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Beerus' official Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay trailer was released.

Gotenks has been released for Hyper Dragon Ball Z.
(10-24-2017, 01:02 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]Capcom released a Street Fighter character popularity poll.

The results of the poll are in!

You can tell more people voted for characters they want in future seasons rather than their all-time favorites.
Lets go Q!
So what do you guys think of Sakura's cahracter story in SFV? Personally, I really enjoyed the character development they gave her. The scene when Sakura says that she doesn't have money to travel the world really hit a soft spot with me because it felt real.

This is how it should be. Great work Capcom.

(01-06-2018, 06:10 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]So we pretty much know the basic layout for the story of each SF game, right?
  • Street Fighter 1=Ryu's global journey which ends with the tournament hosted by Sagat.
  • Street Fighter Alpha=Ryu learning about the SnH, Nash fighting against Shadaloo, Bison recruiting, etc.
  • Street Fighter 2=World Warrior tournament hosted by Bison.
  • Street Fighter 4=S.I.N. Tournament hosted by Seth.
  • Street Fighter V=Prologue stories + A Shadow Falls.
  • Street Fighter 3=World Tournament hosted by Gill. Third Strike's story is similar to Alpha, with everyone doing their own thing.
So knowing this, we can predict who are going to be the final bosses of each arcade run in SFV AE.

For SF1, it seems that not everyone will be fighting Sagat . I think everyone will fight Ryu, except Ryu himself who will fight Sagat.

Much like in the actual Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 games, everyone will have a fight with their own rival. Same will happen with SF3s arcade run.

As for SFIV, Juri will likely be the final boss in order to replace Seth. Either that or they will pull up an Alpha if you know what I mean.

As for SFV, well, this is more akin to wishful thinking, but basically it will give us some epilogues that take place after the events of ASF.
Now that the game is available let's see how many of my theories were correct and how many were not.
  • SF1: My theory was correct for the most part. Everyone will fight Ryu, with the exception of Ryu himself who will fight Ken rather than Sagat. Maybe this is gonna change once Sagat is added to the roster, but I could be wrong.
  • Alpha: My theory was correct. 'Nuff said.
  • SFIV: Everyone will fight their own rival. I heard there is a secret bosses but I cannot verify said information at the moment.
  • SF3: Urien is the final boss on normal. Urien himself fights Alex.
  • SFV: M.Bison is the final boss.

As for the endings, they are recreations of the past with certain exceptions such as the new characters who have brand-new endings. Substantially they are what-if scenenarios until they are canonized by their sequel as per Arcade Endings tradition. Capcom had a great opportunity to do something different by having the Arcade Endings show some sort of cohesive storyline but that didn't end up happening. Even back in the SF4 days every character prologue and ending - with the exception of Evil Ryu and Oni - actually happened, so why stop the process out of all the sudden? The fact that said events from SF4 were badly told and that you needed to be a wizard in order to connect all the dots is a different subject.

Some of them are obviously more likely to become canon than others in the full context of everything we know, and some are either partially canon (like Ken getting married but not defeating the Dictador himself, and likewise Chun-Li thinking Bison was dead and giving the single girl lifestyle a shot) or - like Akuma's SF2 ending - remain completely non-canonical. 

My favorite has to be Urien's SFV, Spoiler:mostly because we're actually being told something about Gill and Urien's past and Urien is depicted as something more than an half-insane powerhungry egomaniac who envies his brother. That's something new.

Yo, if anyone is planning on getting FighterZ on PC then here ya go.
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A new teaser trailer for 'Fighting EX Layer' was released to the public.

Looks like Cracker Jack.
Don't go on youtube if you want to experience FighterZ's story unspoiled. Pricks putting stuff in their thumbnails and descriptions.
Good thing the only person I'm subbed to who's playing it is Max so all he's doing is character analysis. No spoilers there.
Nightmare, Kilik, Xianghua, and Groh join Soul Calibur 6.

KOF XI' Oswald is the latest addition to the King Of Fighters XIV roster.