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Finally a decent looking DBZ game. Please make this a good game. No more cinematic bullshit.
TJ 'Fucking' combo!

For me personally it was better than the Microsoft Conference in general.
(06-12-2014, 11:27 AM)RyeoNox Wrote: [ -> ]

Finally a decent looking DBZ game. Please make this a good game. No more cinematic bullshit.

That. Looks. Awesome! I want.
That "XV" in the title is kind of confusing. I know it's just short of Xenoverse but I just keep seeing it as "15" in Roman numerals.

Oh yes and Cassie Cage is a thing. Have an interview with Paulo Garcia.
Recently picked up Injustice: Gods Among Us on steam, it's fantastic from what I've played, and not too overly complicated with flashy combos. It feels like victory is drawn more from skill and reflexes than it is from flashy button sequences, which is a refreshing shift.

But the wager system is dumb and stupid and poopy and dumb. -Arjahn, 2014
CEO 2014 is one of the hypest tournaments ever. For those who don't know, the stage is a wrestling ring with each player having their own theme song.
Really good.


[Image: CLic0Ia.png]
[Image: aZP0PdP.png]
Sony just released a bunch of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax character trailers on their official YT channel:

The trailers show off some neat combos, special moves and launchers. Looks like we'll also be getting animated cutscenes and some interaction with the Shadow versions of the characters. I remember reading somewhere they'd be playable too.

Hype it yo!
In a surprise turn of events, Under Night In-Birth, the latest fighting game from the makers of Melty Blood, is getting a console release that will be released in the US and EU next year. I never got to play Melty Blood but this seems like a good chance to check out the company's games. The same happened with BlazBlue for me, though I did get Guilty Gear later on.

Here's a trailer with less anime and more gameplay:
T'is a shame it's next year. Fortunately I have a Japanese account so I'd gotten plenty of games of UNiB in. Damn good game with an awesome soundtrack.

As for other news:
Xrd soon
Smash Bros soon (europe)
and Kan-ra is awesome.

Yo yo, did anyone catch the teaser for Street Fighter V?

I wonder how many versions this one will have.

Sony/Microsoft fighting of scraps of exclusive games just adds to how utterly shit this generation is and continues to get worse.

I'm hyped for SFV but man, this console exclusive shit is pathetic. Hopefully it's a time exclusive or something.
Exclusive are all consoles have these days.

It's sad but true.
(12-07-2014, 02:53 PM)retrolinkx Wrote: [ -> ]Exclusive are all consoles have these days.

It's sad but true.

Exactly. I think it's funny how Sony fans got pissed about Tomb Raider being a Microsoft exclusive, yet now they're the ones gloating about how they have this exclusive. The hypocrisy and selfishness is staggering. Such a shitty generation of consoles, it's just pathetic. 

S'like peasants fighting over scraps of food.