustache (x2)
Samus Mask
Yoshi's Egg
Virtual Boy
Hero's Pants (x2)
S.S. Dolphin (x2)
Varia Suit
Li'l Bro's Hat (x2)
Blue Falcon
Yellow Pikmin

Ptera Right Wing
T.Rex Torso (x2)
Mammoth Skull
Tricera Torso (x2)
Parasur Skull
Pachysaurus Skull
Tricera Tail
Diplo Tail
Anklyo Torso
Apato Torso (x2)
Dimetrodon Skull
Diplo Chest
Dimetrodon Torso
Styraco Tail
Plesio Torso
Styraco Torso
Tricera Skull
Diplo Neck
Dinosaur Egg
Megacero Tail
Apato Skull
Megacero Skull
Diplo Hip
Ichthyo Skull
Spino Tail

K.K Songs:
Rockin' K.K.
K.K. Sonata
K.K. Blues
K.K. March

Mega Clankoid
Wee Dingloid
Mega Sputnoid
Mega Rustoid
Tall Warbloid
Mini Alloid (x2)
Mini Buzzoid
Mini Dingloid
Mini Dinkoid
Tall Sproid

All Gems

Looking for asia furniture, gold items (apart from watering can and slingshot) or any insects/fish I don't have (would prefer these). If you want something but can't offer any of those in return. Then 40K per item(Don't really want money however as it's too easy to come by in this game). Nothing to pay for.
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