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Yoshinori Ono announces departure from Capcom after almost 27 years with the company


Here's a list of Street Fighter characters who at the time of writing still haven't recieved a character profile in the CFN website.
  • Guile's wife
  • Blanka's mother
  • Elena's Japanese school friend
  • Rufus' girlfriend
  • Viper's daughter
  • OG Geki (the one who got a profile was his succesor)
  • The Andore Family
  • Cyber-Akuma/Mech-Gouki
  • Fallen Balrog (Cannon Spike)
  • Zero-Gouki (Cyberbots)
  • Dr. Senoh
  • Vega/Claw's mother (she was mentioned over and over in his backstory)
  • Remy's dead sister
  • Remy's dad
  • The other two Neo Shadaloo menbers like the gorilla and the tall man.

And this is without counting the Slam Masters and Rival Schools characters.
Rivals of Aether – Definitive Edition Delayed to September

Annie of the Stars revealed for Skullgirls Mobile and 2nd Encore; new stage incoming as well.

Happy 20th anniversary to Capcom vs SNK!

Master Roshi has no Super Dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ but he can force opponents to swap characters according to magazine details

Issues with rage quitting in Dragon Ball FighterZ being specifically addressed, counter measures en route according to Producer Tomoko Hiroki

Accurate title.

Ordinary Days V2 - Klaus Veen (Lethal League Blaze)

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2
Fighting EX Layer's new update adds Wi-Fi indicator for ranked matches

Dead or Alive director reveals that Koei Tecmo searches for 'cuties' when adding guest characters to their series

Me: "I'm jacks complete lack of surprise"


Third volume of Guilty Gear STRIVE Developer's Backyard, and more questions answered. Most of the questions are about game mechanics, such as Faultless Defense or the RISC gauge.
They also talk about rollback netcode, online modes and more.
This sounds very nice. Also, I like the adult Makoto design.

Former Skullgirls and Lab Zero developers create new studio Future Club

I present to you FOOTSIES Rollback Edition. It's a fundamental distillation of the neutral game. A learning/training tool for people who want to improve.
Guilty Gear Strive Next Online Event, Character Trailer Coming October 11
MK11Ultimate Kombat Pack 2 confirmed.

PS5 and Xbox SX versions of Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate ALSO confirmed.

Happy 10th anniversary to this video!
New character for Guilty Gear Strive was revealed. Her name is Giovanna. Anji Mito was teased at the end.

EDIT: The next character trailer will be released on New Year's Eve (Anji Mito's birthday).

Netcode improvements made to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition via the version 5.051 update, here are the patch notes

No traditional online ranked mode for Guilty Gear Strive according to latest Famitsu magazine

NetherRealm Studios posted the first gameplay trailer for Rain in Mortal Kombat 11.

Arc System Works Wrote:We felt like this couldn't wait... GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R for Steam will be receiving it's much awaited GGPO update soon!

We will be conducting public testing from October 29th. More details will be announced at a later date!
NetherRealm Studios released the Rambo gameplay trailer.

Street Fighter V‘s Final Season Brings New Life to the Historic Series

This interview confirms certain character stories take place after the events of Street Fighter III (the latest in the chronology), which is awesome.
So fans decided to make classic costume mods for TEKKEN 7.

Kudos to all the people who did these costume recreations.

And yes, I agree these costumes should already be in the game without the need of mods.

Happy 15th anniversary, The King of Fighters XI. Hope this game gets a modern port soon! Either that or for the KOF XI only characters to return in a future installement, like Sho Hayate (Savage Reign), Gai Tendo and Silver (Buriki One), and Jyazu (Kizuna Encounter)!

"Sho Hayate was in the background of-" I meant for him to return as a playable character. Not a simple background cameo.