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A more accurate title for the video would be "Garfield in a nutshell".

But in all seriousness this a high quality remake, I bet Pilotredsun would be proud.
They're back!

I hope this is good. If they go for the PPG reboot method with this it would be a disaster.
What happens when you take art styles from various cartoon shows and mix it into a music video about alcohol? You get cartoons and vodka as your answer. Enjoy the show!
the designs for the new TMNT series have been revealed, AND...well, aside from april i'm not really a fan of them. 
[Image: rise-of-the-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles...79920.jpeg]
now SPLINTER on the other
[Image: DU-Z5DjWsAEvHdI.jpg]
I didn't knew there was a new TMNT show coming out. Interesting.

For me it is the opposite; I am actually ok with the desing of the turtles except for Donatello, the same can't be said about April. I agree with you on Splinter.

A lot people say April O'Neil's new design is okay because she was black in the original comics but that's not true. This is how she originally looked like:
[Image: tmnt-11-1987.jpg]
[Image: tmnt-4-1985-01.jpg]

Yeah... now that I think about it, April O'Neil's design has been all over the place.

Speaking of TMNT, I stopped watching the previous show around season 3 or 4. I think I should catch up someday.
Good lord those look hideous, I'd rather settle for an adult cartoon of TMNT based off of the original comics, but I know THATS not going to happen.
Dear god, I remenber watching this on TV back in the day.

I feel so old right now.
I kinda like these TMNT designs. More visually distinct from each other.
Remenber that "The Legend of Zelda: Hips of Time" video I posted on the gaming-related videos thread?
This was made by the same person.
"Fairly Odd Parents", "Danny Phantom" creator Butch Hartman is leaving Nickelodeon.
^Heard about that through some conversations with some friends on facebook. He's going the indie route from here on out. I was told he had a bit of a sour relationship with Nickelodeon's management.
Alright. I'll ask you something. What happens when you take a bad guy, but you make the bad guy an interesting main character that starts his own bussiness against good guys? While it takes inspiration from the likes of old horror movies and things such as Beetlejuice and Evil Con Carne? You get Villainous. This is a spanish cartoon from Mexico, and it is one of the more appealing(and more interesting!) cartoons to come out of Cartoon Network in the recent years. A pilot is coming this year, they've been showcasing a lot of online shorts focusing on the characters. Here's a recent one in english(they usually have them in spanish, and I've learnt a bit of spanish from these videos).

Fun fact. Markipler is the voice of the blue bear in these(both English and Spanish). 
... I just realised that this show has been on my "stuff to read/watch" list for half a year already. Thanks for the reminder.
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