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My boi Roland just dropped his Majora's Mask mixtape and I am pumped, plumped and ready to watch.
Ed Asner, the Iconic Lou Grant on Two Acclaimed TV Series, Dies at 91 (The seven-time Emmy winner was funny on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and serious on his own newspaper drama, then delighted movie audiences with 'Up.')
The trailer for Matrix 4 is up. Movie is called Matrix Resurrections.

I did not watch the trailer but I'm still gonna post it.
Nicolas Cage says he'll never retire from acting.
Seeing as Marvel and Sony can't keep the lid on the new Spiderman leak, I say they should embrace that shit. Like, the new trailer would focus on Garfield's Spiderman and instead of the Spiderman no way home logo, the Amazing Spiderman 3 logo would pop up instead. Same goes for Maguire's Spiderman, the Spiderman 4 logo would pop up(ideally as the final trailer). Something like Tropic Thunder but for the actual marketing.

This movie better be good as I am lukewarm on the new spiderman movies and I am not as invested as I was with the MCU.
Jim Carrey - Faces - Unatural Act - 1991
Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong? I don't think his voice acting has ever been anything BUT the voice of Seth Rogan. If they really wanted to go down the stoner vibes with DK, they should've gone with Danny McBride as he is the far better choice in terms of that comedic voice. 

And YES, Walton Goggins should provide the voice for Diddy Kong. Just have him pull off a british accent since Diddy is deeply rooted with Rare(who are British).

I am fine with the rest of the Mario Cast. It's just Seth Rogan that is bothering me.
(09-29-2021, 04:20 PM)Berry Wrote: [ -> ]I am fine with the rest of the Mario Cast. It's just Seth Rogan that is bothering me.

Do we even know if Seth Rogen is gonna speak in the movie? For all we know he could just be making ape noises. But yeah, I'm not very convinced with that choice either (assuming he's gonna speak in the movie).

I'm not conviced with Chris Pratt as Mario either, but the best we can do is to wait and see.

Q: "If Donkey Kong is just gonna make ape noise in the film they why did they hire Seth Rogen for it??"

A: The same reason why Marvel Studios hired Vin Diesel just to say the phrase "I am Groot" over and over again
Remenber the horror film Don't Breathe? I JUST found out that there's a sequel called Don't Breathe 2.
I watched Ip Man 4 and I liked it. Scott Adkins nailed playing the racist army general (the main villain of the film). He should become the lead actor of a film. He's that good. Donnie Yen is still pretty good as Ip Man. And the final fight was pretty good, too.

Halloween Kills is now in theathers.

DC released a first look into Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson has been promoting the idea of a Black Adam film for more than a decade and it looks like its gonna vecome a thing very soon.
From the Anime/Manga thread:
(06-05-2017, 09:26 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]So I recently found out about this dude named 'Gorkab' who happens to make an videos series know as CGM (I'm going to assume it stand for "Computer Generated Cinema"), which details the origins of CGI in cinema, way back to Westworld (1973). This episode in particular, details the origins of CGI in Anime:

Make sure to turn captions on for the English subtitles since the audio is in French.

Oh yeah, by the moment I posted this most of the episodes (not counting this one, obviously) don't have subtitles. What a shame.

The main reason I'm posting this is to remind people about this guy's existence. He also has a another series called Blu-Ray Versus where he compares a Blu-Ray release of a movie with another, more recent release.

Here's a remake of the videos he made on Westworld (1973) and its sequel FutureWorld (1976).

Denis Villeneuve's Dune is out.
On November 15, 2018, the Library of Congress made a full restoration of the 1910 film Frankesntein. This was the first film adaptation of the book. Yes, the movie is in the Public Domain.

Keep in mind that the original book was 92 years old by the time this film came out.

Full article:
I watched Denzel Washington's The Equalizer 2.
DOPE. That's the name of an actual film: dope. That was a film released in 2015. I don't know why I never talked about this movie before even though I watched it years ago. Anyways, its a great film. Very good story, very good acting, etc. You should watch it. Maybe I will watch it again, maybe I won't. Who knows?

I just found out that Tony Revolori, the actor who potrays Flash Thompson in the MCU, also potrays one of the three main characters in this film.
Universal Studios posted the first five minutes to the upcoming film Jurassic World Dominion.