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DNF Duel cover art revealed.
[Image: FOWFAC_X0AMpvS2.jpg]

I just realized that this year its gonna be the 5th anniversary of Injustice 2.
The Wlliam sisters and Steve Fox from TEKKEn are case of wasted potential, storywise.
The Capcom Pro Tour 2022 DLC trailer reveals new costumes, colors, and the new "Ring of Arcade" stage are coming to SFV on March 29th, 2022.

Street Fighter 5 Definitive Update patch notes
DNF Duel second beta test confirmed.

PST : APR 1, 19:00 ~ APR 4, 07:00

UTC : APR 2, 02:00 ~ APR 4, 14:00

KST/JST : APR 2, 11:00 ~ APR 4, 23:00
I know I'm late but the mobile game KOF All Stars is having a Street Fighter collaboration.
Elden Ring,But it's actually Tekken

Featuring Agni & Rudra from the Devil May Cry™ series
KOF 2002 UM has recieved a new updated. This update is set to include Spanish language option into the game.

The bad news is that now the game crashes if you set the language to Spanish.
Man, that was awesome. He truly is the King of Fighters 2010 (Robert).

EDIT: The video was uploaded in 2008.
Style Select: Pro Wrestling In Fighting Games

SugarPunch Design Works Wrote:I'll readily admit that this video was a very intimidating topic to broach, especially as someone coming from outside this entire sphere of pop culture. The more people started talking about how excited they were to see me talk about wrestling, the more I started to sweat with the anxiety that I couldn't possibly meet everyone's expectations, knowing that there was a massive ocean of knowledge and technicalities that I couldn't possibly talk about with any level of certainty. Not wanting to stew on this video for another month or two, I instead focused on what I personally found to be the most interesting; the contrast between real life stunt wrestling and the "real" wrestling of fighting games. But I also understand that this video may seem abrupt, as my limited understanding of wrestling can only take me so far. Regretfully I must admit that this is not my best work, but I hope there was at least something of value in my hapless floundering into the vast ocean of wrestling culture.
Umbrella officially joins Skullgirls 2nd Encore; check out the latest patch notes here:

Five days late to the party, but happy 10th anniversary to Skullgirls!

Moving on from Skullgilrs

DNF Duel Now Available to Pre-order on PS5 and PS4, New Playable Characters Teased
Something About Street Fighter II by TerminalMontage.