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Rose's pupil Menat is the latest addition to the Street Fighter V roster.
Today CFN profile is Eliza (an enemy from Final Fight 2). The translation was provided by Miðgarðsorm from the SRK forums.
About time Capcom started the profiles for the FF2 goons. The quicker we are done with that game, the sooner we will see profiles for the Final Fight 3 enemies and bosses.... and maybe the Andore Family.

Rexona Brazil' latest commercial fetures an SF2 parody.

If there's is a "trend" started by Street Fighter IV that I really dislike is the usage of one long, generic intro and one long, generic win pose, whereas intros and outros in fighting games used to be short, varied and sweet, and I do want them to make a comeback.

But then, on the other hand.... said special intros would probably cost man-hours to implement into the game. I'm not saying these would be impossible but on Capcom's priority list, between buffs and patches for SFV as well as everything related to MvC Infinite, special intros would be very low.
Art of Fighting Anthology is coming to the PS4!
My copy of Blazblue continuum shift is broken.

Pour one out for my blobby shapeshifting shark homie.
New Puzzle Fighter game in the works for mobile devices, slated for late 2017 release

Capcom Releasing Limited Edition SNES Cartridge of SF2 in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

What the fuck, Capcom.

This is how you celebrate the anniversary? With ANOTHER version of Street Fighter II??

Also, this quote from the article:
Quote:To celebrate this momentous occasion, Capcom is releasing a 30th Anniversary Edition of SF2 featuring limited edition Super Nintendo cartridges of the first ever console iteration of the series.

Uh? The original SF game was released for the PC engine in Japan on 1987 while the Super Famicon was released on 1990, and therefore, SFII was released on 1992. Unless of course that Frank "Yagami" Joseph was refering to SFII and it's crapload of versions as a series.

Also, I know this is quite literally the fourth time I'm mentioning this but if Capcom has such a obsession with releasing updates them why not make and updated version of that one game that actually NEEDS an update?

You know, the game that ACTUALLY started it all...
[Image: Street+Fighter+I+Ryu+vs+Sagat.png]
Today CFN profile is Eliza's palette swap Mary. The translation was provided by Miðgarðsorm of the SRK forums.
My days, Menat is fun to play.
My boi Eric killed it again.

He should replace Mokujin once Tekken 8 drops off.
Marvel Infinite soon! 

Preparing for disappointment.
A character specific trailer for MvC: Infinite has been released. This time, the trailer focuses on The Invincible Iron Man.
Captain Marvel's 'Major Carol Danvers' costume for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite have been showcased in a new trailer.
Today CFN profile is FF2's Elick. The translation was provided by Miðgarðsorm of the SRK forums.
The CFN website released another profile for the FF2 goons, this one is about Joe. The translation was provided by Miðgarðsorm of the SRK forums.