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Power Instinct Matrimelee / Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku Toukon Matrimelee - Let's go, onmyouji!

More specifically, the song itself comes from that game but the music video comes from the updated version Shin Gōketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnō Kaihō for the PS2.

This used to be a popular meme back then. I wonder how many of these people who liked the song actually played or even know about the Power Instinct games. Probably not a lot.

"What? Are people no longer allowed to enjoy certain videogame songs just because they didn't play the games?" - Relax, I never said that.

Anyways, the game is filled with weird yet catchy songs like that. Like a sad song about fries, a song about adorable aliens who come to Earth to perform cruel experiments on humans, a song about buying parts for a gaming PC, ect.

"adorable aliens who come to Earth to perform cruel experiments on humans?? That sounds like an oxymoron" - No, not really. Just because you are cute doesn't mean you are harmless. Just ask Kirby.

"But that's a fictional character!" - Fine. Have a real example: hippopotamus. Hippos may look cute (specially when they are babies), but hippos are also NASTY animals and highly territorial. They are the animals with the highest human body count in all of Africa. Hippos kill more people than lions or crocodiles or leopards.

Moving on from Power Instinct, a user by the name of eva69 uploaded a video shocase for DBFZ' new patch (ver.01.28)

eva69 Wrote:I will be doing videos with every character! Don't miss out.
Antonov has been confirmed for The King Of Fighters XV and he's coming with a redesign. Antonov, Ramón, and King of Dinosaurs are the menbers of Team G.A.W (Galaxy Anton Wrestling).

That redesign and that team... Consider my expectations shattered.

EDIT: As for what happened to Team Mexico. Maybe it's gonna be Angel and two brand new Mexican characters. Or maybe there won't be a Team Mexico at all. We have to wait and see.
Oro and Akira get new Street Fighter V in-game guide videos detailing their V-Skills.



KOF XIV vs. KOX XV comparison feat. Antonov
From August 12th to 16th, Steam is offering some big discounts on all the main fighting games appearing in the EVO Online 2021 tournament.
New Melty Blood: Type Lumina trailer. This one is a character trailer for Kohaku.

Next offline Evo event announced for August 5-7, 2022:

@EVO Wrote:We have loved the competition through our online events, but nothing beats live, in-person tournaments between players from around the world.

It has been too long since we have experienced the spirit of the FGC in person together.

Evo is back in Las Vegas August 5-7 in 2022.

Akira and Oro get new Street Fighter V in-game guide videos detailing their V-Triggers.


Capcom released a new Street Fighter V: Champion Edition gameplay trailer for Akira Kazama.

Both Oro and Akira Kazama are now available.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition August 2021 balance changes

Sakura's face and stance seemingly adjusted on character select screen in latest Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition patch

During EVO Online 2021, Arc System Works officially announced Jack-O as the second DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive.
SNK revealed that Baiken is the Guilty Gear character joining Season 3 of Samurai Shodown. She's also the last character of Season 3.

Baiken will become available on August 19th.
I just found this. The voice actors for Ibuki in Street Fighter V have been recast in both languages.
[Image: Bd6SbF0.jpeg]
@SNKPofficial Wrote:【KOF XV】
New KOF XV info coming in hot during the gamescom opening online event on Aug 25th (CEST)!


A.B.I.torial: Melty Blood Character Designs Are Bland, And That's Perfectly Fine

The latest A.B.I.torial explains why Melty Blood characters look the way they do and the difference between fighting game character design and visual novel character design. Melty Blood is a spinoff of a visual novel called Tsukihime. All these characters come from a vistual novel.
So Jack-O's crouching pose has become a trend on social media (#jackochallenge). Sure, she had the same pose back in Xrd, but now that the Guilty Gear series has gotten a huge spike in popularity more people than ever are noticing things like this. That's why the pose didn't became a trend before.

Speaking of Jack-O's crouching pose.


Miyako Arima has been revealed for Melty Blood: Type Lumina in a new trailer.
A day late, but happy 5th anniversary to The King of Fighters XIV