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Happy 25th anniversary, World Heroes Perfect!

SNK has announced the release date(s) for Samurai Shodown: NEOGEO Collection and revealed the latest details on this compilation package.

EDIT: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is getting new characters, stages, and more (SFV Season 5 confirmed, it will be the last season)

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid to become the first fighting game with full crossplay across five separate platforms

EDIT 2: Bandai Namco cancels support for all remaining Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, and Dragon Ball FighterZ physical tournament events on 2020 World Tours
Arc System Works has just shared their first update about the feedback they received during the beta of Guilty Gear Strive.

They have discussed the high damage, the UI, the complains about the gatling system, among other things.
Sol, Ky and May, in that order, were the most used characters. Bridget is the most wanted character from japanese players, while Baiken was the most requested in Asia, North America and Europe, with Johnny and Dizzy always ranking high in these lists.

The five new characters en route to Street Fighter 5 have already been decided and are currently being developed, according to Capcom

EDIT: TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution Update Hits Arcades June 23rd
Ramlethal Valentine is the latest addition to the Guilty Gear Strive roster.
Four days late, but happy 10th anniversay to The King of Fighters XIII

Happy 14th anniversary, Virtua Fighter 5!

Fight of Gods is now available on PlayStation 4 alongside its rollback netcode update

Samurai Shodown appears to be getting a new guest character from Honor of Kings
Happy 25th anniversary, The King of Fighters '95!

Happy 20th anniversary, The King of Fighters 2000!

Happy 15th anniversary, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum!


Capcom, Bandai Namco, SNK, and more fighting game publishers holding roundtable live stream on August 1, Guilty Gear Strive reveal confirmed

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition character reveals, eSports news, and more coming August 5
Honor of King's Gongsun Li is being added to Samurai Shodown (2019) free of charge.

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection is a perfect example of how to preserve your series’ legacy (To clarify, this is is NOT a review of the games. This is an editorial about how the collection does an excellent job preserving Samurai Shodown's history)

Happy 10th anniversary, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown!

Here's a blog on Destructoid looking back at the journey with VF5FS:
Fighting EX Layer's rollback netcode update is now officially available on PS4 and PC, more feature upgrades possible
Samurai Shodown Version 2.00 patch notes released

Dan, Rose, Oro, Rival Schools' Akira revealed for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Season 5

This reminds me.
(11-17-2019, 11:09 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]Also.
(12-21-2017, 03:45 PM)ZpaceJ0ck0 Wrote: [ -> ]Might as well drop my S4 whishlist already.

WELP, LOL. I didn't get any of these right.

Looks like I finally got Rose after all, however it was on season 5 rather than season 4. Also, this still doesn't change the fact that I got all of season 4 wrong.

As for who the final character will be... Who Knows? It could be anyone, really.

Slam Masters Down for the 10 Count.

To quote the Reddit post: "The integration of old Capcom IPs have been a breath of fresh air for SFV. Aside from Rival Schools, Omega Frugal takes a look at a franchise Capcom barely acknowledges."