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More info on Zeku has been revealed by Capcom.

Also, I would like to say that I'm liking his theme thus far. It sounds like something out of 3rd Strike!

Looking foward to the full version.
More info on Zeku.
The full version of Zeku's theme is available.

Needless to say it sounds great.

Captain Ginyu and Nappa revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ in new V-Jump scan
So today I cheked the SF story thread at the SRK forums and them I fond this gem. All credits to the original post goes to YagamiFire.
Link to the original post:
The community's reaction to each SFV Season 2 reveal in a nutshell:

Akuma: *slams table* "FINALLY!!"

Kolin: "Huh. I mean, she was featured in the story mode so it was going to happen sooner or l- oh my god, are they reusing models?!"

Ed: "What the hell is wrong with Ed's desing? I hate it! Why they replaced such a good desing?"

Abigail: "....."

Menat: *unzips pants*

Zeku: "Yo, did Zeku actually turned younger? Also, that theme of his sounds great!"

Well, that's pretty much how I see it anyway.
GameInformer released a brand new interview regarding the story mode of Dragon Ball FighterZ.
SO, what do you guys think of Zeku's character story? To me it was "eh". Nothing really happens and we don't know a lot more about Zeku by the end of it. The theme that sounds during the cutscenes was nice, though.

Oh, and I love how after Ibuki fought Zeku she magically developed standars, perphas it is a foreshadowing of her eventually overcoming her "horny teenager" phase (as seen in the SF3 era)?
I think its neat that he looks like Strider.
(10-26-2017, 02:48 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: [ -> ]I think its neat that he looks like Strider.

Speaking of which: many people assume that because of his younger self looks like Strider, one of the names he thought for his new organization being "Strider", having many moves reminiscent of Strider AND one of his titles being "the original strider", many people assume that the Strider and Street Fighter franchise are connected. The thing is, that could not be the case.

You see, if Zeku is in fact the original Strider it only makes Strider canon to SF but not necessarily vice versa. It's like how Akuma is canon to the Tekken universe but Tekken is not canon to the SF universe. Therefore, it could also be theorised that the Strider organization (SF) could be quite different from that of the eponymous Strider games, since it is unlikely that the same cheerful Zeku that funded the "Bushinryu" Ninja clan in order to protect the innocent, would create an organization more in line with actual ninjas who are mercenaries that kill and kidnap.

Not to mention that it's been established that the founder of the Striders in the Strider universe is someone else. I highly doubt they would retcon that.
Street Fighter III remix.

What's you whishlist?