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There I was, end game g-rank Monster Hunter 4Uing online against a super species of Brachydios. This is he. [Image: 2470582-1870112840-MH3G-.png]

Pretty notorious for blowing sh*t up. All the time. He had his own element introduced in 3U, which is a big deal. Anyhow, there's a subspecies in the end game that, when you attack his horn or pounders, they instantly blow up. It was pretty cool to fight, made me change my tactics like a good monster should (see previous rants for more). Cut to twenty-something minutes in, my team has learned (learned? learnt? leartnerded) this guy's tells and are pummeling the crap out of him while he lay prone on the ground, when all of a sudden our insect glaive Tarzan just fucking leeroy jenkins charges the Brachydios's head when he's at half health. The stoic hero, Adonis of men, promptly explodes and dies. We fail the hunt and I leave to fight a laser monkey man with aids. 

Monster Hunter community, never change.
There is a problem with hand holding in newer games, but that really does not mean I don't like when the game teaches me how to play. Despite Death by Degrees broken way of playing the game, at lest it tells me which button does what, how to attack, and how to have an easier time with it. Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) has a Sink or Swim way of teaching the player.  Which button attacks? How do you use the Ninpo? What am I doing?!?! There is a difference between hard and unfair. I could go on and on about how unfair the first two levels are....... but I love it too much to complain and it's mostly in the two "training" levels and becomes fun afterward.

Instead I'll complain about how Ape Escape attacking (using the right stick) does not work well with a Resident Evil camera and movement. Why must Death by Degrees be so difficult to control?...... oh yeah, it's a Tekken spin-off. I forgot.
Not teaching you buttons in-game isn't really unfair. There are only so many buttons on your controller, it doesn't take that long to figure things out. Besides, the buttons are shown in the manual.
(05-12-2015, 02:03 AM)Mass Distraction Wrote: [ -> ]Not teaching you buttons in-game isn't really unfair. There are only so many buttons on your controller, it doesn't take that long to figure things out. Besides, the buttons are shown in the manual.

You mean the manual I don't have? I try to get the manual with every game I buy for this reason, but it mostly just comes down to a working game and the box/art. I had no idea how to use my ninpo attacks until I looked up the controls when fighting the boss of Level 3 (the same point I found out there was a guard button). I found out what the throw buttion was by dieing to the guys on horse back in level 2 over and over. The master ninja tells you how to gather the orbs by saying "use the Y buttion," so I was hopeing that the Kunai that Ayane has been trowing to just have a thing that says "use B to use the Bow."

Great... Thanks for fueling the idea that gamers are all ticking time-bombs.
It just ain't a full year til someone has a media-based scapegoat.
Good grief, more BS discussions from 'experts' to view us gamers as. We're not all hotheads.
The difference being that this time, the guy actually blamed video games himself (let's just forget the fact he was coked off his rocker) rather than the media making rash conjectures because he once typed 5hit into Runescape.
(05-13-2015, 02:55 PM)SERIOUSLY THOUGH Wrote: [ -> ]5hit

I honestly read that as "5 hit" multiple times and couldn't figure out how that could be seen as something bad.

I'm so out of this 1337 lingo.
Can't be as bad as the whole gamergate situation. Are there still people complaining about that? 

They had a good cause but messed everything up along the way. These days I don't even know what happened to it.
Have you ever played a game that had pixel perfect jumps? Frustrating, right? Now think of the reverse version of the situation where you can only jump if you are at the very perfect, pixel accurate spot. I love the Shinobi games but God almighty who on earth coded the games so that you can only perform a double jump when you are at the very exact peak of your regular jump? It wouldn't be that much of a problem if it wasn't necessary to use in certain situations to progress.

I decided to give Twitch highlighting a go so I highlighted my pain for you:

It's not even something that only appears in that specific Shinobi game, no, it's also in Shinobi 3 where there is almost an exact replica of that stage, just better looking, ten times longer and a certain death waiting below you. Such fun.
So I wanted to play the Splatoon Global Testfire. But my internet hates me so that didn't happen.
Nah, fuck you Great Sensei, first you have bullshit moves, then you can duplicate yourself into 5 people who do bullshit moves 5x over, and even if I find the real you your duplicates don't fuck off for one second.

And to make matters worse, the level before fighting him exhausts you of your God Hand meter and your roulette orbs as you have to fight 3 groups of enemies (3 people, 3 people, 5 people in that order) AND THEN another Sensei student, and then you get to fight the Great Sensei as a mini boss in the next stage when you have no God Hand power, no roulette orbs and no health. Ain't that fucking fun...

I'm seriously just going to cheese this fight, I'm just gonna do the most BS moves to counter this BS, I can't be asked to die 1000 times to finally get him.
I've been dealing with the computer being a cheating bastard. Which game you ask? Doom 3. I swear some of those hell spawns are hard to kill even if you're a pro at FPS games.
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