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Last game you beat
last game I beat was LOZ OOT. I beat it yesterday and then last night I started Majora's Mask.

I like to randomly start from OOT and then play through MM, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and then Skyward Sword about like once a year. I do the same with Kingdom Hearts, with Birth By Sleep, KH1, then KH2. and I'm gonna start playing those again in Sept when I get KH 1.5 :DDDD
I've been busy lately but the last game I beat was Bioshock Infinite. I am pretty near the end of Link's Awakening, though. I'll try to beat that over the weekend.

Anyway, I loved Bioshock Infinite. It looked stunning, and the story was well paced and interesting. It exceeded my high expectations when I first heard about it in 2010. Bioshock is probably my favourite game franchise for this console cycle and I'd be interested to see what they have in store for the future; IF they make any more.

Last game I beat was Journey. I don't know why I put off playing, but I finally got around to it last week and I did it all in one sitting. Such a beautiful game! If you have a PS3 and haven't played it yet, I would suggest you do.
...I can't believe it has taken me this long to beat a game. And even this one I did beat in one go today. Organ Trail for the PC. The free version, though now I really want to get the Director's Cut.

Time to update my list.
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
For the 5th time.
(Trophy hunting)

Great game and soundtrack.
Miles Edgeworth Investigations. Took me a while. Now it's time for Apollo Justice and then I can buy AA5. Or, well, I'll propably buy that soon because of the bonus costumes you get if you buy it early.
I recently finished playing a PS1 game titled Tomba for the "Retro Game Masters" thread on SA. (The title refers to a Japanese video game show called Game Center CX. Which is awesome you should check it out if you can find it.)

Tomba is a side-scrolling action platformer mixed with rpg and adventure style gameplay. As Tomba, players will run, jump, and bite their way through numerous areas like a forest littered with gigantic pollen, a mountain-side plagued with hurricane-type winds, and a village of mysterious people who wear really big hats; all in an attempt to retrieve Tomba's golden bracelet from the evil magical pigs.

The gameplay works fairly well for this title. Tomba comes equipped with a few moves from the start like the ability to swing from branches, grapple/bite enemies, and use a variety of weapons like a spiked ball on a rope. As players progress through the game they'll even more abilities and items to aid them like the ability to swim as well as a mushroom that makes laugh or cry!

Progress is made through a series of "Events" that player will have to complete as well as a fair amount of side quests. (There are well over a 100 events!) The quests themselves range from something as simple as opening a mailbox to the very obtuse like finding out what a funga is and where you can find one. By completing events the player is rewarded "AP" points, which can be used to unlock certain secrets in the game, and sometimes an item.

The game also takes advantage of its polygonal graphics by allowing the player to jump from foreground to background by climbing up certain walls; as well as being able to rotate the world in certain areas to open up different possibilities for travel.

To sum up what I just said, Tomba is a pretty neat game and you should try it if you get the chance.
Assassin's Creed III.
I'm still trying to figure out why people are calling this one the worst in the sires when I don't see much wrong with it.

After that, I went back and beat Sly Cooper 1 in a day and I'm going back to Zelda:OoT when I get the time.
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. I just freaking love the ending to this game.

. I can relate to the last bit since that has happened to me before some of the time with my dog. :)
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix from the HD version on PS3. Love that they have some new Heartless and one extra secret boss that the US release didn't get till now.
Pokémon X/Y.

Cool pokemon, cool addtions, cool game.
Batman: Arkham Asylum. I just started getting into the series. Great game.
Pokemon X
Kotor 2 with the Restored Content Mod (It's adds around 6-10 hours of content that was cut due to time constraints.)

The mod is amazing it makes the plot much better and easier to comprehend. It adds tons of items/quests/dialogue and easily elevates the game to the same level as the prequel.

It's a shame that Bioware took a big gigantic dump all over the lore with the book and the MMO.

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