Full Version: The Music Thread
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Man, this song just speaks to me.

Hate me for liking them if you must, but I just found out a Physical copy of their album is coming to the states next month on the 16th and I am hype as hell for it. Love this group.
In memory of B. B king
I've found the most 80s music video ever. Maybe.
Can't...stop...listening to Game Grumps remixes...
Specifically these ones:

Been having a bit of a jazz kick in me again. Here are some examples of the jazz I have been listening to tonight. 

Found this a week or two ago, it's pretty gud.

Has a sort of neo-80's vibe to it.

Have some wasteland in your background.

Remember kids, until you hear music from Hideki Naganuma your ears will never reach their true potential.

I was listening to this as I did a couple of pin-up drawings today. Even thought of some Tex Avery gags(as well as gags inspired by Tex) as I was listening to this.
How about a mashup of Korn and Justin Bieber. Is it now PopKorn?