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(08-17-2016, 08:26 PM)retrolinkx Wrote: [ -> ]^

You're not implying that the cesspool of the Fallout franchise fanbase are the original fans of the games?

I mean, if they're just people spouting "ONLY FALLOUT 1 AND 2 WERE GOOD. FALLOUT 3 AND NV SUCK" then fair enough, but if they're giving actual criticism of the games in comparison to Fallout 1 and 2, then that's fair.

I'd say the worse Fallout fans are the ones who seriously think Fallout 3 and 4 are the best games in the series, are superior to the originals and NV. The fans that actually like the fact Fallout 4 has no RPG elements besides a level up system, the people who believe that the new "Dialogue Wheel" is good in Fallout 4, the people who think the story in Fallout 3 was good.

I dunno, I guess what you said kinda irked me because I could be part of the NMA group and trust me, there are worse fans in Fallout than those guys that prefer the originals.

Nah man. I figure we're all entitled to our perspectives. I've seen New Vegas get a lot of love on NMA actually. I have to agree that I'm not happy with the direction 4 took in comparison to 3 and NV, but I'm still going to play the heck out of it unless I feel mentally disgusted by the prospect just like I did with 3 and NV. I never did get very far into 1, and its never alright to look up a guide on a first playthrough through an rpg in my book so my journey there ended with a lot of me being killed by radscorpions and trying to interrogate the Indian guy. XD
The thing that I was saying is that there are a few people that have given NMA a bad reputation who don't represent the place as a whole, and its generally full of swell folks who have their reasons for their views that I can respect and don't generally go out of their way to do the superior routine about the old games. Its all about the fun, no? I feel the perspective of there being a "worst" fan is kind of dangerous. The series is divided enough as is.

...Sorry, I didn't mean to start anything. I know especially with the internet it's impossible now, but in my fantasy world people won't take freaking cartoons so seriously that they're hurting others. I still get this whole crotchety "Back in my day..." mindset sometimes because I can still remember what it was like before fans had so many opportunities to interact with creators or other people. Nowadays that's a double edged sword.

I did get some teasing myself for being a girl and wearing a Goosebumps backpack in grade school but it sounds like kids have it so much worse now.
You didn't start anything. S'all good. :)
Its largely a matter of access to information. Overall, its a good thing, but with new information comes new avenues and you never know where they'll take you.
I watched a big pile of cartoons.
My favourite character? That goes for Ash.
And if you go to my post-20 years,that goes for Kyle.
I didn't know Star vs. The Forces of Evil had started its second season but the instant I did I watched all of it. I like how now some of the double episodes actually tie into each other and some are kind of "meanwhile..." scenarios.
Of course I think of it when I'm at work and don't have time to look it up. Where the heck is the new season of Samurai Jack?
OH! I wasn't active here when Jerry posted this on YouTube and even replied to a comment I made.

Check this out! A pencil test from The Brave Little Toaster that actually features Ernie, who sadly had to be scrapped due to time constraints. 

So....i recently came across with some "Nutshack" video meme or something like that and i decided to look it up on knowyourmeme to know what the hell was was an American animated sitcom and the first animated series geared towards a Filipino-American audience (needless to say it also aired on the Philippine islands). I watched the first episode for mere curiosity and....well, here’s a few """""""funny jokes""""""" from that episode alone to give you a good taste of what this beast’s like:

- An old man gets beaten up and thrown out a window for hitting on the sex-appeal girl
- A robotic Irish stereotype farts
- Same robot pisses into a mug which the fat guy drinks thinking it’s coffee, who sprays said piss in the crackhead guy’s face
- Transexual stereotype
- Sex-appeal girl cracks the “what _everrrrrrrrrrrrr_” line while the crackhead guy goes rolling down a ski-hill and crashes into a gondola lift
- Pancakes covered in what looked more like piss than maple syrup

I could go on but I’m not sadi---Oh, and did i forgot to mention that the intro looks like an Gorillaz music video with a $50 budget?.

God, this show's awful.

Anyway, moving away from that, I just wanted to say happy 30th anniversary to The Transformers: The Movie!
So i watched this movie called Waltz with Bashir. The story is about the director of the film itself,  Ari Folman, who stars dreaming about the 1982 Lebanon War, in which he was involved, but he doesn't remenber how exactly he was involved. So Folman decides to visit his friends and previous comrades in the battlefield in order to recover his memories about the war. What i liked the most about this movie is that is a different take on the "documentary" genre. The movie doesn't only use animation for aesthetic purposes, but also to abstract itself. Yes, it's a documentary film (kinda), but it looks like a fictional film (in a good way) because it uses it's own resources: It's capable of recreate what has been lost and create new, surreal images in order to narrate from a more personal perspective a tragic event (in this case, the 1982 Lebanon War). Not sure if this makes any sense to you.

Even if you don’t like watching documentaries, it doens’t matter, Waltz with Bashir is capable of keeping you interested because of it’s particular view on a historic event. It doens’t shove up to your throat generic dates and descriptions, it doesn’t even look like they are talking about the history. It’s a personal experience, It's about various people telling their what have they go through during the war. The animation itself is top notch, too.

In the end, what i’m trying to tell ya is that Waltz with Bashir is an awesome movie and that you SHOULD watch it.

EDIT: Did I forgot to mention that the film has a very unique and memorable soundtrack? (composed Max Ritcher)
My mom was watching Dancing with the Stars last night and it was TV theme song week. Cheesy AF, but still kinda neat what one team picked...

(09-20-2016, 08:01 AM)Hexadecimal Wrote: [ -> ]My mom was watching Dancing with the Stars last night and it was TV theme song week. Cheesy AF, but still kinda neat what one team picked...

Wrong thread. This should go to the "TV talk" thread, this thread is about cartoons.
Eh... Ducktales is a cartoon, so either way, I'd think. I only care since I watched the cartoon as a kid.
OK, OK. One thing you have to keep in mind is that I'm kind of a dipshit moron that doesn't think the same as other people. This won't be the first and last time I post something that maybe was better fitted in another thread.
Let's cool it, guys. Hex, you're not a dipshit moron. Jocko, it could go either way and I think it ties into this thread. Look at it from another person's perspective.

Want me to post some bara?
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