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Man, I didn't find about this until today. How come I've never seen this before?

"Handsome fighters never lose battles" - Vega (Claw)
Today I found out out about this game called Vita Fighters. It originally started as a homebrew game for the PS Vita.
Phantom Breaker: Omnia is now available.
Style Select: Guns In Fighting Games

EDIT: Good video, but I think that this is giving the gun a bit too much credit. Not that martial arts aren't largely relegated to personal training and sports these days, but while martial arts on the open battlefield are no longer a thing, they do have their uses, primarily in cramped quarters or ambush situations where fast, reflexive movement beats aiming. Knives can be just as deadly as guns and they're a whole lot quieter.

Style Select: Sumo In Fighting Games
It was announced some time ago that Street Fighter V's "Definitive Update" will be releasing on March 29.

Capcom has released a trailer that showcases a sneak peak at what will be changing in the upcoming patch
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is now available.

DNF Duel trailers are back! The latest features Ghostblade.
During the ARCREVO America 2021 Finals yesterday, Arc System Works announced that...

Testament will be joining Strive's cast as the final DLC member of Season Pass 1.

Arc System Works announced DNF Duel's release date as well as a new character in the Female Mechanic.

DNF Duel will be releasing worldwide on June 28, 2022.

Crossplay and 4 new characters are coming to Guilty Gear Strive for Season 2, story expansion launches in April
Announced this weekend during the Virtua Fighter Challenge Cup Season 0 Finals, Sega's Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is getting a costume and content collaboration with Bandai Namco's TEKKEN 7.
Why is the Genesis/Megadrive version of TMNT Tournament Fighters called, you know , Tournament Fighters? There's no tournament in that game!
Arc System Works has now released the official Starter Guide breakdown video for Testament showcasing all of his specials and unique mechanics in Guilty Gear Strive.
During the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable tonight, SNK announced that Omega Rugal will be coming to KOFXV next month as a free DLC character.

Everyone (myself included) was expecting this character. However, the fact that it was free DLC and around this time is what took me off-guard. Also the fact that its Omega Rugal instead of regular Rugal.

Capcom originally scheduled Street Fighter 5's Definitive Update for the start of this month but delayed it to make it perfect