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Three new characters are confirmed for Street Fighter V:Arcade Edition. The characters are E.Honda, Poison, and Lucia Morgan from Final Fight 3.

At long last, the original eight World Warriors are all in the game!

Also, more Final Fight reps? Nice.

EDIT: they also uploaded individual trailers for each character.

Fun fact: originally this was going to be announced at EVO 2019, but the official SFV steam page leaked the trailer early and Capcom just rolled with it.

Does Capcom have another SFV-related announcement besides this one? Hell if I know. We are going to find out soon enough. EDIT 2: EVO 2019 is over, and no. There wasn't another teaser or announcement by Capcom besides this one - the one that got leaked.

However, Ono did say that they have some big announcements coming in November and December

Nightwolf is the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat 11 roster.

Capcom released new episodes in the SFV character introduction series for Poison, Lucia Morgan (Final Fight 3), and Edmond Honda.
Krillin is the latest addition to the Hyper Dragon Ball Z roster.


Latest HD Screenshots of Samurai Shodown Season 1's Kazuki, Basara, Shizumaru & Wan-Fu

Steam Workshop is coming to Rivals of Aether. You can now make your dream character.

Also, a new fighter from the devs. It's a Panda.
Power Stone Producer Says He'd Love to Make New Installment, Would Be Great Fit for Nintendo Switch

QUByte Interactive anounced they have acquired worldwide rights to Visco's Breakers franchise, and will be bringing "Breakers Collection" to consoles and PC in 2020.
Without announcing anything, Capcom quietly added a new "boss" opponent to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle Mode... Shadow Lady from the original Marvel vs Capcom.

Yesterday, NetherRealm Studios released the full roster of Mortal Kombat 11's Kombat Pack. 

Yu Suzuki says he could return to Virtua Fighter and Out Run
Happy 25th anniversary, The King of Fighters!!
The console release of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax was released 5 years ago.

To mark Blade Stangers' first anniversary, Nicalis released a major free update that adds 3 new fighters, improves graphics with higher-res sprites & visuals, and adds a gameplay balance patch.

Here's the Japanese trailer for the upcoming Switch port of Samurai Spirits/Shodown (2019). The release date is December 12 in Japan.

And no, the Switch version wasn't censored. Players can turn blood "on" or "off" in the options.
Bandai Namco released the launch trailer for the third season pass of TEKKEN 7.

SNK Announces NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro Hardware and The SNK Championship

Happy 25th anniversary to Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2! (AKA Super Muscle Bomber: The International Blowout).

Sure, the game was meh, but is still a shame it was never ported to consoles. Would love to see a playable Slam Masters character in a Street Fighter or Capcom crossover game!

Bandai Namco released the launch trailer for Zafina in TEKKEN 7.

2019 Halloween Stage and Costumes for Poison & E. Honda Coming to SFV: Arcade Edition on Sept. 17th

SNK Reveals Details on NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro, Includes 20 Classic Fighting Games Built-in

SNK announced that Samurai Shodown III' protagonist Shizumaru Hisame will be joining Samurai Shodown (2019) on Sep 16th.

According to Michael Murray, season 3 of TEKKEN 7 will not have guest characters.

Gogeta Blue is available now.
A new trailer for Guilty Gear 2020 was released, this one focuses on May. We also got a small glimpse of Axl Low.

Before anyone stars asking about May's appearance - May was older than she looked in Xrd. At one point during the Xrd story mode, May whispered her age to Chipp Zanuff when he assumes she is only a child (tbf most people would assume that). We don't actually hear her age but most people assume she's 20 years old by the time of Xrd. We still don't know how much time has passed since Xrd, or why May ages at such slow rate, but judging her looks it seems that May now looks... I dunno, 17?

So there you go.

EDIT: NetherRealm Studios released the gameplay trailer of the Terminator T-800, the third character in Mortal Kombat 11's Kombat Pack.