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There are plenty of games that can be crowd funded and not be as sucky in terms of how the development works. I've been told a lot of good things about A hat in time being a fun platformer, and there's also that Castlevania successor(which I hope is good) to look forward too. I cannot comment much about Yooka because I only played the demo of it, I did have fun with it though.
Man, I really don't get what retard thought REMOVING memo saves from Final Fantasy 3 was a great idea. Memo saving was basically just a way to quick save inside a dungeon, it was useful because Final Fantasy has bullshit fights and encounter rates, the amount of times I'll die from a 2000+ attack from an enemy is too much to handle. The memo save is there to basically let you get THROUGH the game without much difficulty. But for some fucking reason someone decided they shouldn't INCLUDE IT in this version of FF3.

The game isn't exactly hard, it's been a decent challenge and I think I spent around an hour overall grinding throughout, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY FUCKED UP BY REMOVING MEMO SAVES.

The final part of the game is basically a long endurance run. You can obtain special weapons if you defeat bosses that hold those weapons along the way, so of course I did that since I need as much exp and help as I can get. There's around 5-6 bosses, after that you meed the "final" boss and have to beat him. After he goes down you discover that he wasn't the final boss and you need to go to the world of darkness.

Once you enter the world of darkness, you need to fight FOUR more bosses and THEN you can fight THE FINAL BOSS. Oh, and I forgot to add that there are four treasure chests that hold items that block status effects on your party, and they're guarded by THE "FINAL" BOSS YOU JUST KILLED. So all in all you're fighting around 20 bosses including the final boss in the final run with NO MEMO SAVES.

The annoying part was that I actually forgot to give my party Ribbon's (that you get from the chests guarded by the "final" boss) so the status effects the final boss gives them doesn't effect them, so in the first fucking turn one of party members fell asleep and couldn't do anything until he died. I eventually lost the fight and had to GO BACK TO THE FUCKING BEGINNING WHICH WAS 3 HOURS AGO.

This entire run takes 3 hours to do, with healing and other things as well. YOU CANNOT SAVE WHILE INSIDE THE DUNGEON. The only time you can "technically" save to save some time would be to go through the first dungeon, kill the weapon bosses then go outside again and save. You'd have to go through THE WHOLE DUNGEON AGAIN, but it would save time I guess.

What a fucking load of shit. This game is definitely better than 1 and 2, but holy shit it's been trying my patience in these final few hours, the difficulty just shot up to the point that one move by the boss WILL one shot a party member and then I'm stuck using my healer as a reviver, and even then the boss can just attack them again. It's really fucking annoying.

Anyhow, I just moved my saved back on the PPSSPP and I'm going to use save states instead, it'll basically be like using a memo save.
Star Ocean: The Last Hope is garbage in a lot of ways. The voice acting is pretty terrible and so is the script/translation so good job there to whoever did that, and the dungeons are fucking annoying. It's not fun having to try and find the right corridor to go to when there are so many enemies in each one that it's possible to forget which one you came from or were heading to. In the dungeon I'm currently at, in order to get past these annoying barriers, you have to use a Thunder Ring to destroy some weird monitor looking thing just to try and get past the barriers. Once you destroy them, smoke end up everywhere which somehow messes with some of the barrier enough for you to get by. To make matters worse, there are these large dragon enemies that are practically impossible to hit at close range, and they are extremely good at destroying your bonus meter which can net you extra money, recovery at the end of battle, SP which is used to invent important items etc. etc. Those monsters are large on the map as well so they take up too much space to in the small corridors I'm in so they can't be avoided. A lot of the enemies in this dungeon also blend in with the smoke I mentioned before so it's hard to see them making it easy to surprised attacked or ambushed. Normally neither of those things are a problem because the battles are action-based but with battle screens so you have time to think, but with a large amount of the enemies being the dragons that mess up your bonus gauge, and oh by the way can send you flying up about two hundred feet in the air, launch missiles at you, and hit you while you're recovering after hitting the ground, and do tons of damage, it's hard to enjoy fighting them. I could switch party members to someone who knows symbology, but a good sign for a bad game is giving you the option to change your party, then trying to force you to do it without their being a story reason. I should never feel like I can't play the party member I want to because the game makes it seem like I can't, yet here we are. I don't get why this game is so bad either, nothing else in the Star Ocean line-up is this bad, even if the series isn't fantastic. It's a wonder that will never cease, how there can be more Star Ocean games out there, which is a series than Square Enix owns, than there are Chrono games or tactics games. I can't imagine Star Ocean is more popular or sold more than either of those series. Perhaps Square just does this so that they can keep tri-ace happy? I don't know, but in hindsight, it's annoying.
I've vented about Hearthstone a lot but fuck it here's one more.

I finally built a single decent deck by destroying every interesting card I owned (which is a big ol' problem by itself) and each class has a super game-warpingly powerful card called a Death Knight, which you can only have one of in the deck like other legendaries.

So a solid 70% of the games I'm in come down to who draws their DK first and can grind out value from there.

