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Today's SF profile is Thunder Hawk's father; Arroyo Hawk!!

The translation was provided by "Miðgarðsorm" of the SRK forums:

There is a character for maniacs, huh.
He's Thunder Hawk's father.
A hero of the Thunderfoot tribe.
It's said he fought against Lord Bison in the past.

Name: Arroyo Hawk
Height: 212cm
Weight: 140kg
Blood Type: O
Birthday: Juni 30
Home Country: Mexico
Favorite things: Clear water
Dislikes: Lies, alcohol

Father of Thunder Hawk.
A virtuous person who won't forgive a lie.
He's always fought only to protect the sacred soil of Thunderfoot tribe.
Doesn't like useless fights, nor vengeances.
It seems he was a grappler!
Today's SF profile is everyone's favorite......BLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Wait, who?"

He's from the Street Fighter Live Action Movie.

The translation was provided by "Miðgarðsorm" of the SRK forums:

We proudly present a member of North America's branch of Shadaloo.
We know it happens a name of a rank resembles another in another subsidiary, and he's roughly a soldier of intermediate level.

Name: Blade
Height: 192cm
Weight: 125kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: August 3
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Popcorn
Dislikes: people without faith

A members of Shadaloo troopers. Fights with a blade suited to his weight.
He not only knows how to handle the knife, but also grappling techniques and has a powerful Abisegeri¹.
Huh, he's a bit mysterious, isn't he...!

¹ A front rolling kick. Incidentally, Gunloc had it in Slam Masters 2.
So yeah, it seems pretty much all the Street Fighter V characters were created by various employees of VOLTA, a Canadian 3D modeling studio, and then sent to Capcom for animators to work with the models.
Marie-Michelle Pepin, the woman that created Ibuki's model, also works at VOLTA.

David Giraud, Zangief

Guillaume Molle, FANG

Marie-Michelle Pepin, Ibuki
The latest King of Fighters XIV trailer highlights Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, and Yuri Sakazaki in crispy 1080p / 60fps gameplay footage.

It's great to see SNK's Art of Fighting characters still kicking assets after 24 years!
Yup, they're actually doing this...

They are doing profiles for all the (named) Shadaloo soldiers that appeared in the game adaptation of live action movie.

Here's Arkane's profile, the translation was provided by "Miðgarðsorm" of the SRK forums:

We proudly present a member of North America's branch of Shadaloo.
One of the personal bodyguards of Lord Bison!

Name: Arkane
Height: 188cm
Weight: 92kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: May 26
Home Country: Poland
Favorite things: oil painting
Dislikes: warm beverages

A members of Shadaloo Troopers. Thanks to his ultrasonic device implemented in his arms, he can produce lightnings, although they inflicts little damage.
It seems the same device allows him to teleport.
The power of science is fantastic!

Capcom Japan blames Capcom USA for the issues surrounding Ibuki's release.


I'm really disappointed to see this.
Doesn't matter which branch put up the roadmap, you're one company. This kind of behavior is incredibly unprofessional.
Don't focus on whose fault it is, focus on solving the problems.
Today's SF profile is Khyber. The translation was provided by "Miðgarðsorm" of the SRK forums:

We proudly present a member of North America's branch of Shadaloo.
He's a heavyweight assault soldier! A dangerous type, as he burns everything with his flames.

Name: Khyber
Height: 191cm
Weight: 176kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: October 2
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Flames, Gasoline
Dislikes: Fireproof things

A member of Shadaloo Troopers.
Uses a powerful flamethrower with both hands.
Has a concealed weapon allowing him to spew flames even from his mouth.
And he has a very short temper, being prone to burn down everything he doesn't like... A difficult person.
Today's SF profile is F7. The translation was provided by "Miðgarðsorm" of the SRK forums:

We proudly present a member of North America's branch of Shadaloo.
He's a soldier of the highest grade.
It's also apparent from his moveset!

Name: F7
Height: 198cm
Weight: 97kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: January 23
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Lord Bison, Discipline
Dislikes: People without a purpose

Leader of Shadaloo Troopers.
He magnificently beats enemies with his electromagnetic stun rod.
He's a broken character, having all the moves of the other troopers: teleport, concealed knives and flamethrowers!
Since he's stern and obsessed with hierarchy, is feared by all the others.
Today's SF profile is Crimson Viper. The translation was provided by "Miðgarðsorm" of the SRK forums:

A mysterious spy, also called "Miss Perfect", who wraps herself in a special combat suit!
It seems she's investigating Shadaloo!

Name: Crimson Viper
Height: 175cm
Weight: 56kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: July 18
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Lauren, Money
Dislikes: Overtimes

A tough and smart agent.
She always acts professionally and business-like, and doesn't work for honor nor humanity.
The attacks she can unleash with the weapons crammed into her suit are indeed a threat.
She appears in various places, and her true identity is shrouded in mystery.
We've obtained some pictures of her!

[Image: cv00.jpg?h=b571b3431048e93db6b75039afd071be]

[Image: cv01.jpg?h=cec7017b111cfb031a922b6fbfa04d9a]

The upper image shows how she looks when she spends time with her daughter Lauren.
The lower is her business suit, apparently when she doesn't infiltrate some place to investigate.
Given she has a cute daughter, Shadaloo certainly shouldn't be the place to investigate!
We are working hard, so don't infiltrate us!
New design is cool!
Today's SF profile is Hannah Akkason. The translation was provided by "Miðgarðsorm" of the SRK forums:

She's a member of the previously introduced Delta Red.
She's not a fighting member, so you probably have never heard of her.
Wonder what person she is, aren't you?

Name: Hanna Ackerson
Height: 156cm
Weight: 57kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: April 1
Home Country: UK
Favorite things: Cats, Dogs, her working colleagues
Dislikes: Bad weather

She's a lieutenant, and a trusted friend of colonel Wolfman.
She's a vital element of Delta Red, single-handedly responsible for tactics and support from the rear.
A gentle person at first look, she seems to conversely become intractable when angered.
She's feared amongst her peers.
Loves animals, and has six cats.

Okey, what the hell is up with her and Cammy loving cats? Is it a thing in Delta Red or something?

EDIT: So apparently Hanna Ackerson isn't just a random face after all and has been introduced before.
She had been mentioned at the very end of Cammy's SF4 Japanese prologue story on their SF4 site.
Never heard of her
The fourth official team trailer for The King of Fighters XIV shows off all 3 TaeKwonDo experts of Team Kim: