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Dealing with a "So many mods running based entirely on the female body that the armors aren't even sure what they want to be" in Skyrim. Finding alternate body mods for armor that aren't skimpy is difficult and once you finally do find 'em, them they might not work.
Here's my vent! The new resident evil remaster is SOLID, but in a good, old school type way. I can't be mad with it for too long, su pretty in comparison to the PS1 version I played probably 20 years ago!
(01-21-2015, 11:28 AM)TheMightosaurus Wrote: [ -> ]Here's my vent! The new resident evil remaster is SOLID, but in a good, old school type way. I can't be mad with it for too long, su pretty in comparison to the PS1 version I played probably 20 years ago!

You're here too? What a coincidence :D
I never thought that I  would not like a Bomberman game, but Bomberman Max has proved me wrong. It really not all that much fun to play in part to the game not showing you what to do (which doesn't help that nobody on the internet has a guide for the game), the enemies AI making it so you can't plan out your attacks and the hit detection being way too unfair (an enemy with a small sprite has the same chance of hitting me as one with a huge sprite or one that is JUMPING IN THE F#CKING AIR). The nail in the coffin is that my lest favorite mechanic had to show it's ugly head: Hooking up your game to a friend's to get the full game. I hated it in Crash Purple/Spyro Orange,  I hated it Dragon Warrior Monsters 2, and, yes, I hated it in Pokemon. The only time that I didn't mind it was in the Zelda Orical games, only because it did not have to be done with a stupid cable that I have NEVER own, nor do I know any one who owned one. That and they were both different games.  To get the last 20% of the game, I have to go buy both a link cable and the exat same game with the only difference being that you play as Bomberman instead of Max. I can add this one to the stack of games that I may never 100% beat.

Theres a reason that I give Bomberman: Act Zero some slack.
Battlefield 3 is the worst game I have ever played. I don't even know what it used to be, but that game is so broken both balance wise and mechanically, it's amazing. I will never purchase another battlefield game in my entire life because of that putrid package of pure dogshit. Battlefield used to at least sort of pride itself on being somewhat more realistic than other shooters, but now teams have fifteen guys sniping people whizzing on speedboats halfway across the map. Not to mention the worst matchmaking I have ever seen in any competitive online game, which forces you to use your internet browser with a clunky, unintuitive server browser that hardly works, and even when you can find the rare server with more than two people and less than 100 ping, a lot of the official servers it places you in ban half of the available weapons and instantly kick you for not using an assault rifle or sniper rifle. It doesn't tell you either, the first time it happened I laughed and thought it was just EA games being buggy. Nope, your game will instantly hard crash if you try and use a shotgun. Not to mention the horrible team balance, or lack thereof, meaning you'll constantly be engaging in 7 v 11's against all of those premium players using their silencers to jerk eachother off. God damn I don't really like Call of Duty but at least you can find a fucking match sometimes. Oh yeah and it uses that retarded multiplayer element of Level up to earn better guns! which is the stupidest fucking idea to have ever spawned from the erect infected cock that is the modern FPS that serves only to benefit long time players and beat the piss out of newbies. Again I find myself defending Calladooty, which also does this, but there it's not nearly as extreme and you're rewarded with upgrades to your gun based on how often you use it, which encourages practice. In Battlefield Pee (XDDXDXD im so clever!!1) you just have 4 arbitrarty classes that used to be unique but are now homoginized into MODERN FPS UNIT 1-4 BUT THIS GUY HAS A BACKPACK and you gain items sporadically with no correlation to your playstyle. If you play around with a gun in calladooty, you can unlock a silencer after an hour or two, in Battlefield it's going to take a lot longer and it might not even be for the weapon you want. Hooray.