This stuff exists in Magic the Gathering, but there you can run up to 4 copies of your important combo pieces, Draw options and tutors are more universally available, and there are better answers to powerful threats like counterspells and what-not. In Hearthstone, if they play their Death Knight, there is literally no way to stop them from using it for the rest of the game outside of I think one single janky card no one plays that stops their hero power for a turn.

Iunno, again it feels like Hearthstone at its core could be a really great game but it's just plagued with shitty design choices.
Yeah, I feel that. I stopped playing Hearthstone when the dinosaur expansion was announced.
I can't do it anymore. I've been patiently waiting and waiting. GIVE US THE GOD DAMN RELEASE DATE OF KINGDOM HEARTS 3!
It's been over 12 fucking years. TWELVE!
Been having issues with Overwatch on and off since the beta and customer support's always attributed them to AMD driver issues on their end, forcing me to roll back or experience performance issues with most other games, or my CPU getting hot when it wasn't actually getting that hot at all.

Somehow I was dumb enough to not realize that the Netgraph was showing Latency and not Frame Drops, so I've been trying to combat the shit with reinstalling video drivers and windows when the whole time my internet just sucks :(
Final Fantasy 5 has been quite the let down. 4 set a bar for what I expected from a Final Fantasy game, it was the game that made me go "oh, this is why people like this series" and then 5 comes along and just fucks it all up.

I'd love to go into why, but I'd rather just let out my vent.

The final boss of the game is the hardest in any FF game in the series. He's basically got 200,000 health and is split up into four parts. He's not too bad, just gotta keep healing every few turns and spamming moves to beat him. On my 2nd attempt after 30 minutes of fighting I destroy 3 out of 4 of his forms, and the final form keeps spamming Meteor which is DEVASTATING to the party, it can hit any one of them from anywhere to 200-2000 damage and hits FOUR times. It's basically a gamble on whether you'll die or not.

It's understandable that he's doing it, but fuck me I really thought I had him. He had ONE last body part left, and the others were dead and buried, I was so close to finishing this let down of a 30+ hour game, but no. He spammed Meteor on my final person who was alive and killed him,

I looked at the walkthrough and found out his final body piece has 60,000 health, not 50,000. So I must've been around 2-3 turns away from winning but he took it away from me by spamming cheap moves.

I'm not even angry with this game anymore, I'm just disappointed with it. It's such a step down from 4, and while it has cool ideas everything else about it is just boring. I don't care for the characters, story, environments, gameplay, job system or anything else because it's been such a struggle to play and finish the game.

I'll finish it tomorrow and make sure I finish off the 60,000 piece before I do the 50,000 piece. The boss fight isn't too bad for a final boss, it's just frustrating.
Wii Sports Baseball should not have Splitters.

Fuck Splitters.

My dad just spams them then acts all old technologically-challenged guy "What's a splitter what's that mean?"

bitch you used to have Quake LAN parties knock that cheap shit off
(06-05-2018, 06:46 PM)Arjahn Wrote: [ -> ]My dad just spams them then acts all old technologically-challenged guy "What's a splitter what's that mean?"

bitch you used to have Quake LAN parties knock that cheap shit off

Reminds me of this video.
Turns out the massive lag spikes I've been having lately have been due to the fact that model of ModemI have is just straight up defective. Good stuff good stuff.

I guess on the positive side Blizzard Support was super helpful this time as opposed to the last several times, and it wasn't because their game wasn't compatible with new AMD drivers for a fucking year like the last time, so that's neat.

Moral of the story is never get one of these modems or else you're fucked.
I really don't understand the Final Fantasy developers, it's like they have great ideas and then go backwards on them for some reason and employ people to make the most bullshit places and fights, even by FF6.

I spent the last hour or so, traversing a tower where you could only use magic, and enemies would use magic on you. So I died the first time going up because of miscalculating the situation, so this time around I made sure I had Reflect rings equipped (reflects all magic, so I was basically invincible) and made sure I cast Float on everyone so moves like Quake that would do 2000+ damage wouldn't effect me.

So it was smooth sailing for the whole tower, nothing went wrong except the fact I had to go through around 5 minute battles every 30 seconds, leading to around an hour or so of just walking up this tower. Once I finally got to the top, I assume'd I was going to fight another boss and prepared for it. I opened the treasure chest, went outside, was greeted by a bunch of cultists and then finally the boss.

This dude was called Magic Master and had 50000hp, 50000mp and a fucking barrier gimmick. HP is never a problem but that MP is, powerful magic only costs around 50mp to cast for him meaning he could get around 100000 magic moves off before he'd even run out of MP and that could take hours. The biggest problem here was the barrier gimmick.

The barrier change boss is a dumb gimmick boss where he keeps on changing his weakness and nothing telegraphs what it is beyond using a magic move called Libra (which is fucking useless because he changes his barrier everytime you use a magic move on him) along with this every other move will do 0 damage or in some cases heal the fucker.

