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So, Linkin Park's Recharged remix album is absolutely fantastic. I love it so much. :3
Was watching some episode of GCCX, and this song played and I had a sudden urge to look it up:

So for the past 2 days, I have had a song stuck in my head. It's really irritating but I like the song so it's not all bad.

Funny, I used to hate Skrillex... but I actually like him.

Of course, lately I've taken a huge turn towards this type of music (I love it!)

One of my favorite songs!
^Speaking of things you thought you would never like....

I was doing my random YouTube and Google searches to find new things to watch/listen to. I came a cross this........ THING. I'm not sure what it is, but it's called Nightcore. I think it's a program that speeds up and remixes songs. It's better than it sounds (at lest to me it does)

A few of my favorites are Monster by Meg and Dia
and Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab (which does sounds good unremix and remixed).
Makes me sad that the rest of AWOLNATION's music isn't like this:

(Fan video, song isn't changed)

When playing Saints Row IV, it surprised me that THIS was AWOLNATION:
I actually heard only "Sail", rushed out and bought their first album. If you think Burn it Down is poor compared to Sail, you're shocked at the rest of the album. Burn It Down becomes a highlight.

Made me angry at the waste of money.
I enjoy Burn It Down, but Sail is so good. And everything I've heard for people who have bought the album have been disappointed as well. I'm actually very glad that I didn't get the album because of that.
I've been addicted to Simple and Clean recently. It invokes great nostalgia in me and damn is it a fantastic song.
Get ready to have your head filled with this
(01-18-2014, 07:53 PM)CLXcool Wrote: [ -> ]Get ready to have your head filled with this

A little repetitive but not bad at all for when doing things.
Play all three of these songs at the same time.

^ I feel enlightened ^
^If I die, someone please play this at my funeral. Lyrics would be fitting and it rocks.
And since this thread does not have enough Rush or bad special effects...

Oh, had to add another Rush video. In college, I actually wrote a paper on this song for my English class. We were supposed to analyze a piece of artwork, so I figured modern music is a representation of mainstream media and pop culture, the song deals with themes of isolation and the difficulties of being a teen in suburbia, and it rocks. So, why not?