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Luke is now available as the final DLC character of Street Fighter V.

Arc System Works released the official Happy Chaos starter guide video for Guilty Gear Strive.

Guilty Gear Strive Version 1.11 patch notes released
Here are the patch notes for version 6.061 of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

So Luke's story was released and overall it was... lukewarm? (Pun intended). I understand they wanted to keep things vague and all but, meh. We don't even know who are the terrorist who blew up the mall.

The fact that they made him a (former) military guy and for so many years people were speculating Byron Taylor as DLC, I'd much rather have Byron Taylor than Luke.

You are probably wondering why Luke reported to Gule even thought they are in two different branches (army and air force, respectively). If you pay attention you'll notice Guile says that Luke's supporting officer told Guile to go talk to him. Luke doesn't report directly to Guile.

As for why Luke's SO would cross branches to go to Guile? The most likely explanation is that Capcom doesn't really understand how U.S army branches work.

Lastly, I can confidently say that everyone was indeed wrong about who Luke wanted to be like when he said that he wants to be "just like him!"

It wasn't:
-Charlie Nash
-Captain Commando

It was just his dad, who isn't related to anyone in the SF universe.

"Capcom already showed us this during the gameplay breakdown. Thanks for the recap though." - Yeah, but even then there were still people who believed that his father was related to someone from the Street Fighter universe. Now we are 100% certain that he's not.
Inquisitor is the latest character to be revealed for the upcoming DNF Duel.

If two players are using Happy Chaos in GG Strive then a special intro animation will play.

Remenber when special intro and outro animations were a thing? Glad to see it back in some form.
Grappler and Striker are the latest character to be revealed for the upcoming DNF Duel.


(11-23-2021, 05:41 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]New Information Special for VF5US - December 4th

SEGA announced the Yakuza Series Collaboration Pack for Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown / Virtua Fighter esports.. It includes Yakuza costumes and music, as well as returning customization items from Final Showdown and remixed VF3 tracks. The Yakuza Series Collaboration Pack DLC becomes available December 7th in North America and December 8th in Europe.

More info can be found HERE:

EDIT: So when is the Shenmue collaboration, huh? This one should be a no-brainer, considering all the connections between these two series. Hell, Shenmue originally started out as Virtua Fighter: The RPG before becoming its own thing.
So I looked up "Twelve" on Youtube and here's what I found.

r2dbob Wrote:- From Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike
- First song is "The Typewriter" by Leroy Anderson, played in the movie "Who's Minding the Store?" with Jerry Lewis.
- Second song is "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson.

I also found out that Twelve recently became a meme on Latin America (especially in Brazil). His idle animation kind of looks like he's dancing and users made this mashup with a song called "Taca a Xereca pra Min" (Butterfly for me).

Before anyone starts asking what the song is about, the song talks about sex.
Check out this awesome Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike animated tribute.

During finals day of CEO 2021 this Sunday, Autumn Games dropped a new trailer for Skullgirls: 2nd Encore showing off brand new gameplay of upcoming DLC character Umbrella.

Black Dahlia was also teased at the end.
Ranger is the latest character to be revealed for the upcoming DNF Duel.

Baiken confirmed for Guilty Gear Strive.

EDIT: So I noticed that the protective eyepiece she's wearing is now transparent. It wasn't transparent in Xrd.
The trailer also mentions Bedman's sister, Delilah.

Rollback Netcode Update Coming to BlazBlue: Central Fiction and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Sean's Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact "Sao Paulo" theme concept (Smooth House RMX)
Happy Chaos' wake up animation is so... just look at it yourself.
Rita Repulsa is the latest addition to the Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid roster.

Rita Repulsa will be available on December 14th.

This guy is not inspired by K9999. He IS K9999. Same character but different name and design. Honestly I never thought I would see him again considering how he was a Tetsuo Shima ripoff, that SNK didn't like the guy (side note: the character was made by Elliot, not SNK. I'm not saying that's the reason why SNK dislikes K9999, mind you), and that it seemed like he was going to be replaced by Nameless from KOF2002 UM. I thought that if anything we would get Nameless but nope! Consider my expectations shattered.

Don't worry, Nameless fans. I'm sure he's gonna debut later on as his own separate character from K9999 / Krohnen .Perphas make Nameless the 9998 clone of Kyo as opposed to the 9999 one? He already has a unique design and backstory, he doesn't have to be tied to K9999 aside from both being from the same project. Both characters can stand on their own.

Krohnen's dialogue is a reference to his special intro with Kusanagi from KOF 2002 (the original KOF 2002, not UM).

Oh yeah, and a second beta for KOF XV was also announced.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is coming to PS4, Switch, and Steam on March 17, 2022. All the previously released DLC will be included on the base game.

No Xbox version even thought the original release was on the Xbox 360? Not surprising. This isn't the first time something like this happened. Catherine Full Body is still not on Xbox even thought the orignal Catherine was on Xbox 360.

According to the Japanese YouTube trailer, it appears Ultimax will be updated to the Arcade Version 2.50 patch for the first time on console.

EDIT: I love how Teddy says "hey, you wanna know what happens after Persona 4 Golden? Then play this game" even thought Persona 4 Golden is only available on PSVita and Steam. That's something I don't really understand about Atlus. They release ALL these spin-off Persona games (some of which are direct sequels to the original ones) on so many different platforms, yet they don't do the same thing for the original games.

And for the people who lack reading comprehension skills: yes, I know that Shin Megami Tensei is the original game series and that Persona is the spin-off franchise. However, its also true that Persona 4 Arena is an spin-off of an spin-off (spinoffception?). Putting this so to prevent someone from going "ACKSHUALLY, Persona is a spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei."
KOF XV vs. KOF 2002. Krohnen vs. K9999 moveset comparison.

I like how Krohnen's DM is more mechanical in nature. It fits better with the rest of his moveset.

KOF XV vs. KOF 2002 UM. Krohnen vs. Nameless moveset comparison.

The only resemblance so far is the use of fire and his drill attacks .

SNK will probably release a solo Krohnen trailer later on.

Hitman is the latest character to be revealed for the upcoming DNF Duel.

Open beta will be held soon.

PST : DEC 17, 18:00 ~ DEC 20, 06:00
UTC : DEC 18, 02:00 ~ DEC 20, 14:00
KST / JST : DEC 18, 11:00 ~ DEC 20, 23:00