So here I am in a stalemate. The boss can't kill me, and I can't kill the boss without a lot of time and luck. I eventually wittled down his health to 22000 and noticed that he actually does damage to himself most of the time due to attacking my entire party and then the reflect doing damage to him, mostly in the ballpark of 6000-8000. So I stopped attacking him and let the game play itself and around five minutes later I check his health and it's at 27000.

I said to myself I wouldn't check a guide for this game, but fuck this boss. He's bullshit, there's no way of knowing what his weakness is because it's trial and error, so I found out one strategy from the wiki was to cast Berserk on him (a spell that locks you into using physical moves until you die/battle is over) so his barrier would no longer change. Great, that's one part down.

But, the problem here is that his barrier could be allowing magic I didn't have. So the first time I berserked him, his weakness was Wind a move that I don't have so I spent more time switching it around and eventually got to Earth which wasn't too bad but required me to keep on killing a party member and reviving him for him to use Quake (attacks all ground based enemies for 2000 health usually).

So this sounds great right? I'm about to BEAT this fucking 40 minute boss fight? Well, no you're wrong. FOR SOME GENIUS REASON THE DEVS DECIDED THAT WHEN HIS FUCKER DIES HE CASTS THE MOST POWERFUL SPELL IN THE GAME UPON DEATH WHICH DOES AROUND 5000+ DAMAGE. For comparison's sake, the highest health a character has right now is around 2300.

There were no saves during the tower, and no memo saving either since the game is the GBA version which only had Quicksaving. So, according to my 3DS's time. That was 2 hours wasted on a useless boss. Thanks Square.

Not only am I pissed with this, but I really didn't want to use a guide to look up anything but this was just fucking annoying, so now I looked up where I was in the game and found out that a location that nobody told me about is the next step forward and I had done some stuff that was past this point without knowing. I swear, all they needed was some dude to just say "Hey, I heard there's this cave that you can't access without going past some mountains west of Tzar. Some treasure hunter went there looking for some big money."

Whatever though, I'm tired of this game now, it was good for the first 18 hours or so, and now I'm just tired of it and according to the walkthrough I'm still around 10 hours away from finishing it.
To add onto the above, it turned out that the boss at the top basically kills itself if you do nothing.

I also timed it, it takes 1 hour to go up and down the tower and today I wasted 2 hours and 30 minutes dying to the tower to fucking bullshit. I still haven't done it either. After I beat the boss I tried to teleport out of there, but you literally can't. You HAVE to go through the whole tower again but backwards.

On my first run, I got very close to the end but by the last flight of stairs I had a battle with a weak monster that had the ability to instakill my party and he fucking did exactly that. I wasn't paying attention at this point in time because these monsters were easy to beat from my memory of going up the tower.

On my second run, some high level mosters spammed meteor twice in it's turn which killed my party again.

On my final run, I did the exact same thing and was very close to dying THREE times, but eventually got the the monsters on the lowest level and guess what HE FUCKING DID IT AGAIN, HE FUCKING INSTAKILLED MY ENTIRE PARTY. I audubily shouted "What!?" and heard the neighbors laugh at it.

All I can say is why? I can see the appeal of going UP the tower, but the fact I have to go FUCKING DOWN IT AGAIN? WHY? WHY? WHAT POSSIBLE REASON DID THE DEVS HAVE FOR THIS? I've already GOT my prize, I've already DONE the challenge, WHY EXTEND IT? SERIOUSLY, MY QUESTIONS ARE ENDLESS.



Fuck this part of the game, seriously. I've counted it up. I've put 30 hours into the game, and this must've taken me 5. Nearly 20% of my playtime has been on this FUCKING tower.
Be careful if you got kids in your family that use Steam. Steam's lightened up and made their stances on certain more adult content more clear recently which is generally a good thing, but its been coming up in folks's recommendation queues if they have anime games. Just something to keep in mind. I put it here because I'm looking for a mystery dungeon game and finding adult games. ;-;
Let me precedent this vent by saying this. I love it when a game gives you more stuff to do to keep playing and replaying to get and see everything, especially if the game is really fun. White Day: a labyrinth named school is a bad example of this. The game is fairly short (around 4-5 hours), so the fact that they have multiple endings to get, ghost stories to collect, and ghost encounters to find just gives me more reason to play. Where it goes wrong is when it you to beat the game fifty times, which would be nine endings on all five  difficulties plus dying on all five difficulties (which counts as an ending for some reason). Then we go to the Trophies for the game. Die fifty times, die a hundred times, encounter the locker ghost ten times, encounter the bathroom ghost thirty times, encounter the headless ghost (which is random!!!) thirty times. Repetition is not what I call fun. Espesualy with the trophy where you have to beat Hell mode (harder then Hard and no saving at all) TEN TIMES (which I should point out is one more then the number of endings there are)!

I should also clarify that I do like this game, but all of this repetition makes me disheartened to go for the trophies. I've only rented this game so I'll have to buy it if I ever gumption to get the rest of them.
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