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SNK released Shiro Tokisada Amakusa's gameplay trailer for Samurai Shodown. He's the penultimate character of Season 3. The last character of season 3 is the Guilty Gear guest character.

The next KOF XV trailer will premiere next week.

Steam, Switch and Xbox Logo’s Found on Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Website
(11-06-2020, 08:36 AM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ] From the video description:
rednecked crake Wrote:The Japanese version of CVS2 had a plethora of unique win quotes for each character. Not only did all 48 characters have unique quotes for every other character, they also had unique quotes for team-mates, similar to how SFxT had special team quotes for certain duos.

There are several thousand lines that never got translated for the Western releases, the English releases just had several generic quotes for each character instead.

V-SHIFT BREAK Compilation - Street Fighter V Champion Edition

The editing in this video is amazing. And speaking of the V-shift break itself, I like how the team at Capcom gave an unique animation to each specific character that represents their personality or fighting style well.
About Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown/VF5US.

@vf_official Wrote:Producer Letter Vol.1 1/3:
A few days have passed since launch, and we have many more people playing than we expected. Thank you very much for your support!

@vf_official Wrote:Producer Letter Vol.1 2/3:
Given how many people are online, we have heard that it's difficult to search for the room you’re looking for due to the large number of rooms being created.

@vf_official Wrote:Producer Letter Vol.1 3/3:
On the development team’s side, we are moving quickly to implement a Room ID search feature. We hope to have an update for you very soon, so stay tuned for more information. Thank you for your continued support of Virtua Fighter!

@vf_official Wrote:Producer Letter Vol.2:
We are also working on the implementation of the "invitation function" as soon as possible. The development staff is working diligently to implement it as soon as possible. We will let you know when we decide on the delivery date.
First Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass DLC character will be a newcomer releasing in July 2021

Arc System Works also released the Guilty Gear Strive opening movie.

Sol and Ky are not fighting each other in the intro like usual? Damn, Sol actually learned his lesson from REV 2 After Story A. The fact they are in-laws now also helps.
TFG Exclusive: Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Interview with Arc System Works

An exclusive interview? Man, Frank Joseph is going places! Good for him.
Luong has been confirmed for The King of Fighters XV.

And we still don't know who the third menber of Women Fighters Team is. The mystery continues...

"Why would they put Luong in Women Fighters team? She's on Kim's team!" - To spice things up a little with the roster and team formations, which is something that SNK has stated they would do. Hence the whole "shatter all expectations". I'm not saying Kim should go back to Chang and Choi, there are other possible teammates available to him like Jhun Hoon and "May" Lee Jinju. May Lee has never been part of Kim's team before.

Alternatively, Luong could be part of Kim's team alongside Jhun Hoon or May Lee.

EDIT: No, I'm not saying that Gang-il should be removed from KOF XV. Even if I wanted to it would be very unlikely. SNK is most likely keeping the entire roster of KOF XIV intact. Gang-il could a menber of his a different team other than Kim team, you know?

EDIT 2: Now that I think about it, why are we so sure Blue Mary will come back to Women Fighter Team? She disliked being in that team back in '99 because her teammates didn't take the tournament seriously. Sure, maybe she changed her mind over the years, but there's also the possibility she could be part of Agents Team. Or even be part of a second Fatal Fury team alongside the main one.
So I found this on the r/Tekken subreddit.

Tara Platt (Anna Williams' voice actress) did make voice messages for TTT2 preorders. Pre-Order Message from GameStop.
New KOF XIV vs KOF XV comparison. Featuring Luong.
ArcSystemWorks Wrote:Bursting onto the scene strong from the start Guilty Gear -Strive- ships 300k units worldwide!
We thank everyone for supporting us and will continue to rock on to greater heights! #GuiltyGearStrive #Letsrock
SNK GLOBAL Wrote:The next KOF XV Character Trailer will be revealed on June 23rd (PDT). We hope you look forward to it!
I've been seeing so many StRIve players being surprised with I-No's personality. You can tell StIVe is their first Guilty Gear game 'cuz she has always been like this.

Not saying this is a bad thing, of course. The more people the merrier.

Speaking of StrIVe, May's English voice >>> May's Japanese voice. Her English voice fits her appearance better while still sounding cute.

Moving on from Guilty Gear, here's some TEKKEN.