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Atlus released a new trailer for the upcoming re-release of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

The game is coming on March 17th.
You know Helltaker? That puzzle game about a dude who wants his own demon harem? I found out that a fighting game based on that game is now on development, with permission from Van Ripper himself.
Tanzong made an unnoficial music video for Isla's theme. Isla is that KOF XV newcomer.
(01-12-2022, 04:05 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]I don't know if we are gonna get the next KOF XV character reveal tomorrow or next week (then again, only the people who work at SNK know). I'm just gonna say that 38 out of 39 characters have been revealed so far. We need a character to fill the missing spot in Ash and Kukri's team, and there's only one character in the series that has a connection to both...

Spoiler:Elisabeth Blanctorche

Elisabeth Blantorche is confirmed to be the 39th and last character for The King of Fighters XV. Well, last character in the base roster, anyway.

Elisabeth, Kukri, and Ash. Together they are Team Ash.

Speaking of KOF, KOF 2002 UM on Steam received a Major Update on January 18th. Players can now create lobbies and spectate on matches.
Here are the profiles for the menbers of Team Ash.

Ash Crimson:

Elisabeth Blantorche:

Kukri: (everything that comes out of this guy's mouth is a gem)
TFG 20th Anniversary, 2022 Banner Contest!

Moving on, I want to point out that KOF's Lin (the MK-reject looking guy) is voiced by Takaya Kuroda. This means that Lin and Kazuma Kiryu from Ryuu ga Gotoku (Yakuza) have the same voice actor.

I don't know if Lin will ever return to the series. But if he does then it would be nice if Takaya Kuroda also came back to voice the character.
KOF XV vs. KOF XIII comparison. Feat. Elisabeth Blantorche

Obviosly XIII looks better here, but the animations in XV look pretty faithful to their 2D counterparts at least. Elisabeth's costume looks better in XV.
I know I'm three months late, but happy 10th anniversary to TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2! This is the same TEKKEN game that had a collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg - Knocc 'Em Down
Terry Bogard's iconic Garou costume showcased in new King of Fighters XV trailer.

He looks so cool. They did a very good job on the costume.

Tanzong uploaded a compilation of his KOF Lore Recap series. All in one video. He also included some extra details such the "story" of the non-canon games such as '98 and 2002.

According to Team K's story, Krohnen's last name is McDougall. Krohnen McDougall.

Its not his real name and is more like an alias, but still.
Leona Heidern's classic costume showcased in new King of Fighters XV trailer.
SNK revealed the first two DLC teams for KOX XV. Team Garou and Team South Town.
After Team Garou was confirmed for KOF XV, Orpheus recently put Rock Howard, B. Jenet and Gato side-by-side to their previous inclusions in the KOF series or Garou: Mark of the Wolves.
SNK uploaded Team Ash's prologue story on the official KOF XV website.