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We now know the date for the reveal trailer for KOF XV and Samurai Shodown season pass 3. The reveals will be on January 6th and January 7th, respectively.

Also, Fatal Fury: First Contact, a fighting game that released on the Neo Geo Pocket Color back in 1999 was released today on the Nintendo Switch.
Have you ever heard of Japanese-exclusive The King of Fighters '96 Neo Geo Collection? To quote from a video description by user Ars Magna/Toxico:

Ars Magna/Toxico Wrote:KoF 96 NeoGeo Collection is an actual game different from the actual KoF 96 and released for about the same time on the NeoGeo CD; it's basically "an interview mode" where the player can check the profiles of the characters present in '96 and hear about themselves voiced by their very own Voice Actors; furthermore there are "bonus modes" where one can hear recording bloopers (NG or No good) and having the Seiyuus speak about themselves.

If you want to now more about some of your favorite KOF charactes then here is the entire "collection" with English subtitles.

  • ANDY: 31:12
  • ATHENA: 1:09:24
  • BENIMARU: 3:13
  • BIG: 20:38
  • CHANG: 49:15
  • CHIN: 1:14:51
  • CHIZURU: 23:28
  • CHOI: 51:53
  • CLARK: 59:14
  • DAIMON: 5:46
  • GEESE: 15:29
  • GOENITZ: 25:47
  • IORI: 8:11
  • JOE: 34:42
  • KASUMI: 1:01:25
  • KENSOU: 1:12:27
  • KIM: 46:41
  • KING: 1:06:45
  • KRAUSER: 18:02
  • KYO: 0:30
  • LEONA: 54:28
  • MAI: 1:04:04
  • MATURE: 10:40
  • RALF: 56:47
  • ROBERT: 41:20
  • RYO: 38:39
  • TERRY: 28:17
  • VICE: 13:21
  • YURI: 43:51

EDIT: Reminder that Faust is awesome.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R's GGPO rollback netcode patch is now live for everyone on PC!
Arc System Works announced their latest 2D fighting game project: Dungeon Fighter Duel (DNF Duel for short), based on the Dungeon Fighter Online series.

INB4 "No Persona 5 Arena? Aww Sad "

On one hand, I must say ASW output is quite impressive. Sure, we don't know how long this has been in development, but the fact is they've been working on multiple games that are up and coming, as well as recieving support all during this Covid nonsense.

On the other hand, I worry they are stretching themselves too thin. They're juggling DBFZ, GBFV, GG:Strive and now this (since Cross Tag Battle is done I guess). Is gonna be harder to keep the quality up if they keep pushing this many titles.

As for the music, why do people keep saying that it's gonna have a "GG style soundtrack" and that all ASW fighters have the same style of music? Some people just hear a guitar and they instantly think "GG style soundtrack".

- Blazblue does not have a GG style soundtrack. It’s quite different from the more heavier Rock emphasis of GG.

- Persona 4 Arena does not have a GG style soundtrack. It’s heavily borrowed from their source material with very little actual rock.

- DBFZ granted does have Rock emphasis for a good number of their character themes, but Rock is fitting for something like DBZ.

- GBFV like P4A is heavily borrowed from source material.

What does this mean Dungeon Fighter Duel? Most likely it means that the game it's gonna have a soundtrack that heavily borrows from the source material, and Dungeon Fighter Online happens to have some rock tracks.

Moving on from Arc System Works, here's an all-new build of Hyper Dragon Ball Z!

Also, they teased a new character at the end.
Guilty Gear STRIVE Anji Mito trailer is now live. Next (and final) character trailer is in February. Initial roster consists of 15 characters.

Happy birthday, Anji Mito.

Have you heard of Tough Love Arena? It's a web browser fighting game (available on both PC and mobile devices) that offers rollback netcode. Currently its on Beta.

To state the obvious: Yes, this is for free. No, you don't have to download anything.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z Indigo Build is recieving a week-1 patch. Remenber the character they were teasing during the trailer for the indigo build? It was Pilaf.

The King of Fighters 15 and Samurai Shodown announcements postponed by SNK

And of course, they tell us about this turn of events at the last moment...
The King of Fighters XIV: Ultimate Edition announced. Includes all the previously released DLC.

No Xbox or Switch versions, really?

Someone made this animated recreation of EVO moment #37:

Someone made this custom Soul Calibur VI intro with the song Edge of soul (the opening song to Soul Edge/Soul Blade).
(01-06-2021, 01:04 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]The King of Fighters 15 and Samurai Shodown announcements postponed by SNK

And of course, they tell us about this turn of events at the last moment...

It looks like it was only postponed for 24 hours. Huh, I thought we were going to wait another couple of months.

Anyway, I'm glad I was wrong!

Joining Kairi, Hokuto, Blaire, and Skullomania... Garuda joins the line-up of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition x Fighting EX Layer crossover costumes.

Speaking of Street Fighter, I found this. For all Eagle fans out there.
SNK released a new trailer for The King of Fighters XV. This one is a character trailer for Shun'ei.

THINK! A brilliantly written article by Jin for Virtua Fighter players of all skills, backgrounds and experience levels. Packed with many tips and words of wisdom that are applicable to other fighting games as well.

Blog article:
SNK revealed the release date trailer for the Xbox Series X/S version of Samurai Shodown (2019). The game is coming on March 16th.

Special message by director Hayato Konya.
SNK released a new trailer for The King of Fighters XV. This one is a character trailer for Meitenkun.

New Guilty Gear Strive trailer. This trailer focuses on the game modes available.
Some quality Marvel vs Capcom fan content. Winter Soldier vs Guile.

By Zimaut.
SNK released a new trailer for The King of Fighters XV. This one is a character trailer for Benimaru Nikaido.

The new trailer also reveals Benimaru is the third member of "Team Hero" joining Shun'ei and Meitenkun. That explains his new Chinese-inspired costume.

This not the first time in KOF history that Benimaru has joined other teams besides Japan team. Benimaru has teamed up with:
  • K', Maxima and Shingo as New Hero Team (99)
  • Seth, Lin and Shingo as Benimaru Team (2000). Yes, Benimaru had his own team.
  • Elizabeth and Duo Lon as Rivals Team (XI)