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The classic Field of Fate/Thunder Plains stage is coming to Street Fighter V.
Dragon Ball FighterZ Adding "Kid Goku" From GT

Huh, what a strange choice. I thought that if they were going to add another Goku to the game it would be Kid Goku from OG Dragon Ball, not the one from GT... Oh well, hopefully they add Super Saiyan 4 Goku as a super move for Kid Goku (GT) instead of his own separate character.

Please Arcsys, don't make SS4 Goku his own character. Let's not go there, we have enough Gokus.

"Does it really make a difference whether it is kid Goku from DB or GT?"

Well, DB Goku was a very creative fighter. It wasn’t just super fast movement and beams. He used his power pole, he transformed into a big monkey, he used a half dozen different fighting styles, and he was creative.

GT Goku is... Well, he transformed into a golden version of the giant monkey and SS4. I think. Correct me if I am wrong, it's been a while since the last time I watched GT.

In any case, judging from the screenshots of Goku using his Power Pole (+ a little bit of wishful thinking on my part) it seems this version is going to be a hybrid between DB Goku and GT Goku. If that's the case then hopefully they will add an alternative color that represents Goku's original Gi.

P.S How long do we have to wait for Mercenary Tao and Muten Roshi?
Koei Tecmo revealed the first season pass for Dead or Alive 6.

Project Soul Responds to Soul Calibur 6 Community Questions

Kotal Khan is the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat 11 roster.

EDIT: I love how Kotal Khan gets his ass kicked (fatality and all) in hiw own reveal trailer.
Noob Saibot is the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat 11 roster.


Cary-Hiroyuki Tag- I mean Shang Tsung is also confirmed. He will be the first DLC character for the game.

Kenji from Red Earth coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition as an Extra Battle costume for Zeku
Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard and Sharon will join the Fighting EX Layer roster tomorrow on March 26th.

EDIT: here are 44 minutes worth of gameplay of the upcoming Samurai Shodown game.

EDIT 2: here's the PAX East 2019 trailer.

Samurai Shodown PAX 2019 Screenshots & HD Character Renders

The marketing for MK11 has been killing it so far and I don't think I have ever been this hyped for a game in awhile.

So far, the character design has been pretty amazing for the most part and the story mode looks promising.
Bandai Namco detailed on their website the changes present in the 1.15 patch of Dragon Ball FighterZ.
Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection Announced, Features 6 Classic Games with Online Play

So for April Fools Capcom released new character profile on the CFN website. This one is about none other than Crimson Crawdad, a character from the Street Fighter US cartoon. The same cartoon that gave us all those memes!

The translation was provided by Bakfromon of the SRK forums.

I'm liking the newcomers so far and the Kollector looks to have a promising potential even if his fatality was weak compared to others.
Heh, I was going to post that. You beat me to it.

A new trailer for Samurai Shodown (2019) was released.

Samurai Shodown (2019) Latest Details, Stage Concepts & Character Artwork
TV Spot for MK11.

Kitana confirmed.
SNK started uploading individual character introduction trailers for the upcoming Samurai Shodown game. The first one is about Nakoruru.

Goku Black (w Zamasu Assist) is the latest addition to the Hyper Dragon Ball Z roster.

New gameplay footage of Samurai Shodown (2019) featuring director Nobuyuki Kuroki playing against pro player, ET.