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^ There are so many to pick from. I'm not sure.

For story related songs (songs that play during curtin missions) that's not a spoiler for the endings for the Third and IV:

From the fourth game.

Song I just like driving around town with:

From the Third.

And now.... as a weapon.

DLC for IV

The dubstep gun sucks, but I have to admit that it's very entertaining to shot someone with Ride of the Valkyries.
Found two songs from Wizards that I forgot I enjoyed.

I dont remember when this was used in the film, but it does have that nice sound of jazz. As well being the perfect song to listen to whenever you're having a drink
In my ever longing quest to get a taste in music, I found a cool website called "Fusion World" here you could get some albums of Japanese JPop/Funk/City Pop and others, since they're quite hard to find on Youtube and possibly anywhere outside of Japan, this was pretty great.

Funnily enough, there are a few songs that feel like they're influenced by a lot of western bands. To the point I'm referring to one of them as "Japanese Queen" because one of their songs really sounds like a Japanese version of Queen.

Have a listen.
My 2 favorite songs by Shinedown. Songs to jam to and get pumped.

While this may have been the only good Sonic cartoon, its theme song kicks ass.
Were these songs in the Borderlands games? I haven't played them.

EDIT: Psychospacecow posted "Short Change Hero" in December. I remember it from the Faster soundtrack. Damn good song.
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I remember discussing ELO's album Time here and sharing some of their work. I just gotta say they're honestly great.

Been listening to "The Diary of Horace Wimp" and it's amazing.

Also if you didn't know, they also made Mr. Blue Sky.

Also Time has become one of my top ten, if not number one just because of how amazing all the songs are in that Album. Hell, even the album cover is beautiful. Usually when I listen to an album I'll enjoy one song and dislike the rest, with Time I enjoyed pretty much all the songs.

Yours Truly 2095 really made me see how amazing this album was when I stopped listening to the music and started to listen to the lyrics AND the music. It's a really cool story of a guy who tried to get an android who looked like his girlfriend back in 1981, although while she is an android who looks exactly like her and does the same things as her, he can tell that she's different and SHE can tell that he doesn't like her. She knows that he doesn't like or love her.

Lines like "She knows I think of you, she reads my mind, she tries to be unkind be she knows nothing of our world", "She's only programmed to be very nice, but she's as cold as ice whenever I get too near" or hell even the robotic "I love you, in theory". I think I've already shared it, but give it another listen.

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Chuck Berry passed away recently. RIP. This is my favorite song of his.

I forgot how emotional this song is to me. I still see myself looking at a hopeless romantic as he remembers the one he once loved is gone, but remembers her through his heart and memories of her.
So I recently got into this band called "The Cranberries". I'm liking their work so far.