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ARIKA released three short trailers for their upcoming Fighting EX Layer game.

The first one is about Hokuto, the game's first DLC character and one of Street Fighter EX's original cast members. She was also among the first characters to be developed for this game yet she is still DLC. Let that sink in.

The other two videos showcase the game's purchase options: standart and light versions.

The Standart Version is a full priced game that comes with Hokuto included along with with 15 Gougi decks. On the other hand, the Light Version ($20) doesn't include Hokuto nor 10 of the 15 Gougi decks (meaning you only have 5 Gougi decks available).
I wasnt exactly confident that my PC would handle it but said screw it and purchased Dragon Ball Fighterz. Should've done this ages ago because the game is a blast. Going to spend the weekend finishing the story. For now, I'm just playing the trial missions and arcade mode.
The reveal trailer for Soul Calibur VI version of Yoshimitsu was released.

Speaking of which, is there any official statement about SC Yoshimitsu being the ancestor of the Yoshimitsu from TEKKEN? Or is just fan speculation?

In other words: do we know if the TEKKEN and Soul Calibur universes are one and the same? Or those are two different universes that share certain elements with each other?

TEKKEN 7 Free Update Hits May 31st, Adds Story Costumes, Artwork Panels & New Customizations

SNK released a new trailer for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. This one focuses on Love Heart from the Pachinko game series Sky Love, as well as showcasing many of the features.

^Blade Strangers seems like a cool game to me. I know that a lot of the team for it was involved with Code Of Princess, which had great mechanics and was quite a solid beat 'em up (it's a complete hidden gem in my book). I figure this will have solid, if not simple, mechanics also.

Your appointment with the mayor has been booked for May 27. Do you confirm?

OH DEAR! Can't wait to see youknowwho in action!
Final Fight 's Cody is the latest addition to the SFV: AE roster.

More info:
Quote:Hailing from the beat-em-up series Final Fight – where Zeku’s pupil Guy was also introduced - Cody first appeared in the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Unable to adapt to the peace, Cody was repeatedly thrown into prison – or returned voluntarily – after causing havoc in the streets by fighting through any conflict he could find. He casually broke out of prison in Super Street Fighter IV to search for a cure for his boredom, but ultimately returned by his own free will. In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Mike Haggar exonerates Cody of his crimes, which leads to him being the new mayor of Metro City. Though he constantly complains, Cody secretly finds a glimmer of joy in his new position. However, this doesn’t ultimately stop him from solving problems with his bare hands, knives, or pipes…

You can hear some of his theme song HERE.

Personally, I'm not really into speculation videos and the like, mostly because they tend to have exaggerated ideas and stuff. But this? This is different. I specially liked the voice-over, it makes the video more entertaining.
Courtesy of Vulcan422 from; new and revised stories for the Street Fighter characters as presented by the 30th Anniversary Collection (has some pretty interesting new bits of info):

Characters in SFV

-It is acknowledged that he only managed to put Gouken into a death-like state (or "comatose") with the Raging Demon.
-Despite Gen being severely weakened due to his leukemia, Akuma did enjoy fighting him.

-Grew up in poverty, and is the youngest child of his family, hence his greed.
-Trained by getting into fights with other boys in his neighborhood, hence why he fights dirty.
-Did not get banned from pro boxing. His vicious nature resulted in him critically maiming his opponents and landing them in the hospital. Everyone was too scared to fight him, so he couldn’t book money matches anymore after a while.
-Ended up as a casino and bar bouncer after he realized he couldn’t get paid anymore. It was here that Bison recruited him.

-Reaffirmed as a former wrestler. He got banned for cheating and his violent attitude.
-Was planning on betraying Bison at one point, confirming his Alpha 2 ending as canon, and lived off of his employ as a grunt for as long as he could. Then F.A.N.G showed up.
-Hates Zangief because of his mohawk, not because he’s a wrestler.

-At the age of 10, he went flying to meet his uncle, but Shadaloo’s intervention caused the plane to crash, killing all aboard except him.

-Was planted at Delta Red as a spy for Shadaloo initially.

-Unbeknownst to him, likely until Kolin revealed to him the truth in his story mode, he’s been on Shadaloo’s list for quite a long time. His former commanding officer was a Shadaloo agent and reported to Bison on his activities before reassigning him to try and throw him off the trail.
-Not seen in his story mode, but as Bison knocked him off the waterfall to his death he managed to leave a couple of final clues to Guile over comms: “M. Bison” and “Psycho Drive”.

-Much like Nash, Shadaloo’s influence even spread to Interpol, and they also deterred her from her pursuit of Bison. She became known as the “black sheep” of Interpol.

-Once again confirms that Travers is indeed his last name.
-Edi E. framing him for Poison’s crimes is confirmed non-canon. He got into prison of his own free will.

-His pet elephant, who Balrog killed with the Gigaton Blow, was named Kodal.

-His family owns a dog named Sabu.

-Reaffirmed as a member of the Glade of Ninjas, who have ties to the Kanzuki family.

M. Bison
-Confirmed that in the past, Bison was a martial artist not unlike Akuma who became infatuated with dark forces. Like Akuma, he killed his own master and turned his fighting style into a corrupted form. He invented Psycho Power by modifying Soul Power to utilize negative emotions, thoughts, and desires.
-Bison trained with one other student, much like Akuma did with Gouken, but their identity is still not known.

R. Mika
-Has wanted to be a pro wrestler since her childhood.

-Reaffirmed that he has replaced the Satsui no Hado with the Mu no Ken.

-Reaffirmed that he wishes to rule the Illuminati his own way. He has no intention of preserving its legacy, and he destroyed a collection of preserved brains which belonged to past leaders of the Illuminati to demonstrate that.
-His experiments on people like Necro and the creation of Eleven (whose parts were used to resurrect Nash) and Twelve stem from his belief in a theory that suggests genetic modification on people to accelerate their healing factor holds the secret to immortality. These experiments have proven almost successful, but there’s a negative side effect that he’s trying to remove: when healed, the user suffers from memory loss.
-Reaffirmed that he is a natural blonde, Caucasian male. His white hair and bronze skin is the result of him activating his powers.

-Gets his beauty obsession from his mom.

Characters not in SFV

-Reaffirmed that Guy is an American-born Japanese.
-Contrary to what Zeku’s ending shows, Guy started training under Zeku from a young age, rather than sometime after he failed his college entrance exams. However, it was after he failed those exams that he decides to travel to America to hone his skills as a warrior.
-The events of Final Fight made Guy come to the realization that he needed to modify the Bushinryu style for real combat scenarios. This is how he becomes involved in the plot of Street Fighter.
-Zeku predicted Bison’s arrival and activities, and Guy recalling his master’s words is what puts him into opposition towards Shadaloo.

-Confirmed to be a member of the Andore family.
-He came to America to be with his relatives before he was 20 years old. They are all street thugs who joined Mad Gear, and due to his low intelligence wound up in the gang’s service.

-Reaffirmed as the good half of Bison’s soul.
-It’s finally confirmed what her vanilla SF4 ending means. Bison was not only taking back his remaining power from her, but he was also showing her all of the horrible things he did while in control of her body.

T. Hawk
-Confirmed that he is looking for both Juli and Noembelu.

Yun & Yang
-The two of them have ties to the underworld, and were named by kingpins when they were born. Control over Hong Kong is their inheritance.