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You know what really grinds my gears? When a game gives you a super awesome ultimate weapon, but only when you've done literally everything so there's nothing left for you to do with it.
(09-15-2018, 12:05 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: [ -> ]You know what really grinds my gears? When a game gives you a super awesome ultimate weapon, but only when you've done literally everything so there's nothing left for you to do with it.


Shout out to the games that then let you start the game again with that weapon (Harry Potter 1 on the GBC, etc.).
That's what I loved about playing SR:3 with the pack I had -- you got the VTOL and the good guns pretty much straight away. Roaring fun.
Overwatch matchmaking is the worst thing on the fucking planet. I haven't played comp in over a year, I'm not that good at the game which I'm fine with since I try and play just to wind down and goof off with friends, but every other fucking game I'm getting paired up against Grandmaster Widowmakers who shoot into spawn and there's no fucking recourse. This hasn't always been the case, but for the past month it has become so fucking common that I legitimatley cannot play the game. Not even in a "this is a shitshow so I don't want to play" kinda way, I literally cannot walk two feet out of spawn without getting instakilled from accross the map. I tried playing tanks to offset it but hey guess what they all have giant heads so if my shield goes down for one second you know I'm taking 350 damage.
People are just never happy and that's why you don't get more "representation"; I'd give up too if I were a game developer. Dream Daddy should have been every little SJW's ideal game with its option to make a dad with all sorts of body types and gender identity along with it being a gay dating sim.

But no.

Even though it's one of the most charming and funniest games I've seen people pick apart absolutely everything from the "Cult Ending" to the body type of the office worker. Just shut the fuck up already and accept that not matter what you're going to wave around the words "transphobic" and "problematic".
Since I'm trying to get more into trophy collecting, I decided to go back to my PS3. I bought a new one a few months back since I was planing to give the old one to my brother, and since it's a used one, I was trying to get a lot of stuff off of it. What I thought was going to be an hour to three tops, turned into a TWELVE HOUR overhaul. I was slowly realizing how much I really don't like the PS3.

First off, there was a few things I wanted to keep off of the system, such as a few save files and a game that was on there then I bought it. So I bought a brand new external hard drive to transfer the data. Turns out, unlike the 360 or the PS4, the PS3 can't format a brand new hard drive. If it can, I never found it. After about an hour and a half, I just drug my 360 out just to format it. Also turns out, I can't transfer bought games onto the hard drive. Because why would I want to do that? And the save files apparently needs PlayStation Plus to move. Why? Just why? I just wanted to save a few things I played before making this PS3 entirely mine.

Really the only thing that I partly like is that the Trophies on the PS3 are lined up in alphabetical order, like I really wanted the PS4 to do. All I wanted to do was to download a game before the sale went up in a few days. It just become why too much work to just play one game, and even then, I needed to go to bed by the time it got finished downloading.

Wanna know why I'm linking this trivia? Because for many years many SMT fans didn't knew this. They thought that the Dante version of Nocturne was Western exclusive while Japan got the Raidou version.

Meanwhile I'm like "dude, the Dante version PREDATES the Raidou version of Nocturne. Dante belongs to the second version of Nocturne (which was released in Japan as well) while Raidou was released on the third version. In fact, the Dante version of Nocturne was released BEFORE the Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha game series was even a thing! Raidou Kuzonoha as a character didn't even exist when the Dante version of SMT Nocturne was originally released! A simple search should tell you that!"

And while we are at it, here's some Japanese footage of Dante in SMT Nocturne.

Filthy casuals...

EDIT: for those who still don't get it, here are some release dates. JAPANESE release dates, mind you. Normally I wouldn't have to clarify this, but this is the Internet that we are talking about.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne (Vanilla version) = February 20, 2003

Shin Megai Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax (the version that was released both in Japan AND the west. This is also the version featuring Dante) = January 29, 2004

Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army = March 2, 2006. Remenber, this is the debut of Raidou Kuzonoha.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Chronicle Edition (the one that replaces Dante with Raidou) = October 23, 2008
Just came here to remind you that the Power Instinct series was made by ATLUS, not SNK. Yes, the same Atlus who created Shin Megami Tensei and its gazillion spinoffs (Persona being one of them). Just because Power Instinct 4: Matrimelee was released on the Neo Geo doesn't mean the IP belongs to SNK. It never did. You can even see Atlus' logo on the main screen for Matrimelee, for Pete's sake!

Yes, I actually saw people who thought Power Instinct was made by SNK. They are most likely the same kind of people who only heard of Matrimelee and not about the other games in the series. That's still no excuse, tho.

"To be fair, in the west this game was simply knonw as "Matrimelee" and nothing else. As a matter of fact, Atlus stopped using the Power Instinct name in the western titles since the game Gougetsuji Legends (an spinoff and upgraded version of Power Instinct 2). BTW, Gougetsuji Legends is known as Gōketsuji Gaiden Saikyō Densetsu in Japan."

That brings up another question: Why didn't they officially call it 'Power Instinct 4: Matrimelee' to avoid confusion? Why did they thought it was a good idea to just call the game 'Matrimelee' and avoid any connections to the Power Instinct franchise? Why? It can't be because of Killer Instinct, since Power Intinct was released one year prior.

And like I said, even if you only knew about Matrimelee and not the other games, you can still CLEARLY see Atlus' logo on the title screen.
It's a shame how Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories will probably never be rereleased. Not only because of the Phill Collins license but also because the game predominantly features the confederate flag. Since 2015 (I think) you are no longer allowed to showcase the confederate flag in video games unless is done in a historical context. Reminds of how Germany censored Nazi symbolism in video games. The difference here is that the German rating system eventually stopped censoring such things.

EDIT: technically that rule/restriction is applied to the Apple Store and not all video games but my point still stands. Since that 2015 shooting, media in general has been censoring/removing the confederate flag.

EDIT 2: for those who are counfused. Vice City =/= Vice City Stories. Vice City Stories is the prequel to the more famous game Vice City, taking place two years prior.
Everytime I see people saying that Caesar's Legion (a faction from Fallout New Vegas) hates guns makes me think two possibilities:

1. they never did a Legion playthrought

2. they misunderstood THAT line by Lucius that says:

Lucius Wrote:Caesar has taught us that over-reliance on firearms can only weaken us in the long run. It's why we train heavily with our blades and our fists.

Unlike an NCR trooper, a Legionary is always ready to fight regardless of the circumstance he finds himself in

Lucius never says that guns in on themselves are bad. It's the OVER-RELIANCE on them that's bad. Come on, people. Learn to read.

"But I never saw a Legion menber with a gun!" 

In the Legion the ones carrying the guns are high ranking soldiers, not the cannon fodder.

I don't even support the Legion. The reason I'm doing this is because I dislike misinformation
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