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VF5US Feedback Round 2 and SEGA Survey!

@StreetFighter Wrote:The #SFVSummerUpdate2021 show is coming your way, exclusively on Twitch!

Join us for updates and behind the scenes looks on #SFV including Oro, Akira, and more!

The Summer Update 2021 will be an hour-long digital event that's slated to go live on August 3. It'll feature the next look at upcoming DLC characters Oro and Akira.

Really excited as I have never played a Melty Blood game and finding out that it has Rollback is just damn awesome. Very cool that it has fighting nuns as those are my favorite archetype.
Athena Asamiya has been confirmed for The King Of Fighters XV. Mai, Yuri, and Athena are the menbers of Team Super Heroine.

Team Super Heroine? Is that the new name for team Women Fighters? I like it.

I'll assume Team Psycho Soldier will be composed of Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai, and Bao.

Trailer comparison with KOF XIV.
What S+ Aggressiveness Looks Like in TEKKEN 7
Been following this YouTuber for fightstick modding and that his video were conveniently geared towards Tekken. He latest video is amazing and I highly recommend watching this. So much heart and soul clearly went into this and I just gotta have more people see this.

At the end of the Skullgirls Championship Series 2021 Summer Blockbuster, a quick teaser for Skullgirls' next character was revealed.

Enter Umbrella!

Former pillars of fighting games are fading away due to COVID-19 (Arcade centers in Japan are one of the few remaining callbacks to the 1990s, but COVID-19 has made a big dent recently)
So the official Street Fighter twitter account posted this. I forgot to mention it here.
@StreetFighter Wrote:Akira is getting ready to school her opponents in #SFV. Tune in to the #SFVSummerUpdate2021 for more!
Aug 3, 2021
3:00PM PDT / 11:00PM BST

Happy 20th anniversary, Capcom vs. SNK 2!
Street Fighter V - Summer Update 2021.

Both Oro and Akira will be released on August 16.

Spoiler:The last character of season 5 is a brand new character named Luke, instead of a guest character like many people thought it was gonna be. This is NOT the same Luke from the canceled game Capcom Fighting All Stars.

The next KOX XV character trailer will go live on August 11th (PDT)

Speaking of KOF, I wonder if Billy Kane and Eiji Kisaragi will ever team up in order to take revenge on Iori for what happened in '95. The question is, who would be the third menber?
Two Tanzong videos.

Remenber The King Of Fighters Another Day?

K' needs to eat his greens
Blazing Strike at one point looked like a title that would go down into the "what if" category for unreleased fighting game projects after failing to reach its initial Kickstarter goal, but it's reemerged looking better than ever!

New episode of Harada's Bar. The latest episode of Harada's Bar is more of a conversation between Katsuhiro Harada and his producer about who they should have on the show next with some guest ideas being tossed around. Some of names include Masahiro Sakurai and Rohto|Tokido.
The amount of details this one stage had...

Desk Wrote:This video states that servebots first appeared in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. This game is a prequel to Mega Man Legends but was actually released 2 years later than that game. So, technically they actually first appeared in Mega Man Legends (1997). Well done if you spotted that.

Speaking of background details, many people noticed that GGStrive newcomer Goldlewis Dickinson has a resemblance to the "Hamburger Sheriff" from the Neo New York stage in Guilty Gear Xrd, some people even said that Goldlewis and the sheriff were the same character. According to Arc System Works in the seventh Developer's Backyard entry for Guilty Gear Strive, the character seen spectating in the Neo New York stage is the elder brother of Goldlewis Dickinson.

During EVO Online 2021, Hidden Variable and Future Club revealed the gameplay trailer for Umbrella in Skullgirls 2nd Encore.
Capcom released Oro's gameplay trailer for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.
This Is How Non Tekken Players See Tekken Pros

Kunimitsu vs Yoshimitsu