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Oh for fuck sake. I actually hate that stupid fucking retarded system in the yugioh games.

I doubt any of you have played them, but when you duel you can use quick spell cards or trap cards basically any time during the duel, and every fucking turn I'll get around 10 pop ups, stopping the duel from continuing saying if I want to play a card on the field or in my hand.

So I've instinctively press "B" so it will cancel it and continue the duel.

I was playing against one of the harder bots and SOMEHOW found a way to beat him that the duel was at 8600 - 1100, but the guy I was playing against now had 5 monsters on the field that could fuck me up in one turn.

So I had to think fast, and I had just the plan. I played a card that let me get a monster from my graveyard, and attacked one of his monsters. I was playing defensively since he has retarded monsters that have 4000 attack he can summon from his hand when he takes damage, so I knew if I attacked him once I would win. This was literally heart of the cards shit right here.

In doing so he was able to summon a monster from his hand by tributing a monster on the field, as this fucking happened I got a message saying "Replay happens, continue attack?" AND GUESS WHAT I FUCKING DID BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING POP UP BOXES THAT COME UP EVERY FUCKING DUEL.

So yeah, lost the duel because of that shit, so fucking retarded.
I did something stupid and may not be able to play my 360 if Wal-Mart is out of stock of the AV cables. While moving the TV from house to house, I unplugged the TV and not anything else. Riiiip and broke. Ugh.
Came home to play some Minecraft and my brother in law decided to try it and entered creative mode on my world I had played survival on. There goes my achievements! I know it was an honest mistake, but dang it!
Gah! I tried to watch four different streams today, all different times, and every single one ended just as I opened the window.
My opinion of Tails in one comic:

[Image: 73d27cc7d18084b4dfc7c297e51fc719.png]
There's nothing more painful than watching other people play puzzle/adventure games.
After a few months of having these Xbox games without starting them, I decided that I should play the ones I have heard are bad. So far, Enter the Matrix and The Godfather are not that bad and I'm starting to think that there is no such thing as a bad game. I have since started Drake of the 99 Dragons, and I would like to eat my words. How can you release a game so buggy and incomplete?!?!?!
I thought I found my best game ever. It was so much fun. Sure Jack is still an unlikable person and there are times that I swore I didn't shoot any one when it said I did, but I still liked 24. That was until Mission 18 (Chase Undercover). How am I ment to lose the cops when the Prasue meter is broken? Iknow this because THE COPS WERE NOT BEHIND ME! And to add insult to more insults, the next mission is a puzzle. I'm flustered from the last mission, how am I ment to beat it without taking a brake?

I just realised what they did. That is the best way to make people take brakes. I'm still upset but props non the less.
I feel like voice acting kind of ruined the new LEGO games. There used to be minimal cutscenes, and they had to get creative to get a message across. I remember in the first Star Wars one, the way Darth Vader told Luke he was his father was by pointing at a picture, I like that a lot more than the voice acting they use now. In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes I almost can't think of Spider Man as Spider Man because the voice actor is Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank, every time he talks I just think of R&C.

I also hate their move to open world, I much more enjoyed the small hubs that were more memorable and didn't need a map so you could get around without getting lost. There was almost no time going from level to level. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want a LEGO game without so much guff. I heard that the LEGO movie game is way shorter, so I'll definitely try that.
I was searching Amazon for games on my Wish List. Alot of them were $25, 30 or more, which bums me out. I then find out someone is selling a collectible version of Parasite Eve for $9.99 +3.99 shipping. Score!!!....... is what I would say if it was really a collectible verson. You see, to be collectible it needs to be a mint copy, possibly not showing damage, and (ofcorse) NOT BE MISSING A DISC!!!!! I'm not sure if I'm over reacting to this but there's a pretty big distance between "Collectible" and "incomplete".
My friggin' Xbox 360 profile is in limbo! I downloaded it to my brother's 360 yesterday, and when I tried to download it back to mine, it freezes and says that it cannot be downloaded right now. So, I'm stuck not being able to play Minecraft. Well, I can, but I wanted the world on MY profile to continue on.

EDIT: after about an hour, I was able to retrieve my profile. Yea.

EDIT 2: I now have a error. At least posts service alerts and is aware of an issue. Now, all I have to do is wait. Yea.
Amazon Rant part II: I sort of take what I said back about the incomplete collectible items. They are still stupid but they at lest TELL you what's missing or broken. I almost paid for two games with no descriptions. I like my games to have cases and run properly. If you leave the description blank, I think you're trying to hide some thing.
2 for 1 here;

- A couple days ago, I finally got around to getting an Elgato recording device so I can record video-game footage. Works nicely for the WiiU, but problems arose on the PS3. It will not allow any recording via HDMI because of some "HDCP protection" deal. This is apparently to deter people from recording Blu-Rays or something, even though it still allows for RCA (the Red-Green-Blue component cables). I can see why people go for the 360 versions of games when doing LPs and such, as it actually LETS people record without hassle.

- Hit a brickwall in Dark Souls; Playing as a Thief doesn't work all too well for characters that have a good distance on them, like Sif the Grey Wolf or that Moonlight Butterfly. Giant Stone Knights aren't too much of a problem if you go 1 on 1 with them, but you get aggro-ed by two of them at some point, or against two Demonic Foliage's (living trees) and a Stone Knight encumbering you with a spell. So forest isn't too great now. Other path I can take is through a Catacomb, with skeleton enemies that revive after begin defeated. Have tried running through it, but had 5+ of them after me at once. Gotta get through eventually, though, as good Thief gear is apparently down there. Gonna try forcing my way down there later tomorrow.
So, I just found out that there are two games I just learnt of that can only be described in such interesting ways.

One, is Saihai no Yukue which can only be described as "Phoenix Wright with Samurai Warriors"

The other is Kabu Trader Shun which can only be described as "Phoenix Wright if everyone was a Stock Broker instead of a Lawyer"

If you're wondering why I'm posting this, these games have been out for more than 5 years and neither of them have English Translations, and the only news I've heard of it Saihai no Yukue has a single person asking for a translation on tumblr which was posted in 2014.
(07-27-2014, 09:36 PM)gamemaster1991 Wrote: [ -> ]Amazon Rant part II: I sort of take what I said back about the incomplete collectible items. They are still stupid but they at lest TELL you what's missing or broken. I almost paid for two games with no descriptions. I like my games to have cases and run properly. If you leave the description blank, I think you're trying to hide some thing.

That is why I buy stuff through Amazon or their affiliates because at least you can expect some modicum of transparency when it comes to the items you are buying.

Although I still remember when I bought Dragon Age 2 a few years back from an affiliate of Amazon, meaning a seller that is associated with Amazon but not Amazon themselves. I get the game about a week after ordering and there is a nice sealed case, all the little ads and instruction disc. HOW THE HELL DO YOU SHIP A CASE WITH NO DISC?

I immediately emailed Amazon, told them what happened and the told me they couldn't send a replacement because it was through an affiliate but they could contact them on my behalf for a full refund. They suggested I just use that refund to buy the game again which I did for a slightly reduced price then the previous one I bought so SUCK IT AFFILIATE!
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