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I need. I need
The first gameplay footage of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has surfaced online.

The Joker confirmed playable in Injustice 2

So why they picked up the joker? Don't take me wrong I like the Joker as a character, but him being alive just defeats the whole porpuose of Superman becoming evil in the first place.
A brand new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite trailer has been released.

Bug fixes and balance changes abound in The King of Fighters XIV’s version 2.01 patch

A brand new TEKKEN 7 trailer has been released.

Netterrealm Studios released a gameplay trailer for Injustice 2's preorder bonus: Darkseid.

*sigh* Well, at least he looks fun. Hopefully it turns out that he is an AU Joker rather than the one from the Injustice universe after being resurrected or some silly crap.
(04-28-2017, 01:36 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]
*sigh* Well, at least he looks fun. Hopefully it turns out that he is a AU Joker rather than the one from the Injustice universe (after being resurrected).

He looks like Shinsuke Nakamura, down to the hairstyle and jacket.
Hyped as fuuuuuuuck for Marvel Infinite. Also, nice to see Joker is back. Bringing back my old main.
A new fighter has been revealed for ARMS, and his name is Helix/DNA Man.

I like it, we needed an over the top comic relief character and this is it. This thing and Min Min (the ramen girl) are my favorite characters so far.
So... I recently noticed that a lot of people on the internet are complaining about Ultron Sigma's name, because it looks like they just putted the two names togheter and that's it (rather than triying to come up with a "creative" name like.... ultima?).

But the truth is, Ultron Sigma's name actually follows the Ultron naming convention from the comics. Ultron frequently upgrades himself and gives himself increasing numeric monikers, and Sigma is actually a math symbol used to represent complicated numerics in equations, just like how X and Zero are named after the math symbols and what they represent. Additionally, capitalized Sigma is summation, while lower case sigma denotes standard deviation. So, in this sense, its Ultron Summation, which aludes to the fact that the character is fusion (or in this case, a summation) of two different ones.

In other words: while some people see two names stapled together haphazardly, I see an appreciation for the history of both character's naming conventions.
Garou: Mark of the Wolves coming to Nintendo Switch

So I recently found about this interesting theory regarding the identity of SF Remy's father. All credit goes to 'Shockdingo' from the SRK forums:

@Cestus I dunno man, I can't see Charlie being Remy's father. It's one thing to have his family in hiding, but I cant see him randomly leaving a pregnant woman in France twice by her lonsesome, before starting his heroic crusade and then going back and training the kid. Things are a bit different now because of how alpha 3 and SF2 combined and overall the timeline's been compacted. With SF3 so close to SF5 and so short after SF2/alpha 3, would there even be enough time for Remy to be a teenager?

Guile and Charlie are the best of bros, I cannot see him leaving his family in the dark about any of this Shadaloo business, let alone not telling Guile he's got his own family. It's like the old soldier movies were they ask them to look after their family if they die. Guile would have been told about Chuck's secret family before starting out his war against Shadaloo.

Here's also the big different, apparently, (need confirmation on this) Remy's attacks are based on light rather than sound. Charlie taught several troops his style, but only Guile was any good at it. I can easily see some of the lesser soldiers giving up and maybe one guy tried and learned other styles, but compensated his inability to make a sonic boom with a light based style he discovered or was taught.

Heck, Charlie discovered that his unit was really corrupt. For all we know, Remy's dad could have been one of the troops on Shadaloo's take, but kept his distance and only learned his moves by observing Charlie, but never mastered the ability, thus, later and later learned a light based fighting style, but combined it with what he saw.

I see Remy's father being a scumbag or at least some form of coward to explain his absence. That's just me. Anyone else have any other thoughts?
Red Hood, Starfire, and Sub-Zero were revealed as the first DLC characters for Injustice 2 this morning.

TEKKEN 7 New Japan Pro Wrestling Collaboration T-shirts Now Available in North America

Street Fighter II Added To Video Game Hall of Fame
Tekken next month!