Full Version: The gaming related ventilation thread!
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I'm glad you all seem to be relaxing by playing video games !


You think I play video games to have fun?!

Oh, Oh Seriously Oh Man. You deluded fool.
I really like FTL, but it's sort of absolutely god damn insane how unfair it is to the player at times. I'm not just talking about the notoriously ball-busting final boss either, just throughout the game you run into encounters that favor the enemy hugely for no reason. For example, we're both within range of eachother in an Ion storm, but only MY ship is affected so I'm at a huge disadvantage, have my weapons disabled for over half of the fight, and then they just jump away because I couldn't do anything about it. Or when we're both shooting eachother from within a weird nebula that just takes away half of my energy! Not their energy, no they actually have a boosted shield from it, 10/10.

I understand giving the enemies an advantage from a game design perspective, but it's so brutally unfair that it makes the player feel like there's nothing they can do to win, which is dumb.
Played a game for all of it's endings. I won't say it's name, but the game has three seperate endings. The easiest and supposed "bad" ending was the only one that didn't result in one of the major characters dying.
I can understand bad endings and don't care, but why make the ending that requires extra fights/items the ending where everyone dies and the easiest ending to get the happiest one? Feels like a reverse psychology trick.
(12-19-2016, 02:00 PM)CosmykTheDolfyn Wrote: [ -> ]Played a game for all of it's endings. I won't say it's name, but the game has three seperate endings.

Any reason about why you don't want to say the game's name? Or at least the system?
Some people don't like spoilers, Space Jockey.
Forgot what an enormous "Fuck You" the final boss of FTL is to the player.

Okay so maybe I just suck really bad at games (which would explain a lot whoa) but the achievement for fighting the final boss in Sonic Generations without taking damage is so dumb. Like, it's downright lame as h*ck. Not only does that boss's attack patterns barely make any sense to begin with, but sonic controls like a bird with a concussion that's DEAD SET on going a certain direction, when moving around a bit would be preferred, that is until the bird actually wants to fly in a straight line, then it's time to do a diagonal dive bomb into a floating piece of a miscellaneous structure. That's when it's time to do that.

Also, as far as I can tell, you don't visibly take damage in any way so it can be hard to tell when you're actually hit or when it almost looked like you maybe brushed the side of that pillar thing back there, possibly. Why am I playing this game right now.
UGH!! I am the only one who hates when people say that if a character from a videogame (or sometimes a movie or a comic) series makes a guest appereance in another videgame means that they both share the same fictional universe? Becuase I do.

You want me to name a specific example? I'll give you three.

1. Back when the Arbiter was confirmed as a playable character in Killer Instinct, some people said something among the lines of "I guess this confirms that both Halo and KI share a universe".

2. When SFV director Takayuki Nakayama confirmed on Twitter that the Rival School series takes place in the same universe, some people said "eh, Sakura was playable on Rival Schools anyway, so no surprise them", despite that the fact that only thing connecting these two series before the confirmation was Sakura existence.

3. Some fans of the series The King Of Fighters (mostly the latinos) believes that KOF takes place in the same universe as the Fatal Fury/Art of Fighting series, when in fact, KOF was originally concieved as a crossover fighting game, not only featuring characters from Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, but also characters from other, lesser know SNK franchises such as Ikari Warriors and Psyco Soldiers (as well as adding some original characters into the mix). Basically, think of KOF as the "original Smash Brothers".

It is the year 2016 and there are still self-proclaimed KOF fans out there who don't know such a basic fact? Come on....

I mean, going by the logic that those series take place in the same universe, then Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, etc take place in the same universe because Smash Bros is a thing. See how stupid it sounds? Well, is the same deal with KOF.

So, again, why do people makes such stupid assumptions? The fact they are called "GUEST characters" should be a dead giveaway!
I hate online hackers! especially on Mario Kart 7.

I'm seeing people do impossible stuff that I cannot do although I'll do the same racer/frame/wheels/glider combo just to try; their build will have the worst handling stat of all racers, yet they will swerve all they want at full speed regardless of the surface they are on. One race ended because the first place guy finished 30 seconds before anyone else. And DO NOT get me started on the item hacking. DAMMIT!

Thanks for ruining the fun.
This is a pretty mild vent compared to my normal standards, but holy balls is the main voice actor for Commander Shepard awful at it. Every line he reads sounds like when a good actor intentionally acts hammy and bad, but it's unintentional, and it's constantly happening in a dialogue driven game. He's a really prolific actor too so I just do not understand how this guy did such a piss poor job for three games and nobody set him aside and said "Hey, guy, cmon." It got so bad in 2 that I actually stopped playing a few hours in and restarted with the Female version because I couldn't take anything he said seriously in the slightest

The Fem-Shep voice actress is fantastic though, just a really weird contrast.
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is NOT worth the $60 unless you want a tech demo for Kingdom Hearts III, a HD version of Dream Drop Distance, AND you are a hard core Kingdom Hearts Fan who already when too deep and refuse to get out.

I think my 3DS charger may be busted(either that or the plug in slot is) despite not using either of them in a long time. I am trying to figure out what one is broke, and it amazes me that despite keeping it in a safe spot. It still manages to get busted. How is this possible?!
They're kinda fickle, and it could also be your 3DS port. They're relatively cheap to replace though, and if they don't work on your 3DS, you can try a charging pad.
(01-25-2017, 10:07 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: [ -> ]They're kinda fickle, and it could also be your 3DS port. They're relatively cheap to replace though, and if they don't work on your 3DS, you can try a charging pad.

How would I know if its the port? I haven't touched my 3DS in months. Let alone that I kept the 3DS and its plug charger in a safe spot.
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