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I don't know how this came ito existence... but I'm glad it did. LOL.
So... what do you guys think of Abigail's character story?

Personally, I found it to be "meh". I understand that they wanted to go for something more 'light' and 'humorous' but Abigail doing the vroom vroom thing like he was trying to speak "car engine" hoping his car would answer back is just.... I mean, really?

The only things I actually liked about his story were Alex's banter (It made legit crack a smile) and the cameos of the J, Axl and Roxy (love it when they keep it consistent) at the end.

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He's definitely gotten bigger since his first appearance. Puts Hugo to shame.
(07-27-2017, 05:27 PM)Psychospacecow Wrote: [ -> ]He's definitely gotten bigger since his first appearance. Puts Hugo to shame.

He not only puts Hugo to shame in the muscle department, but also in the smarts as well. You see, contrary to his story potrayal, Abigail's winquotes show him to be more akin to a a jock with crude humor. He's not the usual big, potato brain guy. You can see in the way he adresses Alex, Urien and Akuma that he's not naive or overtly childish.

Perphas said winquotes portray him as how he is AFTER the character story, or maybe just having his car stolen gets the best of him. This is just a theory, mind you.

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R.I.P Hugo

Happy 20th anniversary to The King of Fighters '97! 20 years have passed since the epic conclusion to the Orochi Saga!

Happy 25th anniversary to the World Heroes series!
So I recently found this at the SF story thread at the SRK forums:
So what do you guys think of this? Personally, I would like to see this idea become a reality.
Can't say I have that good an understanding of SF lore, but that'd be pretty cool.

Half Elvis Presley - Half young Norris. Full American.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta confirmed as new characters. Android 18 and 16 confirmed as new characters.
18 uses 17 in one of her combos so he is unlikely to be joining the fray.

Androiad 16 plays a prominent role in the game's "what-if" story mode.

Capcom rearranged Chun-Li's face.

30 playable characters at launch for infinite.
SNK producer claims many new fighting games are in development

Garou: Mark of The Wolves 2 should be their main priority. Why? Simple math:

Amount of time people have been waiting for Garou 2: 18 years

Amount of time people have been waiting for Half-Life 3: 10 years 

It's not rocket science. Garou 2 should come first; before KOF XV or a new Samsho.
So, what are your whishes for the 30th anniversary of the Street Fighter series? The only thing I want for it is a retooled version of that one Street Fighter title that ACTUALLY needs it, you know, that one (from 7 months ago):
(01-18-2017, 05:04 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]^ Fun character or not, I still believe that another version of SF2 was completely unnecesary. And for those out there asking, no, I wasn't joking when I said I wanted a SFI update/remake on the Nintendo Switch thread, with SFII gameplay and with every character being playable.

- The game is barely playable
- Moves only come out when they feel like coming out
- Only one playable character with a clone for versus mode
- Has a couple of characters that were never playable and probably never will (Retsu, Geki, Joe...)
- It'd be interesting to see a version of SFI that plays well
- Good way to celebrate the 30th anniversary
- We could play as Eagle again

I understand that it was Capcom's first attempt at a fighting game (and a rather primitive one at that), and that people probably didn't mind about the controls back then. But SFII (a game that is already competent by itself) has tons of updates, that improved upon an already good game, and SFI (a game that would greatly benefit from an update) has none.

There is a MUGEN game that sort of did this, but I'd like to see an official version of it.

Looks like I'm asking for too much.
That's literally the only wish I have for the 30th anniversary, for real.

What about you, guys?
Having never played SF1, I have no desire to play it as it is. SF2 was great fun and if they could do something at least like SF2, that would be great.
(07-12-2017, 02:31 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]So I recently found out that Eric Jacobus (does he really need any introduction at this point?), in association with Men's Health Malaysia and Bandai Namco, released three Tekken styled workout videos. Normally I would put this on the youtube videos thread or the sports one, but since the general theme of the each video ties to Tekken and this being endorsed by Namco themselves.... yeah, I think this place is fitting.

I'm bringing this up because I just found out that Eric released another training video, this one focusing on Systema Kettlebell Workout (aka the kind of training that Sergei Dragunov himself problably goes trought on a daily basis... actually I think his training regime is way harder than this, LOL).
Gameplay trailer of the SSGSS transformations of Goku and Vegeta.