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You know that song by Nirvana, "Come as You Are"?

Did you know that these guys considered suing them over the song due to copying the guitar riff? What's more, according to Danny Goldburg, Nirvana's manager, actually went on record stating that Kurt Cobain was very nervous about releasing "Come as You Are" because it sounded so similar to the riff in "Eighties" by Killing Joke from 1984, just slowed down. It never actually went anywhere in the courts, especially after Cobain's death. Dave Grohl of Nirvana would actually later record drums for Killing Joke's 2003 album "Killing Joke".
Take a listen and tell me if you think Nirvana copied it.
This is Leonard Nimoy (you know, SPOCK FROM STAR TREK) singing a pop song about Bilblo Baggins. Your welcome.

Because we needed this.
My brother's friend was over yesterday(along with many others. Twas my brother's birthday) and I was listening to death metal, as I always do. He came into my room and was singing along(singing... More like... growling?) and for the next 45 minutes we just talked about death metal. Turns out we like the same stuff, same bands, etc. He even mentioned he tried to get my brother into certain bands and I was like "Dude, me too!" and we exchanged CDs for our iPods.

Music for reference.
Since death metal has come up, I suggest everyone take a listen to Kalmah here, so not enough people know about them.
(03-16-2014, 09:13 PM)CosmykTheDolfyn Wrote: [ -> ]Since death metal has come up, I suggest everyone take a listen to Kalmah here, so not enough people know about them.

Death Metal never left. It just increased its stealth stat and was waiting, lurking for a time to strike.
Reminds me of Children of Bodom.

I like Children of Bodom. Kalmah gets +1.
Every time they talk about flight MH370 on the news, this song goes through my head.

Was that too soon? In any case, it is a very sad case.

I love this. Wish I could play the piano.
I've been listening to a bit of Trocadero recently and this song is by far my favorite so far.
I'm back from the dead, I needed to share this amazing music with people but I also have a lot more time on my hands, I'll go into more detail in another thread, on to the awesome music.

So, I very rarely hear a new band and like the modern music scene. It's even rarer that I enjoy anything with rap.
This song took common emotions that no one likes to discuss, tied them into an unfortunate event, and actually drop lines that are thought provoking. This song came on my car radio of my new car (as the old one's didn't work, and I know the feeling), and it just made me kinda stop and go "Woah, that's amazing".

I know I've been on a Phoenix Wright Hype, but damn this is too good.
The new Animals As Leaders album is out now, and it's just as amazing as their first two efforts. Go out and buy it. NOW. I'm glad I did.