God dammit why did I buy this game, I have never regretted a gaming purchase more in my entire life, and I bought Spore.
I just bought Wild Arms for the PlayStation. I absolutely loved that game. I put it in my PS1, turned it on and started to wait for the nostalgia to wave over me...
The PS1 blew up instead.
I want to like Titanfall, I really do, but it has some of the worst hit detection I have ever seen in any videogame. 3 point blank shotgun shots? Nah that doesn't kill a dude, but 2 teeny tiny bullets from an smg with kill you instantly! Combined with everyone walking around with a pistol that automatically aims at enemies even if you aren't looking at them, and holy crap is it damn near unplayable.

Just run around with an SMG.

I've won countless games using just the SMG, hell I've come first using a controller on PC. It's that easy to play Titanfall.
But is it fun?
You play video games for fun?

Admittedly, I've spent more time modding Skyrim than I have playing it. I've gotten a lot of achievements out of sequence on accident as a result.
Oh sweet, one of these threads. I'm good at these things...maybe.
anyway, one game i honestly to god cannot stand is Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland. The whole game feels like a absolute abomination. I could complain about the god awful physics all day if it were for the fact that that's not the worst part. Oh, that's not the worst part.
My main gripe with it is that is just...doesn't FEEL like Kirby should feel like. I honestly have played the game far more than i should and get no ENJOYMENT out of it like other Kirby games. Which is weird, sense most other Kirby games honestly have the same difficulty but this one just makes me mad for a reason i can't describe. It's the most strangest feeling i get.
So there's my rant, probably the worst rant ever but hey, that's just my two cents.
I've been playing for a while now, and all-in-all, Monster Hunter 4U is far worse than 3U. It definitely shines in certain areas, but there is so much tedium and horrible design choices scattered throughout, I would highly recommend 3U over 4U to pretty much anyone. The monster design especially was more unified and enjoyable in 3U, this time around there are so many god damn "Wait around for a monster to splash around in invincibility state x and then you can attack him for five seconds" monsters here, it makes me sick. Not to mention the appalling number of giant AoE attacks with absurdly enormous hitboxes that I doubt were ever playtested. Heck, most of the enjoyable monsters are ripped out of previous games in the franchise, while most of the newer ones are super-generic "oooh imma have giant AoE attacks for a bit, and then I'm going to go super-sayian in my super form and have giant AoE attacks with even BIGGER HITBOXES!". God damn I am so sick of giant hitboxes, 3U only had a few and most players laughed at them there, but now half of the roster has them and everyone's calling this the greatest Monster Hunter since MHSBU (monster hunter sliced bread ULTIMATE). 

Eh, rant over. The climbing is cool and the online works really well, but so many of the monsters are either stupidly easy or absurdly difficult purely due to artificial difficulty and wonky hitboxes you can't predict. 
Why would you change a control scheme that works just fine? Going from Dead to Rights to Dead to Rights II, I find it very interesting that move the "human shield" button to another button (from Circle to Squere on the PS2) to make the "Disarm" and "Human Shield" two separate commands and in return move the Shadow button (from Square to L2). I don't understand this as it does not improve anything but instead confuses the veteran players. The new climb mechanic is nice, but do we really need two buttons to climb (one to climb up and one to roll across the platform) when we could do with one button that changes the action at different speeds?

Lastly, not really a vent but I have to ask something. I know the game is meant to be a parody (or at lest I hope so) of 80's/90's cop movies, but do we really need the guy that starts the whole plot to be named Judge MacGuffin? Was President Plotpoint or Officer Exposition too on the nose?
The more games I find with bad AI partners, the more I love Navi from Ocarina of Time. Navi was made to help you learn the game, remind you of where you needed to go, and even allowed you to target enimeys. Navi did her job. Navi never moved to the next enemy that she though you should fight. Navi never refused to work. Navi never blew you're ass up by stepping on a mine!!!!

As much fun as Brute Force is, the AI sucks so much. The first few levels, not so bad, but they get to the point that they can't walk around mines and when you tell them to cover you, Flint and Hawk will just stay under the ramp and make you take out the entire army by yourself. Also, I understand you hear gun fire. That's what my gun sounds like when I'm shooting the guys we are looking at and you're getting shot by.
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