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Blazing Strike Coming to Consoles and PC in Spring 2022

"Huh? I thought the game was cancelled because the kickstarter campaing didn't collect enough funds? What happened?" - Read the article and find out.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Version 2.6 patch notes released

Desk has released a new Street Fighter V CE combo video. This one focuses on utilizing the latest changes from the latest patch notes.

In other words, here's how the latest patch notes of the game look like in action.

Virtua Fighter x esports Official Broadcast Announcement on May 27




So, IGN released the trailer for Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown. This happened two days before the actual VF annoucement was supposed to take place (May 27).

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is set to release on June 1st.

Maybe the Tuesday presentation will be used to showcase more of the gameplay and features that weren't mentioned in the trailer? We have to wait and see.

IGN Wrote:"Sega announced today that Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown will be a PlayStation 4 console exclusive. It will include updated graphics built in a brand new engine as well as new online features, with development being led by an "all-star team" from Sega AM2 and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio [RGG]. It is being developed as part of Sega's 60th anniversary project."

Highlights from article:
  • New background music for every stage
  • New user interface
  • New opening cinematic
  • New lighting and shaders using RGG's Dragon Engine
  • Spectate online matches in real-time
  • Ability to build robin-robin style online tournaments
  • The private and public lobby system will support up to 16 players
  • Include new communications tools like stamps
The game's official website:

The HUD looks low-effort. At least give us the option to change between different HUD designs.

PS4 exclusive? So that means no Xbox or PC version? Really SEGA?

I can understand lack of Switch version due do this version of VF5 using the Dragon Engine and the Switch not being able to run it natively (i.e No cloud version). If the Switch can actually run that engine then I'll like to be proven wrong.

"Why are people complaining about this being a console exclusive? You do realize that the PS4 is one of THE best selling consoles of all time, right?"

I'm sure everyone is aware of that. After all, it sold like 115.9 million units as of the sales latest sales report. The reason why people are complaining (myself included) is because there's a sizable playerbase who are based on PC. All the other fighters showed on PC. There is no major fighting game that has missed the PC release (the exception being Smash for obvious reasons). SEGA recently started expanding some of it's franchises such as Yakuza into Xbox and PC, so why make an exception with Virtua Fighter? Also, cross-play would prevent a split player-base during the games most important moment of their life-cycle (launch) which can help to show much more genuine, visible interest to SEGA for the VF series. To show SEGA that yes, people DO care about VF.

From the video description: "Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - Super Edition, is a collection of all the game’s DLC released thus far, plus the newly announced Street Fighter Pack, along with some exclusive items available only in this very special edition. The Super Edition will launch digitally on May 25."
Just quoting this post by Virtua Fighter Dot Com (VFDC) user smbhax:

smbhax Wrote:Sega's official YouTube channel has posted the video as well, it's the one that's linked from the middle of the official site's front page: --only has 5K views right now, vs the nearly 500K views the one IGN posted Tuesday on their channel has.

The way Sega presented the video on the official site ( ), if you don't click on anything and just look at the page, the large animated thumbnail there is looping a clip that isn't actually in the YouTube video, of the camera zooming past two lines of the characters facing off--at the end of the lines is the shot of Akira vs. Dural that's very briefly seen near the end of the YouTube video, (1:02)--only in the site's thumbnail, the view of their slow-motion clash is much more extended, and followed by a shot of Akira going into his uh shoulder barge attack or whatever it's called. I guess that stuff didn't make it into the final trailer but they found a way to include it there in that giant looping custom thumbnail.

Oh, this is it:
Blue Mary Ryan has been confirmed for The King of Fighters XV.

And we still don't know who the third menber of Women Fighters Team is. The mystery continues...
(05-20-2021, 11:12 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]Virtua Fighter x esports Official Broadcast Announcement on May 27




Virtua Fighter x esports Announcement Breakdown

Moving on from VF...

Tekken 7 version 4.20 patch notes and balance changes

EDIT: Speaking of TEKKEN and Virtua Fighter.
Guilty Gear Strive cut multiple modes and features due to COVID-19 work restrictions but ArcSys looks to add them post-launch

So I found out this is a thing. For those who care about SNK earlier localizations.

All of my life I thought that Mr. Big was Geese's subordinate but that's wrong. SNK localizations in the 90s were something else...
Virtua Fighter 4 Retrospective (narrated by Jacky Bryant).

New KOF XIV vs KOF XV comparison. Featuring Blue Mary.
SNK Wrote:[Announcement]
Due to rising cases of COVID-19 within Japan, the development timeline for KOF XV was adjusted, with the release window changing from 2021 to Q1 2022.
We apologize and thank you for your understanding and patience.

News release
Japanese arcade version of Guilty Gear Strive delayed due to COVID-19

EVO Community Series PS4 Tournaments Announced

Need a visual guide explaining/demostrating the new TEKKEN 7 patch notes? The Blasted Salami has you covered.