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So I recently found about this.

It's a commercial from the late 2000s that aired on Cartoon Network Australia.
So, I watched the Pixar films SOUL and ONWARD.
Hotel Transylvania 4 is officially a thing.

Injustice: Gods Among Us animated movie announced by DC
Does anyone remenber Disney's House of Mouse?
Remenber Saturday Morning Watchmen by Harry Partridge? That's a classic.

I remenber the first time I watched it on YouTube back in IDK. When I first watched it I vaguely knew about the characters but that's it. But now that I've read Watchmen? This is hilarious.
Throwback Thursday!

Remenber that cartoon show Chaotic? Recently I found out the show is based off a trading card game. The official Chaotic YouTube channel uploaded the entire three seasons.
Happy 15th anniversary, Cars!
Is stop motion animation allowed on this thread?

mamshmam YouTube channel:

Happy 20th anniversary, Atlantis: The Lost Empire!
So I just found out there is this show on Disney Plus called Monsters At Work. It's a sequel to Monsters Inc.

Primal Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details
Remenber DNA Productions' Paul, the chimpazee with three eyes? He showed up after the end credits of each Jimmy Neutron episode.

This chimpazee scared a whole generation of children back then. And yes his name is Paul, not Carl.

It's a shame DNA Productions went bankrupt.

"Yo, those visuals look like a PS2 game" - Really? You think that? That must be a really powerful PS2, then.

The visuals look like a PS3 game, not PS2.
Greg Weisman & Vic Cook Talk Why Spec Spidey Can't Return

GregXB3 Wrote:An excerpt from our longer interview discussing the episode "Final Curtain".

Full audio:
Anyone remenbers Bernard the polar bear? Just found they have a YouTube channel.
Have you heard about the animated film Killer Bean Forever? I just watched that movie and man, it was so good! Jeff Lew uploaded a 4K remaster of the film on YouTube back in 2018.

Fun fact: Jeff Lew also worked in The Matrix.
Speaking of Jeff Lew's works, there's also the unfinished short Concussion.

Killer Bean Wrote:This is a trailer to our unfinished short from way back in 1997.

I doubt we are gonna see a complete version of this short any time soon. Jeff Lew is fully focused on Killer Bean.
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