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NetherRealm Studios released the official gameplay trailer for Mileena as the third character of Mortal Kombat 11's Ultimate update.

The EventHubs' forums will be shutting down

If you read the comment section you will realize that most people there didn't even knew there was a forum, which isn't surprising since the forums were hidden under two layers of options and barely even advertised by EventHubs themselves. At least put the forums on the front page, smh.


From the video description:
rednecked crake Wrote:The Japanese version of CVS2 had a plethora of unique win quotes for each character. Not only did all 48 characters have unique quotes for every other character, they also had unique quotes for team-mates, similar to how SFxT had special team quotes for certain duos.

There are several thousand lines that never got translated for the Western releases, the English releases just had several generic quotes for each character instead.
A channel called Virtua Bros/Segalicious uploaded a series of videos talking about Virtua Fighter lore (I kid you not, Virtua Fighter actually has lore. The thing is that is all in the manual rather than the games themselves). So far, the channel covered the eight original cast menbers from Virtua Fighter 1. (the Virtua Fighter lore playlist)

The guy also talked about obscure fighter Kakuto Chojin for the original Xbox, as well as director Seiichi Ishii's influence in the videogame industry as a whole.

Some people here may know the game as "that one fighting game that featured THAT islamic chant", the same islamic chant featured in Ocarina of Time's Fire Temple.

And since we are talking about 3D fighters, check out this TEKKEN 7 x Cowboy Bebop crossover.
TEKKEN 7 Season officially launches on November 10.

Arc System Works uploaded the enterity of the story mode cutscenes for both Guilty Gear Xrd and Revelator. (Xrd story) (Xrd Revelator sotry)

For those who don't know, the story modes featured in the Xrd trilogy do not feature gameplay. It's a story mode that you watch rather than play. It's basically an anime movie.
Yakuza Creator Nagoshi Apprehensive About Putting Kiryu In Fighting Games (because he doesn't want to see Kazuma Kiryu punching women)

Are people really surprised about this one? Even in substories with female antagonists, you will always fight male thughs instead. Not to mention how Spoiler:in Yakuza 7, Kazuma Kiryu will never attack the female menbers in your party.

Kazuma: "Oi! Is it true that you like abusing your boyfriend?"

Female antagonist: "shit, you caught me"

Kazuma: "Well, guess what. I'm going to beat up your boyfriend! That should teach you a lesson!"

Female antagonist: "wut"

The only time that I can recall where he hits women is in the non-canon spinoff game Dead Souls. And those are female zombies (he hits zombies for a while in the game then later he switches to a gun).

Besides, there are other characters in the series like Goro Majima and Masayoshi Tanimura, just to name a few. Hell, maybe we could even consider characters from spin-off games like the protagonist of Judgment/Judge Eyes (Takayuki Yagami).

Street Fighter 5 reaches 5 million units sold, people continue to purchase Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Here are the complete patch notes for TEKKEN 7 version 4.00.

There's a HUGE fighting game sale right now on Steam. The platform has reduced the price of virtually all of their available fighting-related titles, many of which are 50-80% off. The sale ends on November 16th, so go get it!
The team at McLeodGaming launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fraymakers, a new crossover platform fighter featuring a bunch of indie characters. Yes, this is the same people that made Super Smash Flash 1 and 2.

New TEKKEN 7 punish guide aimed at Steve players. This one is an anti-Kunimitsu punish guide.

Speaking of TEKKEN, here's a fan animation that's been going around lately.

What? You expected a link to the YouTube version?

A user made a homebrew conversion of NeoGeo Battle Coliseum and Samurai Shodown VI for the Sega Dreamcast. That's right, the Dreamcast.

I'm not going to leave a link for obvious reason.
New King of Fighters 15 information reportedly coming early next year

During the Soul Calibur Online Challenge EU West finals, Bandai Namco announced Hwang will be coming as the next DLC character for Soul Calibur VI.

Season Pass 2 is now officially completed.

Here's an overview of all the new moves added in Season 4 of TEKKEN 7.
SNK has broken their silence and revealed new information on King of Fighters XV. It was also announced that Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3's next DLC characters will be revealed on January 7 alongside the KOF XV trailer.

"This will be our most ambitious KOF yet!" Ogura says. "We're really proud of what we have so please look forward to it."
The end of an era. After 20 years, Tekken Zaibatsu will be shutting down some time this year or early next year. Before other social media platforms became popular, Tekken Zaibatsu was the primary source of anything Tekken related.
New Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 character announcement is coming in just a few weeks, release window revealed

Someone made a TEKKEN 7 costume mod, this one is a TEKKEN 2 classic/low poly skin for Kazuya.
Super Baby 2 is the latest addition to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, coming January 15th.

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta also confirmed.

Virtua Fighter x eSports in Sega Sammy's FY'21 Winter Business Report